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Video Interview: The 7 Do’s and Don’ts

  • By barraiser
  • April 18, 2024
  • 4 mins read
dos and don'ts of video interview
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    Nowadays, video interviews are more popular than in-person interviews, as they save companies money, allow hiring managers to differentiate candidates faster, and allow companies to interview more people more quickly.

    Many people have questions about video interviews, such as what they look like and how they differ from in-person interviews. Hence, video interviews are here to stay. If you apply for a job and are requested to participate in a video interview, you must be prepared to do so. 

    Here are some pointers for conducting a successful video interview.

    The Dos of Video Interview

    • Consider Your Interview Location Strategically

    You can’t just hold your video interview anywhere; it takes careful planning to ensure that you’ve picked the ideal location.

    Find a private location where you can talk without distractions, and make sure the wall behind you is clean and free of clutter, posters, or photos. If there are people who might bother you, give them a heads-up to keep it down.

    Check your internet connection and ability to access the platform where your interview will be held. When you’re attempting to explain to a recruiter why you want to work for his or her organization, the last thing you want to deal with is unreliable Wi-Fi or a failed login.

    • Maintain Your Professionalism

    You should maintain your professionalism even though your interview won’t be held in an actual office setting. Whatever company you’re interviewing with, keep in mind that you’re speaking to professionals, not pals.

    • Dress Appropriately

    Just because you’re on camera, possibly in your own home, doesn’t mean you should wear your favorite hoodie. You should treat video interviews as if they were in-person interviews, and dress as if you were going to the company’s headquarters.

    • Test Out The Video Platform

    Once you’ve arranged your interview, research the video interview platform you’ll use for the call. If you need to download or install anything, do so well in advance of the call.

    You don’t want to be late for the call, or worse, not be able to join in on time because you didn’t install your technology first. Zoom, GoToMeeting, and Google Hangouts are examples of popular video services.

    • Test Your Audio And Video

    Not only should you test the video platform ahead of time, but you should also ensure that the audio and video are ready to go. Check your audio and video to ensure they are both working properly. Doing this ahead of time will allow you to troubleshoot any issues and be ready to receive the call.

    • Find A Strong Internet Connection

    Even if you say everything correctly, a sluggish internet connection will most certainly irritate the individual conducting the interview. They probably won’t be able to understand what you say in your responses, either. If your home internet isn’t up to par, check out this list of free Wi-Fi hotspots.

    • Send A Thank You Note

    Even if a video interview might not seem the same as an in-person interview, you are still taking time out of the interviewer’s day so that they can give you a chance. Making a good impression on that person is critical, and writing a thank you card is usually anticipated, and sometimes necessary, in order for them to continue further in their process.

    The Don’ts of Video Interviews:

    • Read Off Of Your Computer Screen

    Because you’re in a video interview, you may believe it’s acceptable to jot down responses to probable interview questions or draw other responses on your screen for reference. Avoid this at all costs!

    Instead, it’s all about planning and practicing your responses ahead of time so that they sound natural during the interview. Instead of attempting to forecast what you’ll be asked, practise responses to behavior-based inquiries.

    • Forget To Be Personable

    While you don’t have to be grinning from ear to ear and looking at the screen the entire time, you also don’t want to appear robotic. Video interviews do not have to be daunting or frightening. Come prepared, look polished, and act professional, just as you would for any other interview. A recruiter will never be able to say no.

    • Lose Focus

    Don’t glance down or away from a scripted response you have on paper. Don’t jot down any answers on paper or a cue card! Because this is a video interview, you are not permitted to cheat. Consider a video interview to be the same as an in-person interview, with the exception that you are not sitting in a company’s HR department.

    • Take the Call in a Loud Setting

    At the end of the day, the quality of your responses will most likely determine whether or not you proceed. However, if the individual is unable to hear your responses or only hears a portion of them, you will be unable to completely portray yourself.

    Furthermore, if there is too much background noise, it can be quite distracting. Even if they can hear you over the noise, they may not be able to fully focus their attention on you.

    Make sure to check out your call location ahead of time to see if it’s too loud. Allow ample time to find a new place, or have a few backups on hand just in case.

    • Move the Camera too Much

    Have you ever recorded a video on your phone and then discovered how shaky your hand was when you replayed it? If you must use your phone for the call, avoid holding it in your hand. It can be quite distracting, similar to background noise, and can even make the person dizzy.

    If you need to take a phone call, find a place where you can prop it up so it doesn’t tremble. Similarly, if you’re making the call on a PC or laptop, keep it on a stable surface at all times. I’ve had individuals take calls while holding their laptop on their lap, which is unsteady and can occasionally interfere with the audio. 

    • Let Anyone Else In The Spotlight

    Make sure no one else is around or behind you when you’re in an interview. When your parents, significant other, or pets appear on the screen, it can appear unprofessional or distracting. You want all eyes on you since this is your big shot.

    • Forget To Follow-Up!

    Just because you’re conducting an unusual interview doesn’t absolve you of responsibility for the follow-up. Send emails to the interviewers thanking them for the chance and possibly giving a thought about something that came up after the interview.

    The dos and don’ts of video interviews are essentially the same as those of in-person interviews. The only significant distinction is that you’re communicating all of your skills and knowledge to a camera. It may feel strange at first; you should perform some dry runs on camera before the interview to become comfortable being on camera.

    Also, try your best to stand out from the crowd by interviewing in a peaceful place, being prepared, communicating clearly and efficiently, using good manners, and maintaining eye contact with the camera.

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