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Interviewing Pre-sales Engineer
As a Pre-sales Engineer at BarRaiser, the candidate will be responsible for providing technical insights, influencing client’s technology choices, and supporting the sales team. They will collaborate with clients, Sales, Marketing, and Support teams to drive customer satisfaction and foster long-term business relationships.

Essential Skills for a Pre-sales Engineer:

  • Excellent communication and presentation skills
  • Strong technical background in IT and/or software development
  • Problem-solving capabilities
  • Good understanding of sales and marketing processes
  • Team working and collaboration skills
  • Critical thinking and decision-making abilities

Interview Plan for a Pre-sales Engineer:

  1. Round 1: Technical Knowledge and Analytical Skills Assessment (1 hour)

    Objective: Assess the candidate’s technical knowledge and understanding of the industry, as well as their analytical and problem-solving skills.
    • Review the candidate’s knowledge of IT, software development, and programming languages.
    • Discuss any past projects, solutions, or technologies the candidate has worked with.
    • Ask questions or provide scenarios related to infrastructure, security, and application architecture to evaluate their problem-solving skills.
    • Test the candidate’s proficiency in Microsoft Office Suite (Excel, PowerPoint) and project management software (Trello, Jira).
    • Expectation: Demonstrate strong technical understanding, ability to analyze problems, and provide effective solutions.

  2. Round 2: Sales and Marketing Knowledge (45 minutes)

    Objective: Assess the candidate’s understanding of sales and marketing processes and their ability to support the sales team.
    • Discuss the candidate’s previous experience in a sales and marketing environment.
    • Ask questions about sales lifecycle, lead qualification, and lead nurturing.
    • Present them with a hypothetical sales scenario and ask their approach to support the sales team.
    • Test their ability to prepare and conduct product demos and presentations.
    • Expectation: Demonstrate solid understanding and application of sales and marketing concepts, while being able to effectively promote and pitch the product.

  3. Round 3: Communication and Interpersonal Skills Evaluation (30 minutes)

    Objective: Evaluate the candidate’s ability to communicate clearly and collaborate effectively with both clients and teammates.
    • Ask the candidate about their experience working with cross-functional teams.
    • Check their ability to address customer objections and concerns.
    • Test their written and verbal communication skills with exercises like role-plays, email simulations, or short presentations.
    • Expectation: Display excellent communication skills, a customer-centric attitude, and strong collaboration abilities.

Important Notes for the Interviewer

  • Always ensure a proper introduction and provide a clear explanation of the interview process to the candidate.
  • Take note of candidate’s level of enthusiasm and motivation for the role, as these might play a crucial role in their performance.
  • Acknowledge the candidate’s responses and let them know if they are on the right track during the interview.
  • Remember to allocate sufficient time for the candidate to ask their own questions at the end of the interview.


Evaluating a candidate for a Pre-sales Engineer role requires assessing both their technical and non-technical skills. The interviewer should remain objective, focused, and patient during the interview process to ensure the selected candidate is the best fit for the job and the organization.
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