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What Are AI Interviews? Everything You Need To Know

  • By basitahmaddar
  • December 5, 2023
  • 4 mins read
What Are AI Interviews_ Everything You Need To Know
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    In the ever-changing landscape of recruitment, traditional interview methods and manual scheduling are being swiftly replaced by the streamlined efficiency of AI-powered interviews. This transformative technology is not only altering how employers discover and engage with top talent but also revolutionizing the very essence of the hiring process itself.

    In this article, we will explore what is AI interview, and take a closer look at the various benefits it brings to the table, enhancing the interview process.

    What is AI Interview?

    AI interviews represent a modern way of hiring, employing one-way video interviews without the need for real-time interaction. These interviews use data analysis to evaluate candidates’ skills and suitability for a role by assessing their responses, facial expressions, and body language. This approach aims to eliminate human bias, providing a fair and objective evaluation. The use of AI in interviews enhances efficiency and saves time and resources in the hiring process, making it an integral part of contemporary recruitment practices.

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    How Does an AI Interview Work?

    Now that you know what is AI interview, let’s delve into the mechanics of how this innovative approach works in practice.

    Define the Job Role

    Commence the AI interview process by creating a comprehensive definition of the job role you are looking to fill. This step involves outlining the specific skills and qualifications required for the position.

    Set Up AI-Generated Questions

    Progress to setting up interview questions using the capabilities of AI. This phase incorporates a dynamic mix of prefilled questions to streamline the process, coupled with the flexibility to add customized queries tailored to the unique demands of the role.

    Send Organized Interview Invites

    Facilitate the interview process by sending out well-organized interview invites through the platform. This step allows you the versatility to choose between private and common links, offering added convenience and adaptability to both you and the candidates.

    Conduct Live Interviews with AI Bot

    The AI Bot takes charge of conducting live interviews, showcasing its ability to accommodate candidates from different time zones seamlessly. This ensures round-the-clock accessibility and flexibility, providing a reliable and efficient interviewing experience.

    Receive Detailed Feedback Reports

    Following the conclusion of the interview, access detailed feedback reports. These reports serve as valuable insights to assist you in making an informed decision, aiding in selecting the most suitable candidate for the job.

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    What are the Benefits of Using AI Interviews?

    After gaining insights into what is AI interview and understanding its operational mechanics, let’s explore the notable advantages that arise from incorporating the implementation of this innovative approach.

    Exceptional Efficiency

    Manually sifting through a high volume of applicants can be overwhelming for any hiring team. This is where AI assessments from an interview as a service platform come to the rescue. By automating the initial screening process, these assessments streamline and expedite candidate evaluation, allowing your team to focus on more strategic aspects of the hiring process.

    Cost Reduction

    The introduction of automation in AI interviews not only enhances efficiency but also translates into tangible cost savings. This becomes particularly advantageous when dealing with roles that attract a large pool of applicants. The ability of AI interviews to handle a substantial volume of candidates without the need for additional team members ensures that your recruitment process remains efficient and cost-effective.

    Minimal Candidate Dropouts

    The flexibility and convenience offered by one-way video interviews significantly reduce candidate dropouts. Candidates appreciate the user-friendly scheduling options and the ability to participate in interviews at their convenience. This results in a higher completion rate, ensuring you have a more comprehensive pool of candidates to evaluate.

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    Flexible Interview Timings

    The beauty of AI interviews lies in their ability to accommodate candidates from diverse time zones seamlessly. This not only enhances the flexibility of the hiring process but also makes the interviews more accessible to candidates globally. The on-demand nature of AI interviews ensures that candidates can participate at a time that suits their schedule, creating a more convenient and quick hiring experience.

    Informed Decision-Making

    AI interviews provide more than just a snapshot of a candidate’s qualifications. They offer objective overviews and data-driven insights into candidates’ skills and suitability for a role. This wealth of information equips hiring managers with the tools to make informed decisions, ensuring that the selected candidate aligns perfectly with the organization’s requirements.

    Bias-Free Evaluations

    One of the standout features of AI assessments by video interview software is their ability to eliminate hiring bias. AI interviews promote fair and inclusive hiring practices by focusing solely on candidate responses and performance metrics. This ensures that each candidate is evaluated on merit, contributing to a diverse and talented workforce.

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    Tailored Assessments

    AI assessments do not adhere to a uniform approach. Instead, they can be customized to assess particular skills or competencies, enabling organizations to focus precisely on the specific demands of a role. This customization ensures that the evaluation process is aligned with the organization’s unique needs, ultimately leading to more precise hiring decisions.


    The scalability of AI interviews is a game-changer, mainly when dealing with critical positions that attract numerous skilled candidates. Instead of managing these applicants manually, AI interviews efficiently handle large volumes, saving time and resources while ensuring the hiring process remains effective and streamlined.

    Enhanced Predictive Analytics

    Hiring a candidate is an investment in the organization’s future, and AI interviews contribute to this by offering enhanced predictive analytics. This aids in identifying candidates who are not just suitable for the current role but also have the potential for long-term success within the organization.

    Positive Candidate Experience

    Candidates play a crucial role in the hiring process, and their experience can significantly impact the employer brand. The speed and objectivity of AI assessments contribute to a positive candidate experience. The quick and convenient nature of these interviews leaves candidates with a favorable impression of the hiring organization, fostering a positive relationship from the outset.

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    To sum it up, AI interviews have become a pivotal tool, marking a significant milestone in the ongoing evolution of the hiring landscape. Whether it’s ensuring fair practices or predicting future job performance, the multifaceted advantages presented by AI interviews underscore their crucial role in the contemporary world of recruitment.

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