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Coach Your Hiring Managers- Follow These 5 steps For A Smooth Hiring Process

  • By Kamlesh Ranjan
  • April 18, 2024
  • 4 mins read
How to coach hiring managers
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    Looking for a new candidate is quite a challenge for hiring managers, I mean, you can get tired of doing this, following the same routine over and over. However, if we look at the bigger picture, then I can safely say that you must try to hire a person who has worked for quite a long time. Otherwise, the majority of your time might get spent on training the candidate. In such cases, you need to pay attention not only to experience but to the personality of the candidate as well. Let’s look at the primary rules for hiring employees to create a dream team. 

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    Job Description

    It is essential to research the job market before publishing a job posting. This involves checking out similar job demands and offers from other employers and evaluating the terms and income they are offering. Depending on your organization’s profile, the text of your job ad may vary. However, it is crucial to explain what the candidate must be able to do and the qualities they must possess. Sadly, many managers ignore this stage, leading to future problems. 

    Typically, recruiters post a job with details about the position, responsibilities, and working conditions. Candidates are then selected based on the information provided. However, such systems do not allow tracking whether a person joins the team or not. Therefore, it is crucial to click on all the bullet points to create a perfect job description. 

    A comprehensive job description should include the job title, job purpose, job duties and responsibilities, required and preferred qualifications, working conditions, and compensation and benefits. Every requirement should be written down in detail, and even small details should not be overlooked. Although the work may seem tedious, it will help the organization save time and money in the long run.

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    Resume Shortlisting

    Firstly, it is important to pay attention to the structure of your resume. The way you present information reflects not only your analytical abilities but also your ability to learn. Candidate work experience is an essential aspect of the resume, so the recruiter must focus on it. The job responsibilities performed by the candidate at the previous place of work must be highlighted. If they are described in one phrase or not described at all, then it is alarming. It is unlikely that from meager data, one can understand what a given candidate can do. The benefits brought to the company and personal growth should also be shared.

    It is important to evaluate if the candidate has a desire for development or perceives it as an additional burden. For active positions, active leisure activities are desirable. And for positions that require attentiveness and concentration, hobbies that require special perseverance are suitable. For managers, a combination of different types of hobbies is a must.

    After analyzing resumes, you can invite people for interviews. The more carefully the work is carried out, the more relevant the selected candidates will be. To avoid all these hectic tasks, you can take advantage of the BarRaiser interview intelligence platform, which will help you find the perfect resume according to your job description and required skills.

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    Some companies conduct video interviews before conducting face-to-face interviews to screen additional applicants. The questions asked in the video interview may be similar to those already asked in the survey. However, this format allows the interviewer to assess the candidate’s response and evaluate how confident they are. Once the screening process is complete, they can be called for a proper video interview or office interview.

    During the interview, it is recommended to take notes on the application form or resume to ensure nothing is forgotten and to make decision-making easier. On average, interviews last between 40 and 60 minutes. The questions asked to each applicant may vary depending on their work history and the position requirements.

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    It is important to pay attention to small details such as the candidate’s attire, whether their shoes are clean, if they arrived on time  if the recruitment is offline, and how they communicate. These details can offer valuable insights about the candidate. It is also essential to prepare in advance for the interview and remove any distractions to avoid missing important details or questions. This is especially important when looking for candidates to fill key positions. With the help of BarRaiser, corporate HR recruiters can conduct accurate, organized, and structured interviews.

    Selecting the Best

    It is important to thoroughly discuss all candidates before presenting the best candidate to your manager or client. This will require you to justify your choices and explain why these particular candidates were presented, what benefits they offer, and what risks they may pose.

    For smooth processing, coach hiring managers to select at least three candidates. However, the exact number may vary depending on the recruiter’s working conditions and contract with the client. In some cases, there may be only one suitable candidate, which can be frustrating for managers who would have preferred more options. In such situations, it is crucial to properly explain why other candidates were not suggested.

    Make Offer

    Once you have found the right number of candidates for the job, it’s time to discuss the terms and conditions with them. However, not everyone may be happy with your offer. In such cases, recruiters can coach hiring managers on how to handle verbal offers and what else to include in the offer package besides salary. When it comes to salary negotiations, it’s helpful to discuss salary in ranges rather than fixed numbers to eliminate further candidates who are not suitable for the position.

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    Those candidates who remain and suit the position may agree to the proposed terms and conditions or their offer may be accepted by the employer. During the interview, it’s a good idea to find out the candidate’s priorities and try to make a good offer. 


    To achieve a smooth and efficient hiring process and recruit top talent for your organization, you can follow these five steps and provide proper coaching to your hiring managers. Alternatively, you can use the BarRaiser service, which can help you save time and money. BarRaiser aids in shortlisting relevant resumes, conducting unbiased and structured interviews, and selecting the perfect candidate for your organization. The service also allows managers to evaluate the candidate’s performance and the recruiter’s interviewing skills through transcribed interviews.

    BarRaiser is an AI-supported interviewing platform, that helps you to conduct a perfect interview and help to choose the right candidate for your company according to the job description. It will help you to structure time duration and questions and transcribe the whole interview to evaluate candidates fairly.

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