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Phone Interview Questions? Ace Them With This Guide! 

  • By Kamlesh Ranjan
  • April 30, 2024
  • 7 mins read
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    Interview-on-call, phonetic, or phone interviews are a kind of modern alternative to personal interviews. You’ll have been through it; however, in most cases, it is just an initial screening. And here is a solid reason: Hiring managers want to review and reduce candidate pools over the phone, as it’s simply too much to handle. The problem is if you don’t make a good impression during the phone interview, your chances of getting hired might decrease. So, we are back to square one, and no, the question is how to prepare for a phone interview. And make a good impression on the interviewer? What are the phone interview questions? But before moving to these points, let’s dive into what these phone interviews are essential for candidate screening.

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    What is the purpose of a telephonic interview?

    Well, I gotta tell you, if a company is inviting you for a phone interview, then consider yourself lucky; they are interested in you. Otherwise, your application would have been rejected, and you wouldn’t be taking the time to do a phone interview in the first place. The folks at Talent Acquisition have shortlisted you and want to make a good impression. Here, they will be able to review your application and CV and identify any discrepancies. So, you should be prepared for important questions about this.

    You know, in general, companies prefer phone interviews because it saves time and money. Face-to-face interviews are more complex, time-consuming, and expensive. This allows you to screen more candidates, which is especially important for large companies with access to various applications. With the help of phone interviews, if you are in the hiring process, you can initially increase the selection of interested candidates. You can also test an applicant’s initiative, flexibility, and physiological mindset too.

    There are certain conditions when a phone interview is taken: Say, for example, Talen acquisition requires you to clarify unanswered questions. It could be a gap in your resume, foreign language, computer skills, location-specific, or something else entirely. Keep in mind that if your answer is not satisfactory, the company may not invite you for a personal or detailed online interview.

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    How to prepare for a phone interview?

    Gather information

    You need to know the basics. What does the company actually do? Where is it located? How many employees do they have? What is their business model? In many cases, just browsing their website is enough. It’s also a good idea to know their famous achievements, companies owner and CEO and something like that.

    Learn your resume

    Don’t speak like you’ve memorized something in a phone interview. Try to be calm and objective, and give answer trutthfully. You must say something about your activity, position, and experience and express yourself in the best way. 

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    Prepare for important questions

    Of course, you need to find out which question the HR manager will ask. However, let me tell you a secret: some of the common questions that HR must ask include your introduction, your availability, your present work experience, your education, etc. Be prepared for these.

    Research your interviewer

    For example, by browsing their LinkedIn profiles, you can get a good idea about who might be your interviewer. The information gathered will help you prepare and adapt to your interviewer. Like if you find out that your interviewer is an expert in AI or ML languages, then start preparing for possible questions in the stream. You may also find similarities, such as the same hobbies or the same Alma mater. It brings up empathy points; It’s kind of hack, you know. 

    Make sure your phone is perfect

    If the technology goes awry, it can negatively impact the entire phone interview. So make sure everything is perfect. Use a perfect smartphone; it does not have any defection like the microphone not working properly, network issues, low volume, etc. If your smartphone sometimes runs out of charge, it may indicate that you are sloppy and careless at work. Please avoid!

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    Dress up

    Yes, it’s still a phone interview. And yes, the interviewer you’re talking to can’t see you at all. It may sound unnecessary but don’t underestimate the power of psychology. Wearing good clothes makes people feel three things, confidence, confidence and confidence. This can also be heard over the phone. Therefore, dress as if you are going to a corporate interview. 

    Example of Phone Interview Questions

    So, Phone interview questions are not the same for all candidates If you are well prepared, the interviewer will likely respond to your resume. He may ask about gaps in time indicating layoffs during a probationary period or a large number of job changes. If you have such important points on your resume, get ready. Phone interview questions include: Were you fired from your last job? What skills qualify you for this position? What skills do you have? What kind of motivation do you have? Some companies take unconventional paths. In most cases, the interviewer wants to know about your values, goals, motivation, and work style. During a phone interview, you may be asked these types of questions.

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    How are you?

    This is an innocuous introductory question. Whether someone has mastered small talk, they understand the candidate how confident they will later be in dealing with colleagues, customers, and conversation partners. Be attractive. And don’t say, “I’m really nervous” right now: I have to break this to you but you’re not in freshman year.

    What do you think about our products?

    If you come out as an ignorant person who doesn’t know much about the company, then get ready for a backlash. You should already know what the company makes and what it is known for. You are not a visitor to the company; you need a job. Like a real job.

    What didn’t you like about your previous job?

    That’s a bad question, though. So, here is a tip to handle such situation, you should never gossip about your old employer, but a little criticism never hurts. It would be totally unrealistic if there was nothing to complain about. Finding a compromise is difficult but not impossible. So, you can answer in a good way, “I wish I had more responsibility.” Or a smirk, “The canteen was really bad.”, something like that. 

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    What’s particularly appealing about this job?

    HR managers mostly ask this type of question. Of course, you can put general motives of the jobs. But you can also dig deeper and name the things that usually bring you great joy. Remember, your goals and aspirations must align with the company’s goals. You can answer, “Good pay”, “easy working hours” and “work-life balance”. 

    What should we know about you that isn’t on your resume?

    This type of question generally refers to how open you are. Of course, the level of openness is up to you. Here, you can share your achievements or stories that show your productivity, efficiency, leadership quality, and some other things. 

    What is the perfect job for you?

    This might be a difficult question to answer in a phone interview. Most people are well aware that they should not answer “as easily as possible” or “the main thing is to earn a lot of money.” But how much creativity do you have inside you? What exactly are your professional plans and how do you work? Your answers will allow you to conclude in this regard.

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    What do you most admire about your job?

    It’s not all sunshine and roses. But how much openness do you want to expect from your conversation partner? With thoughtful answers, you demonstrate reflection, foresight, and intelligence and show that you know what challenges are in front of you and how you want to overcome them.

    Scale Yourself from 1 to 10 to see how perfect you are for this position.

    Most candidates will probably answer 10. But you have to be able to explain why this is the case. If you like poker or actually have a lot of aces, you could say 8 or 9. Then, the HR manager will definitely ask why you didn’t give yourself 10. Saying something nice now might increase your stature instead of just appearing stupid. You can easily say that you are perfect, but it’s more important to justify it. 

    Tips for Phone Interview 

    Create a pleasant atmosphere

    Diminutive talk isn’t for everyone. Still, try to emotionally involve your conversation partner at the beginning of the phone interview. This way, you build some intimacy. It will definitely have a positive effect on the subsequent progression of the conversation. Don’t forget to smile a lot; it is also feelable on the phone. 

    Avoid background noise

    It’s deadly if the TV is running in the background or your siblings are wrestling in the background.  Don’t just mindlessly conduct a phone interview; you need to be completely focused. This is because concentration and concentration are important for work. Turn off electronic devices such as televisions, radios, and smartphones, and try to find no one in the room except you; it should be as quiet and undisturbed as possible. 

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    Speak clearly

    Please speak slowly and clearly. Your voice and manner of speaking should reflect confidence, not nervousness. You can also stand up and maintain good posture while on the phone.

    Avoid jargon

    You can say whatever you want in your free time, including youth terms, swear words, and even shitty terms. But, when you are in an interview, you have to avoid it and try to be as careful as possible to express yourself like an educated, civilized person. Also, avoid filler words such as “um”, “uh” and “hmm” as much as possible.

    Don’t get distracted

    One of the most important parts about this is the focus during a phone interview. Therefore, do not eat, smoke, drink, type on your smartphone, or play with remote controls or dogs. These things will affect you during the interview. The only meaningful distraction is, can I take a sip of water? I can say yes and no both simultaneously! This will prevent your throat from drying out, and it is good for a phone interview. But the possibility of the danger of burping! which is unethical. 

    Allow for breaks

    Silence is a rhetorical device that is often underestimated. Don’t get carried away during breaks or try desperately to say something to get through the silence. Stay calm, collect your thoughts, and stay oriented.

    Ask again 

    If you don’t understand something, be sure to ask. There are no problems with calls. “Can you say that again?” I couldn’t understand it acoustically.” 

    Avoid interruptions

    Disturbing others is unsportsmanlike behavior. In a phone interview, interrupting the person you’re talking to too many times can mean the end. This not only shows that you don’t have manners but also that you don’t know how to listen.

    Say goodbye perfectly

    Don’t panic, stay calm, and don’t answer too quickly. “Thank you for the wonderful conversation, Mr./Mrs X!” Be sure to say goodbye to the person you are speaking to directly. This will give you a good final impression and earn you positive points.

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    Phone interviews can feel nerve-wracking, but with preparation, you can shine. Interview preparation is most important; however, before a phone interview, what you should do also becomes essential. Some of the common phone interview questions are mostly asked, like “Tell me about yourself” or “Why are you interested in this position?”. You can champion phone interviews by preparing the common phone interview questions. All the best!

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