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15 Interview Questions For Spotting Communication Skills Of Candidates

  • By Kamlesh Ranjan
  • December 10, 2023
  • 2 mins read
Interview Questions For Spotting Communication Skills Of Candidates
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    Having good communication skills is an art. A person can hold a master’s degree in engineering. However, their communication skills might still be questioned. Having communication skills is not a status symbol; It is a necessary part of a candidate’s life and employment period. Hence, it becomes highly crucial for hiring managers to look for communication skills while conducting an interview. However,  the real problem arises when the assessment for this sort of test becomes banal for the candidates. And for those occasional, we at BarRaiser have compiled a list of communication skill interview questions that you can ask from candidates. 

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    Communication Skill Interview Question

    1. Please elaborate on a scenario where you had to explain a complex work-related topic to your sub-ordinate. Give an example of how you ensured that the person understood the topic.
    2. Two of your colleagues are getting agitated over a specific system tool not working; how do you ensure they understand the tool’s workflow smoothly?
    3. Suppose you have to deliver negative news to your team; how will you approach this?
    4. Misunderstanding is common among work colleagues; how do you resolve such a scenario?
    5. Imagine a scenario where your superior advises you for changes in a project; however, according to you, this will impact quality. How will you communicate this to your superior and convince them?
    6. Tell us about a situation where effective communication was crucial to the project’s success. What were the strategies you followed to ensure it went well?
    7. What is the importance of written communication, and how does it help you communicate and facilitate work effectively? Explain with an example.
    8. Most of us work remotely; how do you handle communication challenges in such a setting? Tell us about a tool that has helped you a lot to overcome this challenge and how.
    9. Tell us about a situation when you had to change your communication style to convey yourself effectively to someone who prefers a different mode of communication.
    10. Please describe a situation where you had to resolve a conflict between two of your colleagues on a project. Tell us how you handled it effectively.
    11. Tell us about a scenario where you successfully persuaded someone in your team to see things your way.
    12. What is the importance of communication style for you? Do you often change the way you communicate with different stakeholders and team members?
    13. What are the key pointers one should remember to make sure their listener is attentive at all times while they are communicating something? 
    14. Coordinating & communicating between various departments and teams is a crucial part of the job; how do you manage it?
    15. Tell us about a scenario when you had to lead a team; what was your initial communication, and how did you motivate your team towards the new objective?

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    So far, these questions can help a recruiter look deeper into the candidate’s persona. We also realize some of these communication skill questions might not be important for the canddiate that you’re taking an interview with. Hence, we will keep updating this list with new quesiton to ask every now and then. Till then, feel free to drop your suggestion and let us know which question you asked your candidate.

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