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Interviewing Education Program Manager
An Education Program Manager in an EdTech organization is responsible for managing and improving educational programs by analyzing relevant data, identifying opportunities for growth, and working closely with cross-functional teams. This role is crucial to the execution and enhancement of innovative educational experiences for learners.

Essential Skills for the Education Program Manager

  • Strong understanding of educational program design and development
  • Exceptional organizational and project management skills
  • Effective communication and presentation abilities
  • Analytical thinking and decision-making skills
  • Experience in collaborating with multidisciplinary teams
  • Tech-savviness with proficiency in relevant tools and platforms

Interview Plan for Education Program Manager

Round 1: Initial Screening (30 minutes)

The objective of this round is to assess the candidate’s general fit and alignment with the company’s values.
  • Discuss the candidate’s background and experience in the EdTech sector
  • Evaluate their understanding of educational program design and development principles
  • Assess their communication skills and comfort with technology tools
  • Expectation: The candidate should be able to articulate their experience and approach to designing and managing education programs effectively

Round 2: In-Depth Technical Interview (60 minutes)

The objective of this round is to assess the candidate’s expertise in educational program design, management, and improvement processes.
  • Discuss a specific education program they designed or managed, including the challenges faced and how they overcame them
  • Ask the candidate to analyze a hypothetical educational program scenario, identifying areas for improvement and suggesting potential solutions
  • Assess their proficiency in using project management tools and techniques
  • Expectation: The candidate should demonstrate technical expertise and a data-driven approach to their work

Round 3: Leadership and Culture Fit (60 minutes)

The objective of this round is to measure the candidate’s ability to work collaboratively with cross-functional teams and to fit within the company’s culture.
  • Assess their collaborative approach and experience working with multidisciplinary teams
  • Discuss their approach to stakeholder management and ensuring alignment with company objectives
  • Assess their leadership style and gauge their cultural fit within the organization
  • Expectation: The candidate should showcase their ability to be a team player and align their work with the company’s mission and values

Important Notes for the Interviewer

  • Ensure the candidate is familiar with relevant edtech tools and learning management systems (LMS)
  • Assess the candidate’s approach to data-driven decision making and their ability to analyze program performance metrics
  • Evaluate their adaptability to fast-paced work environments and their ability to manage multiple projects simultaneously


In conclusion, hiring an Education Program Manager for an EdTech company requires evaluating their expertise in educational program design, management, and collaboration skills. Additionally, their alignment with the company’s culture and values is crucial for long-term success. This interview guide aims to outline the key aspects and rounds necessary for making informed hiring decisions.
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