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WHAT! 4 Days Work Weeks? 23 Companies You Must Apply For Job Now

  • By basitahmaddar
  • April 18, 2024
  • 5 mins read
companies with 4 day work weeks
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    The idea of a 4 day work week, where employees work for 4 days instead of the usual five, has become a hot topic lately. This alternative schedule has been studied extensively, from small startups to big companies and even on a national scale in some countries. What researchers have found is overwhelmingly positive. Productivity goes up, employees feel better, and companies perform better overall.

    In this guide, we’ll break down the concept of the 4 day work week and why it works so well. We’ll also provide you with a list of companies with 4 day work weeks.

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    What Is A 4 Day Work Week? 

    A 4 day work week involves employees working 4 days instead of five, while maintaining their usual pay. Despite initial concerns, studies indicate that employees not only sustain productivity but also experience greater job satisfaction. Recent research highlights numerous benefits, such as increased revenue and improved work-life balance. Therefore, for businesses seeking happier and more efficient workers, adopting a 4 day work week could be a beneficial option.

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    Top Companies With 4 Day Work Weeks

    Here is the list of companies with 4 day work weeks, highlighting organizations that have prioritized employee well-being and productivity through innovative work scheduling:


    This fintech startup made the 4 day work week permanent after a successful trial period, reporting improvements in team morale, productivity, and recruitment. Managers noted that their teams maintained productivity levels while working 20 percent less.

    The online children’s clothing retailer schedules its 4 day work week into nine-hour shifts, allowing employees some flexibility. While work occasionally spills over to Fridays, the team appreciates the freedom to work at their own pace.

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    Panasonic North America

    The multinational electronics giant from Japan introduced a 4 day work week option in response to new government guidelines promoting work-life balance. Employees gained more flexibility, including the ability to work from home and decline job transfers.


    The software company introduced a 4 day work week pilot program during the pandemic to support employee well-being. After two years, the majority of employees reported increased happiness and productivity.

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    The affiliate marketing platform saw positive results after implementing a 4 day work week following an 18-month trial. They experienced increased profits and improved employee satisfaction and retention.

    The Wanderlust Group

    This outdoor-focused tech company adopted a 4 day work week with Mondays off during the pandemic, seeing significant growth in revenue and user engagement. Employees appreciated the extra day off, which helped them cope during challenging times.

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    The workplace culture platform transitioned to a 4 day work week without cutting salaries or benefits after a successful trial run. This change led to improvements in key performance indicators and boosted employee happiness and engagement.

    The tech startup shifted to a 4 day work week without reducing pay in 2019. Despite working fewer hours, the team remained just as productive and enjoyed more time for personal pursuits.

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    This project-management software company adopts a seasonal 4 day work week from May through August. This approach emphasizes prioritization and smarter work practices during the busy summer months.

    D’Youville University

    This private institution in Buffalo, New York, switched to a 4 day, 32-hour work week to address staff burnout. After a successful trial period, the new schedule was adopted permanently, maintaining pay and benefits for all employees.

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    Elephant Ventures

    In response to burnout concerns and to promote work-life balance, the tech-focused venture capital firm shifted to a 4 day work week. Employees now work four 10-hour days, and the company has transitioned to fully remote work permanently, a measure initiated during the pandemic.


    Operating on a 32-hour, 4 day work week model, the hiring platform prioritizes employee well-being. This approach allows flexibility unless live client projects demand additional hours. G2i further supports its employees’ health through initiatives like the Developer Health Fund while advocating for widespread adoption of the 4 day work week.

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    Fifth Tribe

    Introducing its unique take on the 4 day work week, the digital agency implemented the nine-day work bi-week. This model splits the team into two groups, with each group enjoying alternate Fridays off. This approach has not only reduced stress but also streamlined processes and encouraged knowledge sharing among team members.


    Transitioning to a company-wide 4 day work week in January 2022, the conversion marketing software company aimed to combat pandemic-related burnout. Despite the reduced schedule, continuous client support is ensured through a split schedule for the support team, covering Monday through Friday.

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    Following a successful trial period, the public benefit corporation embraced a 32-hour, 4 day work week. This shift has led to improved employee well-being and productivity, allowing employees to return to work feeling refreshed.


    The cybersecurity company has adopted an alternating 4 day work week, allowing employees to switch between a 32-hour work week and a standard 40-hour week. This arrangement ensures uninterrupted five-day coverage while providing employees with two three-day weekends each month.

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    The Financial Diet

    The women-centric social media management company has embraced a permanent 32-hour, 4 day work week. Despite the reduced hours, the company has reported sustained revenue and increased engagement metrics. Employees appreciate the improved workload management and better work-life balance.

    Knowledge Futures Group

    Adopting a 4 day work week following a successful trial in July 2021, this tech nonprofit prioritizes employee well-being. Employees work eight hours per day, with the extra time for personal obligations and self-care resulting in increased productivity and higher-quality hiring.

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    The design firm implemented a seasonal 4 day work week during the summer months for its 20-person team. This shift aimed to accommodate Chicago’s weather and fluctuations in workload. Despite the reduced hours, the team maintained its focus and attention to detail, delivering high-quality work consistently.


    Since its inception in 2016, this software company providing management tools for architects and engineers has embraced a 4 day work week. Employees have the flexibility to choose their day off, whether for an extended weekend or a midweek break. This condensed schedule promotes personal growth and enhances overall productivity.

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    The growth-content agency transitioned to a 32-hour, 4 day work week with a three-day weekend. Initially implementing half-day Fridays, the decision to further reduce hours in 2020 was based on extensive discussions. Over time, the company observed positive outcomes such as improved retention and enhanced team cohesion.

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    Following a successful three-month pilot in 2021, the creative communications agency officially adopted a 4 day work week. This change did not compromise work quality or meeting deadlines. Both employees and clients appreciated the additional day off, signaling a positive response to the new schedule.


    After trialing a 4 day work week for its corporate staff in 2021, the online clothing consignment exchange made the change permanent. Flexible scheduling options were also introduced for hourly workers, allowing them to tailor their hours to suit their needs. This decision reflects a commitment to employee well-being and satisfaction.

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    In conclusion, the shift to a 4 day work week has proven beneficial for many companies, boosting employee happiness and productivity. With more time for personal activities and relaxation, employees have felt more satisfied and engaged at work, leading to better team dynamics and lower turnover rates. As companies with 4 day work weeks continue to prioritize their employee well-being, it’s clear that alternative work schedules are becoming an essential part of the modern workplace.

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