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Interviewing Technical Writer for Sales, Marketing, and Support in Tech
A Technical Writer in Sales, Marketing, and Support is responsible for creating clear, concise, and comprehensive documentation related to the company’s products or services. This documentation helps internal teams and external clients to understand and use the product effectively.

Essential Skills for Technical Writer in Sales, Marketing, and Support

  • Excellent writing and editing skills
  • Strong research and analytical abilities
  • Familiarity with technical concepts and terminologies
  • Experience with documentation tools and software
  • Attention to detail and ability to simplify complex information
  • Collaboration and communication with cross-functional teams

Interview Plan for a Technical Writer

Round 1: Screening Interview (30 minutes)

  1. Objective: Assess the candidate’s basic knowledge of the role and their ability to communicate effectively.
  2. Examples of questions:
    • Tell us about your experience as a Technical Writer.
    • Explain a complex technical concept in simple terms.
    • Discuss your experience in sales, marketing, or support documentation.
  3. Expectations: The candidate should demonstrate clarity in their communication, a good understanding of technical writing principles, and experience in sales, marketing, or support documentation.

Round 2: Writing and Editing Test (1 hour)

  1. Objective: Evaluate the candidate’s writing, editing, and research abilities.
  2. Details:
    • The candidate will be provided with: a simulated scenario or a technical topic related to the company’s product or service.
    • The candidate must create a 2-3 pages of documentation that includes: an overview, key features, and steps to use the product/service.
    • The documentation should be written using Google Docs or any other documentation software.
  3. Expectations: The candidate should produce informative, well-structured, and well-researched content that is easy to understand for non-technical users.

Round 3: Technical Interview (1 hour)

  1. Objective: Assess the candidate’s technical knowledge and their ability to work with relevant documentation tools and software.
  2. Examples of questions:
    • What tools and software do you use when creating documentation? What is your experience with them?
    • How do you ensure consistency and accuracy across multiple documents or projects?
    • Share your experience collaborating with technical teams to gather information needed for documentation.
  3. Expectations: The candidate should demonstrate proficiency with the required tools and software, an understanding of documentation best practices, and the ability to work with technical teams.

Important Notes for the Interviewer

  • Focus on the candidate’s ability to communicate complex information in a simple and easy-to-understand manner.
  • Assess their adaptability to learn new products, technologies, and tools relevant to the role.
  • Ensure an understanding of the role’s specific requirements for sales, marketing, and support documentation.


When assessing candidates for a Technical Writer role in Sales, Marketing, and Support in Tech, it is essential to focus on their ability to create clear and concise documentation, work with diverse technical teams, and adapt to the organization’s unique needs. Ensure the candidate can simplify complex information while maintaining a high level of quality and accuracy in their work.
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