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How BarRaiser improves your interview quality

  • By Ankush Jhawar
  • February 27, 2023
  • 4 mins read
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    Introduction To How BarRaiser Improves Your Interview Quality

    Interview Quality- John was a hiring manager for a tech company and had been conducting interviews for over a decade. Despite his vast experience, he found assessing a candidate’s abilities complex during an interview. He often found himself second-guessing his decisions and hiring someone else.

    That’s when John’s company introduced the concept of a BarRaiser. A BarRaiser is an employee who is not directly involved in the hiring process but has been trained to assess candidates based on standardized criteria.

    After implementing the BarRaiser program, John found that he could make more informed decisions and was more confident in his choices. He no longer solely relied on his judgement but instead had a reliable benchmark to compare candidates against. As a result, John and his team were able to hire more top-performing employees and improve the overall quality of their interviews.

    Importance of interview quality in the recruitment process

    Interviews are a crucial step in the hiring process since they enable HR experts to get to know a range of applicants and choose the best suits their organization’s requirements. Another way to use an interview is to:

    • Analyze the candidate’s professional background. 
    • Describe an applicant to the business. 
    • Examine the hard and soft skills of a candidate. 
    • Find the most qualified applicants. 
    • Specify the job and the company’s requirements.

    Factors that impact interview quality

    Interview quality is critical to any organization’s recruitment efforts and reducing bias in interviews. Several factors can impact interview quality, leading to subpar candidate evaluation and selection.

    Factors that impact interview quality can include various issues related to the interview process. These can include:

    1. Non alignment of expectations: Hiring managers, interviewers and recruiters alignment on expectations from the candidate is critical for a good candidate evaluation. Missing clear understanding of the job requirements often lead to poor interview experience.
    2. Illegal/Unethical Questions: Asking the wrong questions results in complete or accurate information about the candidate.
    3. Unskilled interviewers: With proper interviewer training, interviewers assess candidates effectively.
    4. Cultural differences and language barriers leads to miscommunication and misunderstandings during the interview process.
    5. No Interview quality metrics: Lack of effective and actionable measurement of interview quality leads to inconsistent and unreliable results.
    6. Lack of active listening: This results in an incomplete understanding of the candidate’s skills and qualifications.
    7. Interview Bias: Biases (conscious or unconscisou) leads to discrimination and unfair hiring decisions.
    8. Competitive rathern than collaborative: An overly competitive interview environment causes stress and anxiety for candidates, leading to a less accurate representation of their true abilities.

    Addressing these factors and improving the interview process can lead to more effective hiring decisions and better outcomes for both the company and the candidates.

    How BR Improves Interview Quality

    BarRaiser is a platform that can help improve the quality of job interviews by addressing common issues that can negatively impact the process:

    • Standardization of the interview process through the use of customisable evaluation forms

    One of the key factors that can affect interview quality is the need for Standardization of interview process, which can make it difficult to compare candidates fairly. BarRaiser’s Interview intelligence helps address this issue by providing customisable evaluation forms tailored to specific job roles, allowing interviewers to rate candidates on the same criteria.

    • Bias reduction through objective scoring and feedback mechanisms

    Another factor that can impact interview quality is bias and subjectivity in evaluating candidates. This can occur when interviewers are unconsciously influenced by race, gender, or personal background. BarRaiser aims to Bias reduction by providing objective scoring mechanisms and feedback tools that allow interviewers to evaluate candidates based on their skills and qualifications rather than personal characteristics.

    • Enhancement of communication and rapport-building skills through the ability to review and analyse recorded interviews

    Finally, poor communication and rapport-building skills can also impact interview quality, as interviewers may need help to connect with candidates and accurately assess their qualifications. BarRaiser can help enhance communication and rapport-building skills. However, by allowing interviewers to review and analyse recorded interviews. Moreover, identifying areas where they may need to improve their communication and interpersonal skills.

    What more…

    1. High-quality recording capabilities

    BarRaiser provides high-quality video and audio Recording and playback functionality, enabling interviewers to capture every detail of the interview.

    2. Secure storage and sharing options

    BarRaiser offers Secure storage and sharing options for all recorded interviews and other related documents, as well as secure sharing options for interviewers and hiring managers.

    3. Customizable evaluation forms

    BarRaiser allows users to create Customizable evaluation forms to ensure that all relevant criteria are covered in the interview process.

    4. Integration with other HR tools

    BarRaiser seamlessly Integration with other HR tools and software, making it easy to streamline your hiring process and manage all aspects of recruitment from a single platform.

    5. Interview as a service – for outsourcing technical interviews 

    “Interview as a Service” (IaaS) is a growing trend in the tech industry that allows companies to outsource their technical interviews to third-party providers. This service can help companies save time and resources while also ensuring they hire the best candidates for their open positions. By outsourcing technical interviews with BarRaiser, organisations can save time and money while leveraging the expertise of experienced interviewers.

    By offering these features, BarRaiser can help to improve the quality of your interview process, reduce bias and improve your ability to make informed hiring decisions.


    BarRaiser is an innovative tool that can significantly enhance the quality of interviews conducted by organisations. By standardising the interview process, reducing bias, and improving preparation and communication, BarRaiser’s Interview intelligence can help identify top talent and facilitate better decision-making. Its features, such as customisable evaluation forms, high-quality recording capabilities, secure storage and sharing options, and integration with other HR tools. Moreover, make it a comprehensive solution for conducting effective interviews.

    People Also Ask

    What is BarRaiser?

    BarRaiser is a company that offers training and tools to help organisations improve their interview quality. The company focuses on helping companies identify and hire top talent by improving their interview processes.

    How does BarRaiser work?

    BarRaiser trains hiring managers and interviewers on conducting effective and efficient interviews. The company’s training covers topics such as how to ask effective interview questions, evaluate candidates objectively, and avoid bias in the hiring process.

    What are the benefits of using BarRaiser?

    Using BarRaiser, organisations can improve their interview quality and reduce the risk of bad hiring decisions. BarRaiser’s training can help to hire managers and interviewers to make more informed and objective hiring decisions, leading to a more diverse and high-performing workforce.

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