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Benefits of Video Interviewing for Candidates

  • By Ankush Jhawar
  • May 24, 2023
  • 3 mins read
Benefits of Video Interviewing for Candidates
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    A pertinent question that comes to mindIn the digital world that we live in today is why do companies do video interviews? As the old traditional methods of job interviews have witnessed steady growth and have evolved rapidly. Video interviewing has come forth as a powerful tool which has revolutionised the hiring process. With the rise of top video interviewing companies and innovative technologies including virtual interview software, the advantages of video interviewing have become more visible. 

    As companies strive to adjust to their lives in the post-pandemic era, the companies are bringing the employees back into the office and providing for a flexible hybrid schedule, or simply allowing them to work remotely. With such options becoming increasingly available, the ability to provide for video interviewing is no longer optional, it is a necessity. In this article, we will be outlining 5 major points which highlight the various benefits of video interviewing for both the candidate as well as the organisation.

    Benefits of video interviewing


    1.Enhanced convenience 

    Video interviewing provides for unparalleled convenience and flexibility which is beneficial for the candidates and the organisations. Organisations can conduct the interviews with the candidates located in various different time zones as well as remote locations with absolutely no need to travel. This aspect further eliminates geographical barriers and facilitates a more diverse pool of applicants. This also helps the candidates to participate from the comfort and luxury of their own homes which reduces time spent as well as the travel expenses. The ability to schedule interviews at mutually convenient times allows more flexibility in the process of interviewing.


    2.Time and cost efficiency

    Video interviewing helps reduce the time and cost expenses which occurred with in-person interviews.There is no extra burden for companies to allocate resources for coordination travel, which is a challenge faced by multinational corporations especially. Through online interviewing platforms and virtual hiring software, employers can streamline the interview process which saves time. Also, video interviewing has the feature of being recorded which lets the hiring managers review and share them with the HR team and other members of the recruitment team for collaborative decision-making and the elimination for the need of several interview rounds as well.

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    3.Better candidate assessment

    Video interviews provide for an effective method of assessing the candidates required knowledge and skills, their qualifications and overall fit in the company’s culture. With virtual job interviews, companies can design customised interview formats. This includes pre-recorded questions or real-time interviews which enables a standardised assessment. Doing so ensures that every candidate receives the same set of questions and criteria of evaluation. Moreover, virtual interview software also allows the employers to rate the candidates based on certain parameters which allows a more quantitative and objective assessment.


    4.Increased talent pool

    Video interviewing facilitates the expansion of the reach of companies by allowing them to tap into a more diverse pool of candidates. By using on-demand video-interviewing platforms, the recruiters can screen and efficiently shortlist candidates irrespective of their location. This is particularly beneficial for global companies or organisations seeking special skills in the candidates. Video interviews also help in attracting tech-savvy candidates who are appreciative of the innovative hiring practices as it showcases the companies ability to embrace and adapt to technology, thus staying ahead of the curve

    65% of candidates preferred virtual interviews, well before it was adopted as a norm.


    5. Better and enhanced candidate experience

    A positive candidate experience is a must for the retention of top talent. Video interviewing offers several features that provide for an improved candidate experience. It eliminates the expenses and costs associated with travel, helps candidates participate in the video interviews according to their preferred location and thus promotes a better environment for the candidates to show their skills. Moreover, the usage of virtual interview software also helps the candidates review and practise their responses, which enhances their preparation for the interview.

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    So, what is the conclusion?

    Technology has greatly expedited the hiring process, improving the experience for both the interviewer and the job applicant. Video interview software eliminates many additional employment hassles, while interview scheduling solutions might help to reduce the back and forth fight.

    Since hiring experts like you have seen the advantages, video interviews have become more and more popular among businesses of all sizes. They streamline the hiring process and are especially helpful in the early phases of prospect screening, saving time and resources. Of course, each business and employment division has specific requirements. 

    Thus, the benefits of video interviewing have transformed the landscape of hiring. From flexibility to increased talent access, video interviewing has become a powerful, indispensable tool for the modern hiring process. Embracing video interviewing is a strategic move that companies should adopt in order to stay ahead in a rapidly evolving job market in order to hire the top candidates and improve their hiring practices.


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