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BarRaiser Interview Copilot

Real-time Guide for Interviewers using BarRaiser AI copilot

Yes, you heard it right. It’s time to make interviewing super smart, easy and effective with BarRaiser Interview Copilot


How BarRaiser Interview Copilot works?

Forgot the technical question or lost track of the feedback on various parameters, the BarRaiser co-pilot has got your back. Apart from feedback and structuring the interview, real-time feedback helps interviewers stay unbiased through AI-enabled alerts.

Let AI take the wheel. BarRaiser’s Guide for Interviewers tool has pre-generate technical questions tailored to the job description and candidate’s resume. If you want to add new questions, just give the system a prompt for the niche, and it will provide you with multiple suggestions. The AI-tailored questions can help not just with structuring interview questions but will also fast-forward the entire hiring process.

Our unique algorithm suggests questions and provides feedback. However, by analyzing the past interview data of the interviewer, BarRaiser AI can suggest improvement pointers and Real-time guidance. Our AI generates interview quality reports that significantly help the interviewer remove biases.

Our guide for interviewers tool has a personalized interface and pre-structured interviews in various categories such as introduction, technical rounds, language understanding, and evaluation metrics. These pointers help set the interview base so interviewers can stay on track. In addition, everything is presented live during the interview via the interview co-pilot, keeping the user in check with the structure.

It records, provides real-time suggestions, gives feedback, provides questionnaires, presents the structured interview, and even sends the feedback report back to the hiring manager. With the complete interview solution, the Interview co-pilot is the one-man army you need.

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