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Your Key to Success: A Guide to Writing and Requesting Letters of Recommendation

  • By Kamlesh Ranjan
  • June 3, 2024
  • 5 mins read
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    Indeed, sometimes companies request letters of recommendation from previous employers to make sure that applicants have the appropriate skills and experience before they hire new employees. Furthermore, college students need a letter of recommendation to enroll in foreign universities. In this regard, recommendation letters occupy a vital place in admission as they act on a student’s behalf and tell employers or universities about their advantages. 

    What is a letter of recommendation?

    A letter of recommendation is a personal evaluation of why you are the right candidate for a position, admission, scholarship, or job offer. In contrast to traditional employment references, the publication is not mandatory and there are no strict requirements. This provides a framework for highlighting your soft skills and having others validate your special skills and qualifications.

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    How to write a letter of recommendation

    In most cases, recommendations are made by the employee’s manager or the department in which the employee worked. In large companies, the human resources department can make the recommendation, and in small companies, the head of the organization can sign the document.

    There is no strict format for letters of recommendation. As an example, you can take the following structure: 

    Information about the recommender – company name, first and last name, title, and contact information of the person signing the nomination. With their help, you can check the reliability of the recommendations and ask further questions.

    Employee Information – Name, title, and length of time the employee has worked for the company.

    Employee Duties.

    Employee’s performance while working for the company.

    Personal characteristics of employees – which tasks they mastered well and how they proved themselves.

    A letter of recommendation may state the reason for terminating the cooperation with the employee, express regret for the employee’s departure, or wish the employee success in the new job. This is not necessary.

    Recommendations are written in a concise business style. I recommend keeping your letter to one page. It must be written on company letterhead, signed and stamped with the seal of the company or individual entrepreneur.

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    Example of a letter of recommendation from an employer

    Date: May 1, 2024

    Dear Mr./Ms. (name of recipient, if known)

    I, [Your Name], General Director [Desegnation] of [Company Name], am writing to you with a recommendation from my former employee [Candidate Name], who worked in our company as Senior Sales Manager [Job Possition] from 2020 to 2024 [Work Duration].

    During his time working in our company, he proved to be a responsible, hard-working, and competent manager. He successfully led the sales team and implemented many strategies, increasing the company’s sales by 30% in his final year.

    He has excellent communication and management skills and a deep understanding of the industry. [Candidate Name] is an important asset to our company and we were very pleased with his work.

    I am convinced that [Candidate Name] is a valuable asset to any organization and highly recommend him for any position commensurate with his skills and experience. If you require further information, please feel free to contact us.


    [Your Name], General Director [Desegnation] of [Company Name], Email: ………… Tel: ………………

    Be careful and attentive to detail when writing a letter of recommendation. Your recommendation can be the deciding factor in your employee’s successful career.

    Second example of a letter of recommendation from an employer

    Date: May 1, 2024

    Dear Mr./Ms. (recipient’s name, if known)

    I, [Your Name], Managing Director [Desegnation] of [Company Name], am pleased to present this recommendation to [Candidate Name], a former employee who worked at our company as a [Job Possition] from 2021 to 2024 [Work Duration].

    During his time at [Company Name], [Candidate Name] proved to be an exceptionally talented and reliable specialist. Not only does he excel in his immediate role, but he has also been involved in the creation of several important projects that have significantly improved our products and services.

    [Candidate Name] has extensive knowledge of programming and is always keen to learn new things and apply new technologies to his work. His ability to quickly solve complex problems and work in teams makes him an indispensable specialist.

    I am confident that [Candidate Name] will be a great addition to any team and highly recommend him for any programming position. If you require further information, please feel free to contact us.


    [Your Name], General Director [Desegnation] of [Company Name], Email: ………… Tel: ………………

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    Structure of a letter of recommendation for students

    A classic letter of recommendation consists of several thematic parts. Universities usually do not impose strict requirements on the structure or content of letters of recommendation. I recommend writing a five-part letter of recommendation that answers various questions from the university.

    What should I write about in each of them? 

    1. Introduce yourself, Your name, and How to contact you. 

    2. Tell us about your relationship with the student, Are you a teacher/school principal/tutor, etc.? Where do you work?  How long and what did you teach the student? 

    3. Describe the student, What are the student’s academic strengths? What subjects and tasks does he do best? What are his academic achievements?  

    4. Give a personal description of the student, What personal qualities of the student would you note? How do they help him with his studies?  Does the student have leadership qualities?  How does a student behave in a team?  Can you remember cases in life and school in which a student showed his best side? 

    5. Draw a conclusion, Why are you recommending this student to the university? Why should the university accept him for study? Can the university contact you to confirm the student’s qualifications and characteristics?  

    Keep in mind that the length of the letter of recommendation should be no more than 1 A4 page. 

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    Examples of letters of recommendation for university 

    [Reccomendator Name] [Complete Address]

    Tel.: …………………

    Email:  …………………

    May 1, 2024 

    To ABC University Admissions Committee 

    123 Down Street, Town, USA 

    Dear ABC University Admissions Committee, 

    I have known [Student Name] for five years as an English teacher at the 12th school in Washington. I think that [Student Name] will be an excellent student for your university.

    [Student Name] is a very hardworking and active student. In addition to teaching English at her school, she always devotes a lot of time and energy to self-studying. This allowed her to achieve great success in English and further develop her skills. I would like to note [Student Name] serious attitude towards her studies and her willingness to provide academic support to other students.

    In addition, I would also like to note the active social position of [Student Name]. While studying at our school, she participated in various events and charity campaigns every year. That’s why I think she deserves to be a part of your campus community.

    If you have any questions about [Student Name] qualifications or characteristics, please feel free to contact her at [Phone Number] or [Mail I’d].


    [Reccomendator Name] [Teaching Position Name] [University or School Name]


    A letter of recommendation is a paper written by a person who is well acquainted with you, to confirm your experience, accomplishments, and contribution. As well, it is also utilized to confirm and maintain an application for a position, a grant, or a course, in a transmittal. The structure of a letter of recommendation will vary depending on the situation, but it should always be professional and well-written.

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