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Having a diverse employee base is the key factor in any company’s growth. Hence, it’s of utmost importance for us to include diversity and inclusive hiring in our onboarding process. It’s more of a strategic need for organizations to onboard talent from different verticals of life, this empowers creative freedom, diverse thoughts, and a smooth balance of culture. Let’s see how BarRaiser helps create and empower a diverse hiring process.

  • Make each interview consistent & fair

    BarRaiser is committed to bringing consistency and fairness in all interviews with the power of AI. Our interview co-pilot tool brings structure and real-time suggestions while taking the interview, this helps interviewers stay on course and thus remove bias. It ensures that each candidate is given an unbiased environment so interviews can be conducted with fairness and inclusiveness.

  • Hiring Insights like never before

    Our hiring insights help interviewers and hiring managers finalize candidates, in addition, they also give interviewer insights, systematic data, trends, and bias, which significantly helps a lot in improving the entire hiring process and hence promote diverse hiring.

  • Eliminating Bias from hiring

    Our AI-powered candidate interview tool is configured to reduce biases in hiring and promote inclusive hiring. With the help of our BarRaiser’s intelligent Interview system, we can generate a candidate scorecard after each interview. The scorecard is based on the interview performance of each candidate and the live feedback given by the interviewers; this ensures that there is a fair & unbiased process in hiring any candidate.

  • Inclusive Hiring with the help of Evaluation metrics

    Yes, it is what it is! Evaluation metrics are the prime of each data point for hiring the best talent. Real-time AI interview notes, candidate feedback collection, the concoction of these pointers, and the power of BarRaiser’s intelligent AI tool, each candidate is given a fair and unbiased score. Based on these scores, hiring managers can select the best talent for the company.

BarRaiser’s intelligent AI interview tool helps accentuate diverse hiring among companies and ensures that they build an optimum work culture where every individual candidate feels valued and respected. This elevates the company’s own talent pool and attracts top talent from around the globe.


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