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Reduce hiring bias for fairer selection

OVercome hiring and interviewing bias with BarRaiser. Foster diversity and equitable selection – Schedule a demo to learn more

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Hiring & Interview Bias

Removing Interview Bias in a Glance

Structure that counter biases evaluation

Recognizing the impact of interview bias, our AI-driven approach standardizes interviews with defined questions, curbing unconscious bias in interviews and creating objective data points for equitable hiring decisions.

Interview Structure that counters bias evaluation

Interviewer training to fair & consistent evaluation

It is the base of the complete BarRaiser AI tool, each interviewer is analyzed and hence given a metric by the system that the hiring manager can look at and deep dive into. This simple process helps hiring managers figure out key areas they need to focus on in order to train and improve hiring without any interview bias.

Diverse global Interview panel

Another advantage that you get with BarRaiser is the video interview platform that allows candidates and interviewers to join and take interviews from around the globe. With the help of our AI-integrated interview co-pilot tool, interviewers sitting across the globe can share and see the structure of the interview in real time. Bringing in people from diverse backgrounds and countries as an interview panel brings a well-rounded evaluation and a different perspective.


Value addition throughout your team
Hiring is a collective effort, we revolutionize the hiring process for your team

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Diversity & Inclusion

Accelerated Hiring

Superior Talent

Interviewer Training