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Removing Interview Bias in a Glance

BarRaiser is committed to removing Interview bias from the candidate hiring process. Our structured interview process helps in all means possible to elevate the hiring experience of a candidate. Biases while analyzing candidates can be seen in many forms, such as gender, race, age, or nepotism. These biases impact the hiring process and leave a negative score on candidate experience. Hence, we have come up with a perfect solution the eliminate bias during interviews.

  • Structure that counter biases evaluation

    Recognizing the impact of interview bias, our AI-driven approach standardizes interviews with defined questions, curbing unconscious bias in interviews and creating objective data points for equitable hiring decisions.

  • Interviewer training to fair & consistent evaluation

    Our hiring insights help interviewers and hiring managers finalize candidates, in addition, they also give interviewer insights, systematic data, trends, and bias, which significantly helps a lot in improving the entire hiring process and hence promote diverse hiring.

  • Diverse global Interview panel

    Another advantage that you get with BarRaiser is the video interview platform that allows candidates and interviewers to join and take interviews from around the globe. With the help of our AI-integrated interview co-pilot tool, interviewers sitting across the globe can share and see the structure of the interview in real time. Bringing in people from diverse backgrounds and countries as an interview panel brings a well-rounded evaluation and a different perspective.

In the end, hiring and interview bias is something that hiring managers and interviewers need to work on together. In addition, BarRaiser’s AI-powered tool helps simplify this process and provides deep analytical data to improve hiring experience and reduce bias.


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