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  • 33% Recruitment
    hours saved
  • 75 min Saved
    per screen
  • $4k Savings
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Take a look how BarRaiser AI
streamlines your talent assessment stack

  • Barraise

    Structured Interviews

    Enhance hiring efficiency with the help of BarRaiser’s structured interviewing tool that reduces bias in interviewing

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  • Barraise

    Interview Co-Pilot

    Transforming hiring by guiding interviewers to identify and select top-tier talent effectively

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  • Barraise

    Real-time Feedback

    Use BarRaiser's Interview assistant to allow your Interviewers fill feedback during the interview

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  • Barraise

    Interviewer Coaching

    Coach your interviewers using BarRaiser Data driven interviewer quality performance metrics

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  • Barraise

    AI Interview Notes

    Step ahead with AI for recruitment. Use BarRaiser AI interview notes to debrief like never before

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Experience smarter interviewing with us

Get the top 1% talent with BarRaiser’s Smart AI Platform

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A platform to make Interviews unbiased, consistent and structured

  • Barraise

    Live Interview Guidance

    Interviewers are guided live through BarRaiser AI to ensure interviews are consistent, unstructured & unbiased

  • Barraise

    Interview Structure

    Interview structure enables interviewers through the interview guidelines & evaluation criteria

  • Barraise

    Interview Quality Report

    Over 25 parameters measure interview quality, ensuring no compromise in hiring excellence.

  • Barraise

    Interviewer Performance

    Track interveiwer's performance on evaluation, interation & process adhrence quality

  • Barraise

    Hiring Recommendations

    Use BarRaiser data-driven hiring recommendations so you never miss out on the best talent


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Know how much you can save using BarRaiser Interview platform

  • HR Recruiters

    I can’t thank BarRaiser enough for making my life super easy. I can now hire talent faster than ever

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  • Interview Experts

    BarRaiser interviewing tool is a gamechanger. Now I can fill the feedback in a couple of mins without even missing a single data point about the Candidate

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  • Hiring Manager

    BarRaiser saves a lot of my team’s bandwidth by providing AI-assisted feedback, detailed data-driven scorecard and smart recommendations to take faster hiring decisions

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    HR Leader

    A lot of credit goes to BarRaiser for helping us conduct fair interviews 24*7, reducing biases and improving productivity across teams

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Know how much you can save using BarRaiser Interview platform

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