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Why Should You Outsource Interviews?

  • By Ankush Jhawar
  • January 23, 2023
  • 6 mins read
Why Should You Outsource Interviews
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    “Time is the scarcest resource, and unless it is managed, nothing else can be managed.”

    – Peter Drucker, father of modern management

    Do you know that some people spend more than half their time in hiring discussions with potential employees to join their team? With a talent market with a perpetual crunch for talented resources, it seems like a criminal waste of time for them to spend with people, of which 90% would not even get hired in their teams. Interviewers have a tough job as it’s time-consuming and mentally taxing. Given this, efficient, outsourced interviewing is becoming a viable solution to conduct interviews efficiently. 

    In this article, we will discuss why should you outsource interviews to help you make your recruitment process efficient, fair and transparent.

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    Getting efficient with your hiring

    There are numerous ways where you can do this; the following is a short list:

    1. CV Shortlisting: By far, the oldest way of elimination (yes, it’s an elimination step!). Almost every firm uses some hurdles like university, co-curricular activities, previous experience, etc. While most of them work, modern-day candidates are much more versatile than what their backgrounds or scores may reflect. In our world, they often have little or no correlation to job performance. It, however, becomes necessary as the internal bandwidth becomes a constraint in meeting all the candidates.
    2. Tests or assignments: Much more scalable and influential in determining candidates’ skill levels. There are a couple of problems, though. First, candidates can cheat their way through these. Automated testing platforms are common these days, and most of these tests are done by candidates in the comfort of their homes; all the solutions for such tests are available on the Internet. Second, when it comes to more experienced candidates, tests have a high drop-off rate. Candidates can miss personal emails while involved in work. Also, after speaking to many candidates, we realized most of them feel automated skill testing is demeaning. If you want to try it out, read more about making the most of assessments.
    3. Interview-as-a-service or Outsourcing technical Interviews: This is where companies can hire an interviewer for their first level of vetting. The great thing about it is that a candidate’s receptiveness to speak to someone (especially if the person is a respected expert in the field) is much higher. Also, when provided in a structured manner, the output can be highly objective for the internal team and provide a level playing field for all candidates. BarRaiser, an interview outsourcing company,  makes deploying interview-as-a-service for your organization easy.  BarRaiser conducts technical and leadership interviews. Through its platform, BarRaiser will handle your interview outsourcing needs on your behalf and deliver a recorded interview and thorough interview summary.

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    How Interview-as-a-Service or Interview Outsourcing is better

    Traditionally, interviews were conducted by internal interviewers. Companies are outsourcing exit interviews and technical interviews because of the many benefits. I will bucket the benefits broadly into three categories:


    Hiring an interviewer who’s proved themselves to be a subject matter expert provides you with a virtually infinite capacity to do interviews at scale. This, along with high-quality feedback and simple-to-understand scorecards. If you are wondering how to hire at scale or how to interview at scale – this might be a solution. Consider BarRaiser, which supports customers by scheduling more than 300 interviews daily!


    In the ever-changing world, new capabilities are required by the organization almost every 6 months. Some would be so new that even with a large employee base, you find yourself googling “how to interview for a data scientist” or asking for favors from friends or leaders. Having a panel of experts who can interview will be a godsend then.

    Another capability issue is interviewing as a skill, which is very rare. Having expert interviewers at your disposal (with a click of a button) helps solve that problem, and those interviews can also be used to train your teams.


    Interview as a service platform, like BarRaiser, provides profound visibility where each question is scored and analyzed and contributes to the overall score. Recorded videos help gain confidence and assess the candidate’s softer sides. Having an external interviewer also brings an outside-in perspective and is often unbiased. BarRaiser goes to great lengths to remove conscious and unconscious bias in interviews.

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    Business Benefits of Outsourcing the Recruitment Process

    Here are the main benefits justifying why should you outsource interviews. These benefits are significant for modern-day businesses.

    Improve the Quality of Hiring

    Both major internal approaches have flaws that negatively impact the quality of technical interviews and, in turn, the quality of hire. Interview outsourcing services can handle these drawbacks by eliminating bias, using structured interviews, and delivering excellent candidate experience.

    It will be more impactful if your initial outsourced interview is an integral part of the overall interview process and holds weight in the final hire/no-hire decision. BarRaiser is the only interviewing platform in the world that provides both an interview platform and an interview-as-a-service to bring about a holistic picture of the candidates.

    Outsourcing interviews save a ton of time.

    One of the main reasons why should you outsource interviews is to save time. It lets them cast a wider net by getting more candidates through the interview process and reducing the candidate drop-off in the recruitment funnel. As a result, you can waste a lot of valuable time that could be spent on core business operations.

    Hiring an interview-as-a-service can save you a lot of time. Because we have the proven processes, experience, and advanced technology to find the right people for your business quickly, efficiently, and effectively, find top talent in less time without disrupting the workflow and productivity of your operations and HR teams.  

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    Interview-as-a-service saves you money.

    Another reason why should you outsource interviews is to save costs. Recruiting operations can have a significant financial impact. Doing everything in-house will put a lot of pressure on your resources, affecting work and slowing recruitment. 

    Two significant errors that companies make are to

    (a) Consider interviewing is free – but if you calculate the opportunity cost, each 60-minute interview consumes about 2.5-3 hours of the interviewer’s time, which could have been invested into building the product, increasing revenue, etc.

    (b) Underestimate the recruitment speed- every week the candidate is delayed, it is a week of opportunity cost. Furthermore, when you go for speed, it tends to deteriorate quality, but not with an interview-as-a-service.

    You Gain A Competitive Advantage  

    Small organizations and start-ups may need more funding or software to attract top talent. However, big players in your industry may have such resources that could put you at a competitive disadvantage.

    Interview outsourcing has been in business for several years and can make finding the best candidates for open roles easier and faster. Optimize your time to find the best talent for your business. Moreover, they know what most companies in the industry want to achieve. Hence, IaaS like BarRaiser can match you with high performers according to industry needs. In this way, it helps build a credible team that enables you to compete with the big players in the industry with more resources.

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    Helps improve the hiring process

    Partners, such as BarRaiser, can understand the expectations of most potential employees and what many companies need when looking for new employees. It can advise companies on hiring people, conducting better interviews, and reducing recruitment costs and time. Easier to fill positions more efficiently. If your company has been working with a reputable partner for a long time, you can learn a lot about their methods over time. This has allowed us to improve our processes significantly.

    Services other than recruitment

    When outsourcing your interview needs, the recruiters you turn to often offer more than just finding the right candidate. For example, consider onboarding, the process that integrates a new employee into an organization and is a vital part of it.

    As shown above, employee productivity and business operations are prioritized by delegating her HR tasks. Plus, you don’t have to worry about making mistakes, paying fines, or facing staff shortages. Outsourcing your staff saves you money in many ways. From resources to manpower to productivity, external staff working with his partners all work to their advantage.

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    Find the right recruiter for your business to outsource Interviews.

    This article on why should you outsource interviews has helped you clear some of your concerns about working with an external recruiter and gain insight into how they can help you grow your business.

    For years, companies have outsourced assessments and interviews. The pandemic outbreak has highlighted this type of hiring as a viable solution to free up internal resources for other strategic roles within the organization. BarRaiser offers an interview solution that allows you to leverage otherwise unavailable consultant expertise.

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    People Also Ask For

    Why should you outsource interviews?

    Outsourcing interviews is a strategic move to enhance your recruitment process. Spending excessive time on hiring discussions in a talent market with scarce resources can be inefficient. Outsourcing interviews gives you efficiency, fairness, and transparency in your hiring process.

    What benefits does interview outsourcing provide?

    Interview outsourcing delivers numerous advantages for businesses. Firstly, it significantly boosts your interview capacity by engaging subject matter experts as interviewers, ensuring scalability. Secondly, it enhances your capability by providing access to a panel of experts who can assess candidates with a fresh perspective.

    How does outsourcing interviews save time?

    Time-saving is a pivotal reason why should you outsource interviews. It enables businesses to cast a wider net, efficiently managing a larger pool of candidates. This process reduces drop-off rates in the recruitment funnel, accelerates the hiring timeline, and prevents valuable time wastage.

    Can outsourcing interviews save costs?

    Absolutely, outsourcing interviews contributes to significant cost savings. Beyond the direct costs, it addresses the opportunity cost associated with internal interviews. Interview outsourcing, like BarRaiser, ensures a balance between speed and quality, providing a cost-effective solution for businesses.

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