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Leadership Roundtable

Harnessing AI: Build high performing team

Network, Discover, and Lead the Future

Join us at the cutting-edge leadership roundtable for a dynamic exploration into AI-powered recruitment strategies. Connect with industry peers, embrace data insights, and lead the charge in modernising talent acquisition.

Meet the BarRaiser team at the Transform event
from March 11th to 13th in Wynn Las Vegas Booth no 113
Booth no 113
  • Manav Jain

    Manav Jain

    Co-founder, BarRaiser
  • Avinash Saxena

    Avinash Saxena

    Co-founder, BarRaiser
  • Ankush Jhawar

    Ankush Jhawar

    Product Head, BarRaiser

Our Guests

Our past events include sales, tech, DEI and Talent Acquisition leaders

  • Jamila Conley
    Jamila Conley


  • Warren Dukes
    Warren Dukes

  • Quentin Rider
    Quentin Rider


  • Angela C.
    Angela C.

    HBR Publications

  • David Navetta
    David Navetta

    Cooley Law LLP

  • Neetu Parab
    Neetu Parab


  • Ron Hetrick
    Ron Hetrick

  • Mita Gupta
    Mita Gupta


  • Ivan Lee
    Ivan Lee

  • Jossie Haines
    Jossie Haines


  • Joshua Hoffman
    Joshua Hoffman


  • John Morrow
    John Morrow

    ON Partners

Discover Game-changing Impact with BarRaiser's Proven Metrics Savings, Speed, and Precision

  • 33% Recruitment
    hours saved
  • 75 min Saved
    per screen
  • $4k Savings
    per hire
  • 17% Faster
    offer rollouts

How BarRaiser AI streamlines your talent assessment stack

  • Barraise

    Structured Interviews

    Enhance hiring efficiency with the help of BarRaiser’s structured interviewing tool that reduces bias in interviewing

  • Barraise

    Interview Co-Pilot

    Transforming hiring by guiding interviewers to identify and select top-tier talent effectively

  • Barraise

    Real-time Feedback

    Use BarRaiser's Interview assistant to allow your Interviewers fill feedback during the interview

  • Barraise

    Interviewer Coaching

    Coach your interviewers using BarRaiser Data driven interviewer quality performance metrics

  • Barraise

    AI Interview Notes

    Step ahead with AI for recruitment. Use BarRaiser AI interview notes to debrief like never before

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