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Conduct structured interviewing to harness AI to standardize your interviews, evidence and data backed hiring decisions, and optimize the applicant assessment process. what are you waiting for , let’s get started!

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Structured interviewing tool offerings

Are you also having trouble with organizing interviews? If your answer is yes, then you’re at the right place; BarRaiser’s Structured Interview Tool for questions and examples might be the perfect solution for your interview organization. From planning the interview to categorizing the structure of the overall interview, BarRaiser’s AI-based algorithm has your back. Here are some of the most exciting features of the structured interview tool.

  • Evidence based Hiring decision

    This unique feature enables the interviewer or hiring manager to select a candidate's skills, and based on those skills, our AI algorithm generates an interview structure. In addition, it also assigns a specific time limit for each interview category, be it an introduction, technical round, or communication test. Hiring managers are free to customize the interview structure as per their needs; they can even manually add or remove suggested questions.

  • AI-Driven Interview Structuring

    Each interview structure consists of questions and answers that interviewers can ask.

    However, our AI-driven algorithm can suggest more questions and answers based on the skills added; they can even create totally new questions as per the prompt given by the interviewer. This saves a lot of time for the interviewers and helps them fast-forward the hiring process.

  • Interview plan & guidelines

    What more can an interviewer ask? A guideline, perhaps to ease the task.

    With BarRaiser’s structured interview tool, the hiring manager can create a guideline for the interviewers. This significantly helps a lot when there is more than one interviewer on the team. Interviewers can see the pointers mentioned by the hiring managers on what needs to be covered during the interview.

  • Evaluation Metrics

    Evaluation metrics are real-time feedback collected by BarRaiser’s intuitive Co-pilot

    These metrics are nothing but ratings given to the interviewee by the interviewer on the basis of their performance. Once every metric for each question has been filled, our AI algorithms automatically calculate the score of the Interviewee, these score helps a lot in finalizing the candidate.

  • Seamless ATS Job Syncing

    Worried if your Application Tracking System (ATS) would work with BarRaiser or not? Now, you don’t have to. Our tech experts have ensured that the BarRaiser Structured Interview is in sync with major third-party ATS service providers such as Lever, Greenhouse, or Workday.

The structured interview helps a lot in organizing an interview. Moreover, it helps a lot in finalizing questions & answers for the interviewee. And with everything in one place, it becomes a favorite tool for interviewers, as they can give feedback on questions instantly. BarRaiser’s Structured interview tool is a new way of conducting interviews that hiring managers will love to explore more.

Why BarRaiser Interview planning tool ?

  • Reduce Bias

    Structured Interviews helps you with comprehensive view of Candidate’s performance helps to mitigate bias

  • Structured

    Structured Interview planning tool upgrades your interview processes to identify the top notch candidates

  • Faster

    Reduce time to make informed Hiring decisions interviews using real time interview feedback

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