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Interview Skills Training for Hiring Managers

If you’re in the hiring business, the more you think of it, the more you understand the importance of interview skills training. It is indeed a skill to conduct an interview effectively and come to a conclusion. However, most of the time, the company deals with hiring managers and interviewers not being in check with the hiring and evaluation process. This is where BarRaiser comes in; our unique approach to interviewer and recruiter skill training is an AI-based solution that will revolutionize the entire interview skills training process. Let us tell you why!

  • Interview Coaching snippets

    Record, Share, and learn! This is the entire concept behind interview snippets; it is our most used feature that allows hiring managers or interviewers to record an interview and share a clip with their colleagues requesting feedback. Hiring managers can also share the clip with the interviewer and suggest improvements. This enables a swift and collective hiring process, and candidates are finalized quickly.

  • Interviewer quality Report

    Want to know the performance metrics of your interviewers, well, we have your back. BarRaiser’s Interview quality report is an AI-based detailed report that gets generated based on each interview an interviewer conducts. The system analyses interviewers based on multiple parameters, and based on previous data, it gives a rating to interviewers. Hiring managers can monitor those metrics and provide guidance so the interviewer's team can improve their process. It is perhaps the best and most effective method for interview skills training, as each interviewer will get personalized feedback for improvements.

  • Live Interview Guidance

    During the interview, our AI-powered tool, the interview co-pilot, provide suggestion to the Interviewer in certain scenarios, such as prolonged pauses. In addition, the tool will also prompt interviewers to input feedback on each question answered. This will help in analyzing the candidate at the end of the interview.

  • Structured interview

    As part of our tool to organize the interview process, a structured interview helps a lot in training interviewers as well. It makes sure that the entire interview questionnaires and timeline are organized hence, nothing is missed while taking the interview. It also becomes a crucial part of interview skills training as the structured interview helps the interviewer keep in check with the hiring process.

Skill training is highly important for any organization that is involved in human resources. It helps in the holistic development of the interviewers and thus benefits the company. A skilled interviewer will have a higher chance to finalize a high-skilled talent, thus ensuring the company’s goal is to be at the top of the hiring chain.

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