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How to implement Interview Intelligence?

  • By Manav Jain
  • March 22, 2023
  • 2 mins read
Implement BarRaiser Interview Intelligence and recruit the best.
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    How to implement Interview Intelligence?

    Interview intelligence means recording, transcribing, and analyzing conversations with candidates. It helps to hire managers, recruiters, and HR Business Partners (HRBPs) to gain deeper insight into the interview process, create a smooth feedback loop between panelists, and improve the overall hiring process. Following is how you can setup Interview Intelligence in your hiring practices

    Before the Interview

    1.📋 Create structured interview plans

    Structure every interview by detailing the assessment criteria, possible questions, and observations. Some good applicant tracking systems (ATS) provide this functionality but to a very limited extent. BarRaiser’s free interview planning tool ensures a thoughtful and coordinated process with more coverage for each candidate.

    2.🔍 Better preparation for the interview

    Ensure that interviewers have a dossier with the interview structure, candidate profile (or highlights thereof), and a feedback form copy. BarRaiser’s interview-assistant app helps you get everything in one place with smart suggestions as well.

    BarRaiser helps your structure your interviews and provides interview assistant to keep interviewers on track.

    During the Interview

    1.💡 Live guidance and feedback

    Give every interviewer a flow to the perfect interview. Live guidance (if possible) and tools to foster structured and consistent conversations. The interview assistant app can provide all this along with the relevant nudges to keep the interviewer on course and avoid illegal questions during an interview.

    2.📝 Ferocious note-taking

    Objective and useable notes are critical so that the conversation is fresh when interview panels debrief. Interviewers can refer to their notes to submit candidate feedback. Automated note-taking tools will help interviewers focus on the candidate instead of worrying about taking notes. They’ll be listening confidently to candidates and ensure they have a great experience.

    BarRaiser Interview Assistant works with all video interview platforms and provides nudges to the interviewers.

    After the Interview

    1.🔥 Better, Faster Feedback

    Allow interviewers to provide detailed feedback, which can be analyzed for insights. A recording of the interview helps instantly access important moments and provides contextual feedback suggestions. Review conversations asynchronously to make faster, informed hiring decisions.

    BarRaiser provides suggestions to the interviewers on the feedback and provides recording to mitigate bias in hiring.

    2.💼 Collaborative and data-driven hiring decisions

    Use interview data to asynchronously collaborate and make a hiring decision. Some important data points to look at are (1) Skill ratings of the past hires – build on them or complement them, (2) Diversity of the past recruits, (3) Key highlights of the candidate responses, and (4) Interviewer trends (question difficulty, skill coverage, etc.).

    Collaborative and data-backed hiring decisions powered by BarRaiser

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