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Interviewing an E-Commerce Strategist
An E-Commerce Strategist is responsible for developing, managing, and optimizing an e-commerce business’s online presence, sales strategies, and overall performance to achieve growth and profit goals. They play a pivotal role in driving revenue generation and customer engagement.

Skills Required for an E-Commerce Strategist Role

  • Data analysis and reporting
  • SEO and SEM knowledge
  • Marketing and merchandising strategy
  • Customer acquisition and retention
  • Cross-functional team collaboration

Interview Plan for an E-Commerce Strategist Role

Round 1: Preliminary Screening (15-minutes)

In this round, the objective is to assess the candidate’s overall fit to the role, their experience, and background in e-commerce.
  • Discuss their experience in e-commerce strategy and sales growth
  • Ask about the most significant project/initiative that they’ve led
  • Discuss their knowledge of SEO and SEM strategies
  • Assess their experience in working with cross-functional teams

Round 2: Technical Assessment (1-hour)

The objective of this round is to gauge the candidate’s technical skills, such as data analysis, marketing strategies, and their understanding of e-commerce tools. They should be proficient in popular platforms like Shopify and Magento.
  • Evaluate their expertise in data analysis using tools such as Google Analytics and Excel
  • Discuss their understanding and experience in SEO and SEM to drive traffic and sales
  • Ask the candidate to design an e-commerce marketing campaign targeting a specific audience
  • Assess their understanding of various e-commerce platforms and how they impact strategy

Round 3: Situational Interview (45-minutes)

The objective of this round is to assess the candidate’s problem-solving skills and reasoning in real-life e-commerce scenarios.
  • Present a scenario where website traffic is high but conversion rates are low, then ask them to analyze and suggest improvements
  • Discuss a situation where they had to deal with conflicting team priorities and how they managed it
  • Ask them to design a promotional strategy for a new e-commerce product launch
  • Present a scenario with a sudden decline in organic search traffic, and ask them to propose an action plan

Important Notes for Interviewer

  • Focus on the candidate’s technical skills and e-commerce domain knowledge
  • Assess their ability to gather, interpret, and use data for decision making
  • Keep the interview discussions focused on problem-solving and collaboration
  • Take note of how the candidate communicates their thoughts and processes during the interview


When hiring an E-Commerce Strategist, it’s essential to assess their technical competency, problem-solving skills, and ability to work in a fast-paced, collaborative environment. Use this guide to determine their suitability for the role and to ensure they can effectively contribute to your e-commerce business’s growth and success.
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