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Interviewing Social Media Manager
A Social Media Manager holds the responsibility of representing a company across social media platforms. They analyze, define, and execute effective social media marketing strategies to engage with and grow the company’s audience and drive business results. The role requires strong communication skills, creativity, and analytical expertise.

Essential Skills for a Social Media Manager

  • Strong written and verbal communication skills
  • Deep understanding of popular social media platforms
  • Experience with social media management and analytics tools
  • Creative thinking and content creation capabilities
  • Analytical and data-driven decision making
  • Basic design skills and familiarity with design tools
  • Time management and multitasking abilities

Detailed Interview Plan for Social Media Manager

Round 1 – Screening Interview (Duration: 30 mins):

Objective: Assess the candidate’s overall fit for the role by evaluating their communication skills, motivation, and basic understanding of social media management.
  • Discuss their past experience managing social media accounts
  • Ask about favorite social media platforms and their unique features
  • Learn about the tools they have used for content creation and analytics
  • Gauge their interest in the company and motivation for the role
Expectations: Clear communication, understanding of social media landscape, and genuine interest in the role and company.

Round 2 – Technical Assessment (Duration: 60 mins):

Objective: Evaluate the candidate’s expertise in social media marketing techniques, content creation, and analytics to gauge their ability to drive results.
  • Review their experience creating social media content and inquire about the process
  • Discuss platform-specific marketing strategies and their effectiveness
  • Assess their understanding of paid social media advertising
  • Examine their approach to analyzing and reporting social media goals and results
  • Present a scenario for developing a new social media strategy, and ask for their thoughts
Expectations: Strong knowledge of social media marketing techniques, ability to create engaging content, and understanding of analytics and performance monitoring.

Round 3 – Practical Assignment (Duration: 1-2 days):

Objective: Assess the candidate’s ability to create engaging content and manage a social media account by having them complete a practical assignment.
  • Provide a brief for creating content for a specific platform
  • Ask the candidate to create a content calendar and draft sample posts
  • Evaluate their design skills through visuals included in the content
  • Review their approach to promoting and engaging with the audience
Expectations: Creation of high-quality content that aligns with the brand voice, demonstrates creativity, and effectively engages the target audience.

Important Notes for Interviewer

  • Stay updated on the latest social media trends and platform updates
  • Familiarize yourself with popular management and analytics tools
  • Ensure understanding of various content formats, features, and platform capabilities
  • Consider the uniqueness of the company’s brand voice and target audience when evaluating candidate fit


By following this detailed Social Media Manager interview plan, you can ensure a thorough evaluation of the candidate’s technical skills and capabilities. The right fit will demonstrate mastery in social media marketing techniques, content creation, and analytics, ultimately driving success for the company’s online presence.
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