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Short-Term Goals: Examples and Tips for Achieving Them?

  • By Kamlesh Ranjan
  • April 26, 2024
  • 5 mins read
What are career goals
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    Ok! We all know that setting long-term and short-term goals is a crucial aspect of career planning. Short-term career goals can help you establish objectives for a specific period and enhance your career prospects. Regardless of your ambition or position within the organization, immediate and achievable short-term goals can help you boost your productivity. I feel like this is a one-essential step that you take in your career journey, it can turn out to be good, only if you’re willing enough to take that extra leap. Today, we’ll dive deeper into how to set short-term goals and why they are essential for your career development. Let’s do this!

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    HEY! What are short term goals?

    Check this out! Short-term goals mean setting small goals for yourself that allow you to chase the long-term goal that you have marked already. I have a feeling that this is getting confusing, right! Well, see it like this, Long-term goals are lengthy and hard to achieve, so what you need to do is make them easier by splitting all the long-term goals; and this sweet-split is what we call short-term goals. Easy right!
    PS:- Small milestones will help you stay focused on your next goal. 

    Why are short-term goals for work important?

    I can understand that us working people feel dull or demotivated to attain long-term goals because we simply don’t have enough time for this thing. However, long-term goals are something that you cannot achieve immediately, but at the same time short-term goals; gets you results in a short time and keeps you motivated. I don’t think you know this, but The Berkeley Well-Being Institute has discussed a concept called “stretch goals,” which are ambitious short-term goals, and mentions that high-performing organizations like Google target a 60-70% success rate for these goals. Exciting, right!

    Improve your productivity scores.

    Sitting in a bright NY office, won’t make you productive. All you gotta do is need to improve your work performance, is define the term refers to the quality, the quantity, and the efficiency of work. This is one of the easiest short-term goals among all career goals because you can see the result of your work in a matter of days. Key performance indicators vary depending on your job and the organization you work for, but they usually focus on increasing customer satisfaction, completing projects on time, and reducing company costs. However, by focusing on these metrics daily, you can put yourself in a better shoe.

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    Improve your networking and communication skills.

    I say keep callin’. If you wanna achieve your long-term career goals, it is essential to learn how to communicate and network with relevant people in your field. You can make valuable industry connections that can lead to new opportunities. So, keep working on improving your comm skills, it will not only make you more effective, but it will also help you work better with your co-workers, making you an excellent team player.

    Get a Certificate or Degree

    Almost every professional field is undergoing gradual changes due to the emergence of AI, and superfast working. And that’s why continuous learning is an essential component of your short-term goal. I don’t want to put this out, but today, earning a college degree is not enough; relevant training can improve your career objectives and give you an edge over your competitors.

    Try to Switch Jobs 

    I mean, this is sort of optional right now, but who-cares! Very few realize this but looking for a new job can also be considered a short-term professional goal. Sometimes, you will need more than a particular job or organization to advance your career. But, If you stick to the same, it may make your career trajectory a little dull. So, change it, but keep it real!

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    Make work-life balance, Yep!

    It’s essential to find the right balance between too much work and too much. Some work is essential for quality of life. However, it might impact your health, well-being, and work productivity. But I would not suggest that you get too comfortable here. Therefore, it is crucial to plan a short-term work goal in order to maintain a healthy work-life balance. It’s like salt; you require it as per taste.

    Focus on work during work hours

    Work mode on! If you want to be successful at work, avoid wasting time during work hours. I mean, try not to be too social at your workplace; socializing during work hours may reduce your productivity without even realizing it. To make matters worse, we have in our pockets ‘The social media’ It is no doubt an immense time consumer. Sometimes, you think that you will use it only for a few minutes or something, but it takes you hours. I feel you. So, it’s very essential to avoid social media like Instagram, WhatsApp, Facebook, X, and Snapchat during work hours. Now, I have told you! 

    Communicate more with colleagues

    One of the important things is communication and interaction with your work-mates. It is the sort of thing that you can also mention in your short-term goal. Try socializing with your work buddies, and have some friday-with-two-pizza thingy. I think these things can be done at any time, such as during lunch break, tea break, company event, or celebration parties..

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    Start work early

    A short-term goal of getting to work or a work-related event just 15 minutes earlier each day can improve your long-term career prospects. Having a small group of people not only makes it easier to focus and plan your day but also creates an image of you as a hard-working, goal-oriented person. That’s nice.

    Organize your workspace

    Keep it neat and clean! Keeping your desk and other work areas clean and tidy can significantly improve productivity and morale. You may think otherwise but organizing your workplace does makes a lot sense. At one level this also shows others that you are a well-organized person and reflects your well-being personality. If you organise your workplace it will automatically bring some positive vibes and coziness, which in returns increases your productivity.  

    Read more and more

    Regardless of the industry or position you work in, things can continue to improve. Therefore, you can always learn something new. Make a conscious effort to read at least one work-related book each month, or you can read novels to improve yourself. That’s my type. Keep in mind that any book you read, will pay back to you in a certain time. 

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    Explore new technologies

    Technology is changing at a rapid scale, and that makes it essential to know what are the new new trends in the market and keep you updated. But don’t worry about it a lot, enroll yourself for some online courses about industry developments, and check back regularly to stay informed. In addition, try to stay updated with the latest news of the world, some policies and decisions make a huge impact on employment and business. 

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