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AI Interview notes - Step ahead with AI for recruitment

Use BarRaiser platform and community to expedite the pace of university hiring. Empower recruiters to quickly identify top talents with limited resources.

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  • The Ultimate Competitive Advantage

    University recruitment process too slow? What if you could increase your interviewing bandwidth? Conduct first-round interviews at a large scale with the help of BarRaiser interview expert community. Set the hiring bar and consistently hire across universities.

  • Channelize your energy on your potential hire

    Let us do the interviews and you can focus on achieving your business targets. With our experience of doing 50,000+ interviews, we precisely understand how to evaluate a candidate's ability to do the job.

  • Ensure a great candidate experience

    It's not just about making a good first impression on candidates. BarRaiser smart scheduling helps candidates choose slots as per their convenience. Fair and consistent interviews with the timely update on the result deliver a great experience.


Value addition throughout your team

Hiring is a collective effort, we revolutionize the hiring process for your team

  • Remote

  • Diversity, Equity
    & Inclusion (DEI)

  • Accelerated

  • University

  • Interviewer

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