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Future of Hiring with AI

The conversational intelligence AI platform is part of BarRaiser’s overall interview intelligence tool; it not only establishes a relationship between the interviewer and candidate but also ensures quality assessment reports. BarRaiser’s AI tool analyzes interview transcripts, and with the help of real-time assessments given by the interviewer, it generates an interview assessment report. This AI-driven report builds the baseline of unbiased and fair hiring and helps establish a system so that consistency can be maintained in all the interviews. Here are a few pointers in which BarRaiser utilizes the power of the conversational intelligence AI platform.

  • Interview highlights like never before

    Each interview is unique, as each candidate is unique; hence, it's crucial for metrics to be fair and unbiased for each candidate. BarRaiser’s AI-powered tool analyzes each interview by using the interview transcripts, and from those data points, it creates an extensive report. It significantly reduces the time taken to finish any candidate because now hiring managers can go through these reports and come to a conclusion. This reduction in hiring time has been made possible with the help of BarRaisers’ Conversational intelligence AI platform.

  • Live AI powered Interviewer coaching

    Structured interview questioning, which is part of the BarRaiser’s popular interview intelligence tool, helps a lot in making sure that each interviewer is on course to the set structure. During live interviews, the co-pilot makes instant suggestions based on the transcript of the interview, this helps in maintaining the flow of the question and ensures that the entire interview is fair and unbiased.

  • AI recommendations to fill feedback

    Feedback is an essential part of any interview, it makes sure that a candidate is judged on the right parameters. With the help of a conversational intelligence AI platform, BarRasier’s interview co-pilot recommends interviewer give necessary feedback on each question-answer by the candidate. This significantly helps in creating an interview assessment report on the candidate’s performance.

  • Empowering Fair Evaluations

    It is highly important for an AI-powered tool to be efficient and fair while analyzing each candidate’s performance. Hence, with the help of our powerful conversational intelligence, we make sure that each interview is correctly transcribed. This makes it easy for our AI algorithm to analyze data points and ensures all conducted interview is fair and unbiased.

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