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How BarRaiser can help improve diversity, equity, and inclusion in technical hiring

  • By Ankush Jhawar
  • April 19, 2023
  • 4 mins read
Explain how BarRaiser can help improve diversity, equity, and inclusion in technical hiring
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    A successful company is one which is diverse, equitable and inclusive in nature. Lack of diversity in the workplace, especially in the tech industry, has become an increasingly prominent issue. Enhancing diversity and inclusion in the workplace goes beyond maintenance of gender balance or hiring BIPOC, neurodivergent employees. It is more about weaving an organic, genuine inclusive culture into your organisation. The emphasis is upon fostering an environment for building a diverse workforce wherein every member is trusted, equally involved and empowered. 

    We all know that increasing diversity in the workplace and sourcing candidates from a variety of demographics and backgrounds is majorly helpful and can bring massive benefits to your company. In this blog, we will be discussing what diversity in technical hiring means, why it is essential and how we can improve diversity, equality and inclusion in the hiring process with BarRaisers diversity benefits. 

    Why is diversity in hiring important?

    Diversity, in essence, refers to the existence of acknowledged differences in the workplace, particularly race, class, culture, religion, sex, ethnicity etc. Diversity within the organisation basically means that your team has members from a plethora of different backgrounds.

    Equity in the workplace equates to all employees having access to the same opportunities, treatment and advancements irrespective of their background and differences. Inclusion in technical hiring entails a sense of belonging wherein the employees feel supported during the hiring process and comfortable in their own shoes.

    Companies that ignore the mutually reinforced principles of DEI fail to tap into the full potential of their workers. Since your workforce is ideally representative of your customer base, underrepresented and historically big companies do not hire enough employees from minority groups which can lead to lack of diversity.

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    How BarRaiser helps promote DEI in hiring

    BarRaiser understands that DEI in the workplace is extremely important. As a platform, BarRaiser ensures DEI is incorporated into its culture for diversity hiring practices in a plethora of ways:

    Structured Interviews 

    BarRaiser ensures diversity benefits by adopting structured interviews which make each interview consistent and fair. To facilitate inclusive hiring practices it keeps the interview process consistent across candidates and ensuring that all the recruiters are prepared to provide a fair hiring experience.

    Interview Recording and analysis

    BarRaiser has insights that drive equity for diverse hiring. Through recorded interviews, interviewers have high recall value of the discussion and thus ensure that the candidates are scored on every discussion fairly (not just on poorly scribbled notes or even poorly judged first impressions!).

    Also, the system continuously analyzes the recordings and scores to identify any visible bias that an interviewer may have. Diversity in hiring is enabled by AI that uses multiple factors to calibrate the scoring based on each interviewer behavior.

    Interviewer training and assistance

    BarRaiser is dedicated to inclusive interviewing and one of the key areas if by assisting interviewers in real time. Providing them nudges to use more inclusive wods, tips on how to make the candidate more comfortabl.

    Post the interviews, interviewers get the visibility on metrics that enable diversity (apart from a whole lot of other interview quality metrics)

    External unbiased vetting

    BarRaiser has a community of expert interviewers providing technical interview-as-a-service. Consider these as outsourcing of interviews or hiring an interviewer. Each member has been carefully selected through a rigorous process and only few in the world make the cut. Apart from great technical skills, they also bring in great interviewing skills and being an outsider are not suffering from the biases that exist within.

    Adopting Interview Intelligence can be a game changer in your DEI efforts and help you make hiring decisions mre confidently. Read more on the essential components of interview-intelligence.

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    People Also Ask

    1.How can Targeted Networking help?

    Building one-on-one relationships with experts who belong to underrepresented backgrounds is a strategy that works long-term for successful recruitment. Building a pipeline of diverse candidates through targeted networking can help facilitate diversity in hiring.

    2.Should you highlight your company’s diverse culture?

    It is integral to emphasise upon the diverse culture you’re working on to build in your company whilst communicating with potential candidates. Millennials and Gen Z are further attracted to companies that have a special place and value social responsibility and DEI. Thus, if you wish to recruit and retain employees, it is necessary to highlight your company’s stance on diversity. About 69% of millennials believe that they are more likely to stay at a company for 5 years or longer if they value diversity in their hiring practices, compared to a company that does not prioritise diversity and inclusion. 

    3.What else can be done?

    • Acknowledge holidays from each culture
    • Offer equitable wages 
    • Recruiting committee must represent diversity

    Diversity recruiting and inclusive interviewing is the idea that your workforce should be reflective of society that is around you, and to ensure that your hiring practices are free from bias. Diversity and inclusion are basics for business achievement, and although it seems like a daunting task, an inclusive work culture has long-term benefits for your company. Diversity is a responsibility that needs to be incorporated, as it is the backbone to success. Thus, finding strategies and ways to improve DEI in the workplace and in the hiring practices is a must.

    BarRaiser is committed to ensuring that it fulfils its diversity, equity and inclusion goals and strongly urges you to do the same. To know how interview-intelligence can help you, download our ebook “Interview Intelligence 101

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