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Quality Hiring with BarRaiser

Hire the best, and your company will reach a new summit, Quality hiring fulfills this motto effectively. Our AI-powered interview assessment tool meticulously measures the success of each recruitment process, this significantly helps in giving a deciding factor to the companies. It has proven to be a game-changer in the hiring space that allows companies to identify and attract top talent. Let’s dive a little more into how BarRaiser’s AI-powered tool is helping elevate quality hiring.

  • Data driven approach to identify genuine talent

    With the help of the interview transcript and constant feedback provided by the interviewer, our AI tools can analyze vast data sets so that you can make an informed decision. Our tool can recognize patterns in candidate performance and quickly give it a quality score, this helps a lot in selecting the best candidate for the job.

  • Collaborate with team to make right decision

    With our intelligent interview tool, you can collaborate with your hiring team and come to an effective decision rapidly. In addition, our interview snippets tool allows users to share a certain clip of the interview with the team and share their positive/negative comments.

  • Interview Excellence that fuels quality of hiring

    Unbiased interviews are the core principle of BarRaiser’s interview intelligence tool. We have quality checks in several places that ensure that the interview is organized and conducted in a fair manner. From the beginning of candidate selection to the structured interview to the interview co-pilot assistant and interviewer training, BarRaiser’s AI-powered tool helps in every step to eliminate hiring bias and promote quality hiring.

  • Access all reports with in your ATS

    Our AI-powered tool can easily integrate with any third-party ATS, making it super easy for hiring managers to manage and shortlist candidates. In addition, with the help of our interview intelligence tool, companies can directly get candidate performance scores with all the details and interview snippets within their ATS dashboard. This significantly reduces the time for candidate hiring. Hiring managers can also deep-dive into candidate performance metrics and interview recording in order to make an informed decision.

AI-powered tool is changing the precedent of quality hiring in the human resource space, it has become more efficient and effective throughout the years. It is no surprise to tell you that organizations that have opted for BarRasiser’s AI-powered Interview intelligence tool have seen a significant improvement in their recruitment process. It has helped organizations reduce bias, streamline interviews, record interviews, and ultimately create a positive and diverse workforce.


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