Interview as a Service: Outsource technical interviews using BarRaiser

Accelerate Hiring & improve quality of Hire using BarRaiser outsourcing services

  • 110K+ Interviews Conducted
  • 500+ Clients
  • 50% Faster offer rollout
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How BarRaiser Interview as a service functions

  • Upload JD

    Provide your job requirements, Our intelligent AI structures the interview tailored to your specific requirements

  • Start Interviews

    As soon as requirements are provided, Candidates will be able to schedule the interviews according to their convenience

  • Hire the Right Talent

    Evaluate candidates using scoring & scrutinize every aspect of their performance so you never miss out on quality hire

Trusted By 500+ Customers Worldwide​

Why BarRaiser over other outsourcing services?

  • 70%

    Conversion Ratio

    BarRaiser recommended candidates have 70% likelihood of getting selected for final rounds of interviews & to be offered.

  • <2 Days

    Overall TAT

    Get final evaluation scorecard
    from the moment you
    upload candidate in less
    than 2 days

  • 2 Weeks

    Application to Hire

    Get 100+ candidates interviewed at the same time, Use your team's bandwidth to focus on your product

  • 1500+
    Expert interviewers, rigorously trained, enhancing interviews globally
  • 4.5+
    Rated by 40,000 candidates feedback submitted
  • AI
    Driven Interview Structure and Hiring Recommendation

Experience smarter interviewing with BarRaiser

Get the top 1% talent with BarRaiser’s Smart AI Platform

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Sailent features of IaaS

  • Barraise

    Interview Recording

    Do evidence based hiring for candidates appearing in your interview process

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  • Barraise

    AI Interview Highlights

    Leverage the power of BarRaiser AI to efficiently evaluate candidates faster

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  • Barraise


    Receive candidate reports within 2 hours, reducing turnaround time

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  • Barraise

    Communication Integration

    Integrate with BarRaiser for real-time candidate interview updates.

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  • Barraise

    Consistent Evaluation

    BarRaiser ensures consistency in candidate evaluation

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  • Barraise

    Interview Proctoring

    BarRaiser's AI detects interview cheating, ensuring fair evaluations

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Revolutionize Hiring: Outsourcing Technical Interviews as a Service

Don’t have enough bandwidth to hire the best, let us take over this job, BarRaiser’s Interview as a Service is a one-of-kind outsourcing service that let’s company hire BarRaiser talent pool to select the best candidate for your need. All you have to do is share the requirements, job profiles, or work of scope, and we’ll share with you a list of potential candidates. No hassle, no intervention, everything is done from BarRaiser’s end, from sending out the job description to the interview or technical round. We’ll tick all the necessary requirements that you desire from your candidate.

The old way

  • 24 interviews -> 1 offer (4% conversion)
  • Unstructured interviews
  • Subjective decision making
  • Unpleasant candidate experience
  • Teams getting frustrated due to numerous interviews
  • Lacks consistency in evaluating candidates

The new way

  • 2 interviews -> 1 offer (50% conversion)
  • Structured interviews
  • Objective + Subjective decision making
  • A+ candidate experience
  • Teams are interviewing only probable hires
  • Consistant evaluations

BarRaiser's interview outsourcing services have revolutionised our recruitment process. Their automated scheduling system dramatically eases the coordination hassle, and the platform's user-friendliness is exceptional. Remarkably, we've closed 15 positions in just two months, showcasing the efficiency and effectiveness of their services. It's been a game-changer for our talent acquisition efforts”

Martha Wade Talent Acquisition team

Why Candidates love BarRaiser

4.5+ Rated by 40,000 candidates feedback submitted

  • “I was amazed to see that i could schedule my interview at my own convenience anytime”

    Sophia Davis
  • “This was the first time that interviewer made expectations so clear in an interview & even helped me a bit when i got stuck in a problem. Kudos to BarRaiser interviewers”

    Ethan Parker
  • “I got feedback on my strengths & areas to improve which was quite amazing as it had never happened before in any interview”

    Olivia Johnson
  • Faster Hiring for Recruiters & Hiring Managers

    Our effective hiring platform has minimized the hiring process. BarRaiser’s AI gives each candidate an interview score based on various evaluation metrics. Companies can review those scores and select the best candidates for their teams. In addition, we also share the Interview recording and a detailed report with reasons to hire. This allows companies to select the best candidate faster and leaves no room for biased decision-making.

  • On Demand Interviewers 24*7 to save interviewing Bandwidth

    Once you have onboarded BarRaisers’ Interview as a Service, we immediately take over all the interviewing responsibilities. Our technical experts from 15+ niches, such as Backend, Frontend, Product, Data, Android, and DevOps, are ever ready to fast-forward any technical interview process. Our fast-forward process allows companies to maximize their hiring bandwidth and thus increases productivity.

  • Diversity Equity and Inclusion for HR leaders

    BarRaiser is committed to bringing the best talent from around the globe to your team. Our powerful AI tool ensures that all biases are removed during the interview process, giving a fair platform to candidates from all sorts of backgrounds, ethnicities, and regions. Take advantage of our 1000+ structured interview templates and provide a balanced yet optimum hiring environment.

BarRaiser’s interview as a service will help you not just hire the best candidate but will also enable you to save your team's bandwidth
in a prolonged hiring process. Just share your recruitment or job description, and we’ll do the rest. We have a team of professionals
from various technical backgrounds for all levels of technical assessments and interviews. Your effective AI-powered tool assesses
candidates' data on various parameters and then shares the top picks. Choose the best talent from our shortlisted list of candidates
and reduce your hiring time.