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Interviewing Tech Lead
A Tech Lead is a critical role in technology leadership, responsible for managing a team of engineers to deliver high-quality software solutions on time. Technical and people skills are essential to ensure a successful implementation of projects and contribute to the company’s growth.

Essential Skills for a Tech Lead

  • Strong technical knowledge in software development, including design patterns and architecture
  • Experience with programming languages, such as Java, Python, or C#
  • Expertise in managing software development projects and Agile methodologies
  • Strong communication and leadership skills
  • Experience with code review, testing, and continuous integration tools
  • Ability to collaborate and manage cross-functional team dynamics effectively

Tech Lead Interview Plan: Assessing Technical and Leadership Skills

Round 1: Screening (30 – 45 minutes)

Objective: Filter candidates with matching expertise and leadership experience
  • Evaluation: Prior experience, programming languages, and projects handled
    • Sample Questions:
      • How do you ensure high-quality code in your team?
      • How do you manage competing priorities among team members?
  • Expectations: Candidates should offer clear examples about how they handle challenges in technical leadership roles

Round 2: Technical Evaluation (60 minutes)

Objective: Assess the candidate’s technical expertise in software development
  • Evaluation: Hands-on coding Round, problem-solving ability, design patterns, and architecture
    • Sample Questions:
      • Design an API rate limiter
      • How would you approach a significant code refactoring for a legacy system?
  • Expectations: Candidates should demonstrate deep understanding of software development concepts and design principles throughout this round

Round 3: Leadership and Communication Skills (60 minutes)

Objective: Assess the candidate’s ability to lead and manage a team effectively
  • Evaluation: Leadership style, communication skills, conflict resolution, and decision-making
    • Sample Questions:
      • Can you describe a difficult decision you had to make as a Tech Lead and its outcome?
      • How would you manage two team members who constantly have disagreements?
  • Expectations: Candidates should be able to articulate their approach to the leadership challenges presented and demonstrate strong communication skills

Round 4: Final Review with Engineering Manager / CTO (45 minutes)

Objective: Discuss candidates’ fit within the organization and validate the previous technical findings
  • Evaluation: Alignment to company-specific goals, technical mastery, and ability to adapt to the culture
    • Sample Questions:
      • How would you align your Tech Lead role with our company’s goals and architecture vision?
      • Can you discuss your strategies for continuous learning and improvement in a fast-paced technical environment?
  • Expectations: Candidates should display their readiness and adaptability to the organization while demonstrating mastery of technical skills

Important Notes for the Interviewer

  • Keep a balance between technical and leadership assessment for a well-rounded perspective
  • Give candidates sufficient time to explain their thought process and decisions during the interview
  • Consider the company’s culture and values while assessing candidates’ adaptability
  • Be open to discussions with other interviewers to make informed decisions on candidates


When selecting Tech Leads, ensure a holistic approach to evaluate both their technical and leadership abilities. This comprehensive interview plan helps assess candidates’ skills, dedication to quality, and effectiveness in managing teams, contributing to a successful hiring process.
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