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Why our Video interview platform stands out ?

Online is the new norm of hiring, quick, easy, and efficient, and following the online tradition, BarRaiser has come up with a state-of-the-art video interview platform. Our platform enables hiring managers to conduct, record, and review interviews effectively. It organizes the entire interview structure, questionaries, and resume and presents them on a single platform. Here are some of those features.

  • Interview Recording & highlights

    Now, you don’t have to worry about additional tools to record your interviews; BarRaiser has the perfect solution for this. Our recording bots can easily record any online interview. In addition, our smart highlight can also help hiring managers keep the flow of the interview.

  • Efficient Candidate Screening

    Our detailed reports provide candidate scores in different skills, detailed feedback from interviewers, recommendations for candidate & transcripts to ensure you don't overlook any potential candidate. Improve decision-making efficiency and find the best talent faster.

  • Transcribe the interview as we go

    Our AI-powered video interview platform is not just capable of recording video calls, but it can also transcribe the interview for you. A transcribed interview helps a lot in understanding the clips of the interview recording, which is a plus point when you’re sharing interview snippets with your fellow colleagues.

  • Reducing the time to hire

    BarRaiser’s video interview platform comes with the advanced interview co-pilot, which helps in having a structured interview process. This significantly reduces the time to take interviews and fast-forward the hiring process. It has been estimated that around 33% of recruitment hours were saved when clients were using BarRaiser’s video interview platform.

Our video interview platform doesn’t just help in conducting the interview, in addition, it also provides a platform for the hiring managers to see the entire interview structure. This helps reduce the time to take each interview and also makes the interview fun and engaging, giving your candidate the best hiring experience.

Why BarRaiser Interview planning tool ?

  • Reduce Bias

    Structured Interviews helps you with comprehensive view of Candidate’s performance helps to mitigate bias

  • Structured

    Structured Interview planning tool upgrades your interview processes to identify the top notch candidates

  • Faster

    Reduce time to make informed Hiring decisions interviews using real time interview feedback

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