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Seven reasons to use an ATS in your company

  • By barraiser
  • July 22, 2022
  • 2 mins read
reasons to have ats in your company
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    As a company grows, it will need to hire more people and invest in new technologies to better structure and optimize its recruitment procedures. Traditional tactics, no matter how effective they are, will not suffice to meet the expanding needs of the recruitment landscape. Believe us. A good applicant tracking system, or ATS, is required for both success and survival!

    Here are reasons why your company should invest in an ATS:

    1. Save more time through automation

    The future is automated. By automating job posting and CV submission, ATS platforms help you save time. When a new candidate arrives, his data is immediately imported into your software platform, eliminating the need for you to manually enter data into spreadsheets. Some high-end recruitment tools also use artificial intelligence (AI) to pre-screen candidates, saving you even more time by removing unqualified individuals.

    2. Be more efficient

    An applicant tracking system (ATS) allows you to simply manage and track incoming applicants, keeping data organized and accessible for all team members to analyze. Searching your talent pool for candidates by numerous categories, such as geography, talents, or education, is also simple and quick with an ATS. Furthermore, an ATS can standardize not only all candidate data, but also the recruitment process, allowing recruiters to optimize the recruitment cycle, locate the best candidates, and make the best hiring decision.

    3. Be more productive

    Many capabilities and functionalities, such as job posting on different job boards and integrated email templates to assist engagement with candidates, are available in ATS. ATS also encourages collaborative hiring through commenting and sharing tools, which allow recruiters to provide input on prospects to the team. This benefits not only individual productivity but also team productivity and decision-making.

    4. Improve the quality of hire

    The ATS improves hiring quality by assisting you in automatically identifying individuals that best fit the job requirements and automatically screening out unqualified applicants. Having the capacity to properly screen and qualify candidates will ultimately improve your staff retention rate.

    5. Use Performance Reports

    You can produce reports using analytics functionality to track important recruitment KPIs and provide useful insights to better manage your recruitment process. Using reports to evaluate your recruitment performance allows you to quickly determine where you are wasting recruitment funds and where you should be spending them to enhance your results.

    6. Take advantage of employer branding

    Using an ATS tracking software improves your employer’s brand by boosting it through job postings, email communications, career pages, application forms, and so on.

    7. Provide a better hiring experience for your candidates

    Nowadays, the job market is dominated by candidates. It is no longer about your firm. If you want to attract top candidates, you must be prepared to provide a more modern, organized, and engaging hiring process. And recruitment systems can assist you in doing so.

    These are just a few of the reasons and benefits why the ATS is such a vital tool for any recruitment team. It holds the key for businesses that need to keep the greatest talent coming their way to succeed.
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    It all boils down to the reality that by reducing recruiters’ workload, the ATS enables them to spend less time on administrative and manual chores that add no value to the process, allowing them to perform better in the selection process and produce overall enhanced hiring results.

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