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Are Certifications Important On A Resume? Will It help In Getting A Job?

  • By Kamlesh Ranjan
  • April 18, 2024
  • 5 mins read
Importance of Certification On A Resume
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    Each employee goes through a different set of experiences in their career, some are good some are bad. However, after receiving certain training, it becomes much easier to find a job or change your job. We all can agree that the knowledge gained in the course and the final certificate will be your ticket to employment. For example, if Person X graduated in Computers and applied for a Software developer job, and Person Y with a similar graduation degree applies for the same job but has online certification in Python & NodeJs tool, then it is evident that the HR recruiter will consider Person Y for an interview. 

    You see, the employer admires not only the candidate’s education and knowledge but also the certification and additional skills that the candidate possesses. Today, we will discuss in what cases are resume certifications important to influence an employer’s decision. In addition, we will also talk about the importance of certification courses to your resume. 

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    How Much Certifications Important on a Resume?

    Depending on which position the candidate is applying for,  the importance of the certificate will vary. For example, in the Software development field, studies have found that certification has a significant impact on professional employment. Candidates who provided professional qualifications had shorter hiring timelines than those who did not. Some research also shows that certifications are especially important for jobs that require technical expertise. This expertise can be gained through online courses and certifications.

    According to a survey conducted by CompTIA, 91% of employers consider IT certifications to be crucial while making hiring decisions. Additionally, a LinkedIn survey revealed that 76% of professionals believe that certifications play a significant role in career advancement.

    However, it’s important to note that opinions regarding certifications may differ among hiring managers. Some may give more weightage to certifications than others, and the value of a certification can also depend on its relevance to the job and the reputation of the organization issuing the certification.

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    Resume certification is always important when looking for a job, but in some cases, it can be an important factor for employers as well. When applying for an internship, candidates may consider educational expertise as their first work experience. However, they may also be required to complete a test assignment. In this scenario, if the resume certification is related to the vacant position, the candidate is more likely to get familiar with the position. And because of this factor having certifications in the resume are very useful for experienced professionals.

    If you don’t work around building your CV, especially years of corporate work experience. Your 10-20-year-old higher education in your CV can look outdated to employers. If experienced specialists attend courses and webinars and constantly improve their skills, they are more likely to join a company where the concepts of self-development and lifelong learning are encouraged.

    The resume certifications don’t just talk about a candidate’s professional development but also about their soft skills, such as learning ability, self-organization (essential when learning online), and desire for continuous growth.

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    Does the hiring manager pay attention to resume certifications?

    Yes, recruiters have a clear understanding of the employer’s JD and will extract only what they need from the candidate’s resume based on the job description. Currently, a certification in your resume is the best way to increase job exposure. 

    In an ideal scenario, each recruiter is looking for an attorney to handle several contract matters related to claims. If a candidate states that they have completed an artificial intelligence course, recruiters might not consider this. As this may create a negative impact on recruiters. In general, most HR managers don’t always pay attention to the education section of the resume, however, they analyze what the person wrote there and how much attention he paid to this section. 

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    Importance of certification courses to your resume?

    Adding online certification courses when building your resume offers several undeniable benefits, especially in today’s competitive corporate market. 

    1. Relevance and Specialization 

    You know, one of the biggest benefits of online courses is the incredible selection available. Digital courses can help you gain valuable insight into a specific subject area. This is a great way to tailor your resume to a specific job or industry. For example, if you studied Tech and are interested in Digital marketing, earning a certificate in an online course in SEO or Social Media Marketing (SMM) will make your resume more attractive to potential employers. This shows that you are active and passionate about this field and are taking extra steps to excel in it.

    1. Acquiring and Updating Skills 

    We all know about the advancement of AI in the current year. Online courses are a great way to constantly skill-up and learn new things, especially in the field of IT. For example,  if you want to work in the tech industry, then doing certification in Python, data science, or AI programming can make your resume stand out.

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    1. Flexibility and Independence 

    Because online certification courses typically lack the highly structured environment of traditional education, self-discipline, and motivation are often considered necessary. While students can learn at their own pace,  there is always a risk factor. So, if you opt for an e-course, you can show potential employers that you possess the will to manage your time effectively, and can work independently. 

    1. Authority 

    Whether you like it or not, online courses are worth adding to your resume, however, it’s important to consider their credibility. Training programs offered by reputable universities and established online platforms such as Upgrade, Coursera, Udemy, and LinkedIn Learning are generally more positively and favourably by employers. However, we all have to keep in mind that a course’s credibility lies in its structure and course. Relevant and comprehensive training programs from lesser-known universities can also be helpful if they can teach you valuable skills.

    1. Continuous Learning 

    It the end, we all need a commitment to continuous training. This is perhaps the most catchy skill that the majority of employer seek in their candidates. Therefore, including online courses on your resume shows that you are well aware and serious about your career and have a desire to acquire new knowledge and skills.

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    Certification courses are one of the most powerful tools to improve your resume. They show positivity, determination, and a desire to acquire and update skills. However, your results will depend on how well the course fits your goals, how confident you are with it, and how you can apply the skills you learn. In a rapidly changing job market, a wide range of carefully selected online courses can be the deciding factor that sets your resume apart from dozens of other candidates.

    Always remember that the purpose of your resume is to present the best version of yourself professionally. The certification course is the best way to do so, it will play a fundamental role in your career development.

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