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25 Company Culture Examples: Pathway To Becoming An Exceptional Brand

  • By basitahmaddar
  • April 18, 2024
  • 7 mins read
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    Building a positive company culture involves embracing diversity and creating an inclusive environment where everyone’s unique backgrounds and experiences are valued. Recognizing the importance of these principles, company culture examples offer invaluable inspiration, illustrating how diversity and inclusion initiatives can enhance employee well-being and foster a sense of belonging.

    In this article, we’ll explore the significance of company culture and offer a list of top company culture examples to inspire you.

    What Makes Company Culture Important? 

    Company culture is the essence of an organization, reflecting its values and guiding employee interactions. A strong culture fosters a sense of belonging and purpose among employees, driving motivation and commitment to their work. This, in turn, leads to increased productivity and engagement, as well as lower turnover rates. Essentially, company culture shapes the overall employee experience and impacts organizational success.

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    Top Company Culture Examples 

    Let’s explore some company culture examples that prioritize inclusion, transparency, and employee empowerment:

    Zoom Video Communications

    Zoom is widely recognized as a leading platform for conducting video and audio conferences, fostering collaboration, and hosting webinars. Despite its rapid growth, Zoom maintains a close-knit culture through its “happiness crew” and community involvement activities. Also, the new hires undergo training sessions to foster relationships and learn about the company’s culture, while company-wide meetings promote camaraderie and transparency, enhancing employee engagement and cohesion.


    ServiceNow provides cloud-based platforms for automating workflows and simplifying collaboration. The company prioritizes employee input and encourages everyone to lead diversity and inclusion initiatives. ServiceNow fosters a supportive work environment with team outings, inclusivity, and opportunities for personal and professional growth, creating a culture that values employee well-being and development.

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    Adswerve, Inc.

    Adswerve is a prominent adtech company known for its expertise in data, media, and technology. They offer consulting services focused on enhancing client-customer relationships. Adswerve fosters a culture of open-mindedness, collaboration, and creativity, despite being a virtual-first team spread across 26 states and six countries. They prioritize connectivity through digital strategies like webinars, monthly all-hands meetings, and Slack channels, emphasizing inclusivity and diversity of thought.

    Convention Data Services

    Convention Data Services specializes in event registration, data management, and lead retrieval services for trade shows and conferences. With an impressive 98 percent retention rate, the company values its employees highly. Offering benefits such as 12 weeks of paid parental leave and flexible work arrangements, they create a supportive work environment. Convention Data Services promotes individualism, internal promotion opportunities, and continuing education, establishing itself as a premier employer within the events industry.

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    Toast offers software solutions for restaurants, enabling online ordering, tableside service, and more. The company empowers its employees to connect with the company’s mission and each other through volunteer opportunities and community involvement. Toast promotes inclusivity with employee resource groups and initiatives that celebrate individuality, fostering a culture that values community, diversity, and personal growth.

    CB Insights

    CB Insights utilizes machine learning for data analysis to help companies understand industry trends and make informed decisions. The company focuses on employee growth and learning, providing expanded training programs and education stipends. CB Insights fosters an environment of leadership by example, with leaders willing to admit mistakes, recognize talents, and support opinions, creating a culture that prioritizes individual development and continuous improvement.

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    Thumbtack connects homeowners with skilled professionals for various home projects. The company empowers employees to contribute to its mission and build fulfilling careers, offering flexibility in location and work arrangements. Thumbtack supports its distributed workforce with remote work stipends, collaboration opportunities, and community Slack channels, fostering a culture that prioritizes equity, effectiveness, and work-life balance.


    Clari specializes in revenue process optimization software, powered by artificial intelligence. The company values building a remarkable culture, emphasizing trust, collaboration, and support for individual growth. Clari promotes an environment of openness and vulnerability, with leaders fostering a culture of giving and receiving feedback, prioritizing employee well-being, and aligning actions with company values and mission.

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    Workiva’s cloud platform helps companies manage data across departments and offers controlled collaboration and reporting. Nurturing a high-performance, innovative culture, Workiva emphasizes leadership by example, with leaders promoting open communication, honesty, and problem-solving. The company fosters an environment of giving and receiving feedback, supporting employee growth and well-being, while prioritizing teamwork and efficiency.

    The Predictive Index

    The Predictive Index offers products to help companies make better hires, increase employee engagement, and build high-performing teams. The company emphasizes support for different behavior and work styles, promoting inclusivity and accommodating personal and professional needs. The Predictive Index fosters a culture of celebration and empowerment, with initiatives like employee resource groups and recognition programs, creating an environment where employees feel valued, heard, and supported.

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    Tala is a fintech company on a mission to provide financial services to underserved communities worldwide. With a team as diverse as the customers they serve, Tala fosters innovation through a variety of perspectives and experiences. The company encourages employees to explore different aspects of the business beyond their roles, promoting personal growth and a comprehensive understanding of Tala’s goals. Tala’s culture revolves around equity and diversity, aligning closely with its commitment to serving customers effectively through creative thinking and inclusive practices.


    Paxos, a regulated blockchain company, prioritizes inclusivity and belonging from the moment employees join the team. By organizing community volunteering and celebratory events, Paxos ensures that every employee feels valued and integrated into the company culture. With a focus on inclusivity and celebration, Paxos fosters a positive work environment where each team member plays an essential role in the company’s success.

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    Imprivata, a security platform for technology vendors, embraces unconventional talent and prioritizes passion for learning over traditional qualifications. By hiring individuals from diverse backgrounds, the company fosters a culture of continuous growth and innovation. Imprivata’s corporate culture emphasizes personality and motivation, creating an environment where employees are empowered to approach challenges with creativity and enthusiasm.


    FloQast, a provider of cloud-based accounting software, cultivates a culture of transparency and mutual support among its employees. Through honest discussions and regular communication about successes and challenges, the company promotes a collaborative and accountable work environment. By prioritizing transparency and open communication, FloQast ensures that every employee feels valued and informed about the company’s direction.

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    The Nerdery

    At The Nerdery, authenticity, and individuality are celebrated within a collaborative work environment. Rather than enforcing a top-down culture, the company encourages employees to pursue their passions and interests. Work-life balance is promoted through personalized celebrations that highlight each employee’s unique contributions. Grounded in trust and acceptance, The Nerdery’s culture nurtures creativity and fosters a sense of belonging among its team members.


    Edmunds, an online car-buying marketplace, values transparency and empowerment in its corporate culture. Through regular company-wide events and professional development sessions, the company fosters open communication and goal alignment among employees. By creating opportunities for cross-departmental learning and transparent communication, Edmunds ensures that every team member understands their role in driving the organization forward.

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    Bluecore, a retail marketing platform, places customer and employee success at the heart of its corporate culture. Through personalized career development and coaching from senior leaders, the company empowers employees to reach their full potential. By aligning employee success with customer satisfaction, Bluecore fosters a culture of collaboration and mutual growth.


    GTreasury, a SaaS and risk management platform, emphasizes clear communication and team bonding to strengthen collaboration among its international teams. Through investment in technology and events that facilitate communication and camaraderie, the company creates a connected and inclusive work environment. Grounded in transparency and collaboration, GTreasury ensures that every team member feels valued and supported.

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    Spotnana, a provider of personalized travel booking solutions, prioritizes respect and inclusivity in its corporate culture. The company fosters collaboration and community building by bringing together its global workforce through events like Converge. By prioritizing gatherings for its hybrid workforce, Spotnana creates a sense of belonging and connection among employees.


    Hireology, a software platform for managing the employee lifecycle, promotes empathy and communication to bridge the gap between local and remote employees. By investing in technology and training to facilitate seamless communication and collaboration across teams, the company creates an environment where every employee feels valued and connected, regardless of their location.

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    Enigma specializes in providing actionable insights for small and medium businesses, emphasizing a positive work environment aligned with its core values. Notably, the company offers wellness stipends and additional resources for employee productivity, underscoring its commitment to inclusion and support.


    Updater streamlines the moving process with innovative full-day interviews that deeply immerse candidates in its unique culture, saving time and facilitating mutual assessment. Transparency and active engagement throughout the hiring process ensure equal opportunity for both candidates and the company.

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    Agile Six

    Agile Six collaborates closely with federal agencies, prioritizing a people-first approach characterized by remote work autonomy and a culture of trust. This fosters a sense of responsibility and accountability among employees, contributing to heightened job satisfaction and organizational success.


    Sphera places a strong emphasis on celebrating diversity and fostering inclusivity, promoting close-knit teams across international borders through initiatives like exchange programs and cultural education. Valuing diverse perspectives not only enhances collaboration but also fuels innovation within the company.


    Blackbaud’s corporate culture revolves around a deep commitment to philanthropy, actively encouraging employees to engage in community service and charitable giving. By aligning with employee passions, the company cultivates a sense of purpose and impact, ultimately driving collective success.

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    In conclusion, fostering a positive and inclusive corporate culture is essential for attracting and retaining top talent, and achieving organizational success. Company culture examples like Enigma, Updater, Agile Six, Sphera, and Blackbaud exemplify how prioritizing employee well-being, embracing diversity, and promoting transparency can create a thriving work environment. By implementing similar strategies and values, businesses can enhance employee engagement, improve productivity, and ultimately, achieve their goals.

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