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Training Interviewers Can Change Candidate Hiring Experience

  • By Kamlesh Ranjan
  • April 18, 2024
  • 4 mins read
interviewer training with hiring manager
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    Training interviewers, is it even necessary? Don’t we all learn naturally how to conduct an interview? Maybe we do, or perhaps there is a better way to do it, a more refined and well-structured process that can train interviewers to perform better, conduct interviews without bais, engage the candidate, and analyze them on a technical scale so that they could be the perfect fit for your organization. However, the real challenge lies behind the black screen, an ever-growing question of how training Interviewers is possible, and that’s where BarRaiser comes to the reuse. With the power of computational data processing and real-time data taken from several online interviews, our AI assistance can help train interviewers to get better at their game. Wanna know how? Let’s dive in!

    What is the BarRaiser Interview Intelligence AI Tool?

    At the center of it, BraRaiser’s interview intelligence AI tool comes with a complete hiring solution for interviewees and interviewers. It has extensive features that enable interviewers and hiring managers to conduct, record, analyze, provide feedback, plan interview questions, assess behavior, and recommend questions to ask. However, that’s not just it; our supercharge AI tool can also analyze patterns of questions asked by the interviewers and biases while conducting the interview and provide necessary feedback to improve the overall interview process, making it a complete tool for interviewers training. 

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    The benefit of Training Interviewers :

    BarRaisers’ intuitive AI tool doesn’t just help structure an interview or hiring process. It also can assess the interviewer’s response. With the help of our exclusive AI, it can quickly generate questions that can be asked and provide feedback on the interviewers’ performance. Here are some features of BarRaisers’ Interviewer Training AI tool.

    1. Interview Assitant via AI:
    2. Real-time feedback
    3. Interview quality report
    4. Interview coaching snippets

    AI Interview Assitant: 

    Our interview assistant AI tool is a top-notch product that helps hiring managers plan and execute multiple interviews. The AI tool is self-efficient in suggesting Q&A for the candidates and devising a strategy for the interviewer. This allows each interviewer to be prepared with the kind of questions they will ask. It also removes bias and creates a structured interview process that defines introduction time, technical question timing, and problem-solving ability. This structure allows interviewee enough time to perform their best.

    Real-time feedback:

    Once an interview is scheduled, the interviewer gets everything in one place with our state-of-the-art interview co-pilot. The primary job of the interview co-pilot is to record and provide access to all the information that the interviewer might require. However, it also prompts real-time feedback from the interviewer, giving small yet crucial hints for improvements, thus minimizing bias or adverse questions. It even points out that if the candidate or the interviewer is silent for a while, thus improving the interview quality, this gradually starts the process of training interviewers at every point. 

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    Interviewer quality report: 

    After every interview, an interview quality report is generated immediately, which goes to the hiring manager. This one-of-a-kind report consists of all about the interview, such as the questions asked, the interviewee’s time to respond, the silence during the interview, and the performance of the technical round. At the end of it, the AI gives a score for the interview, and at the same time, a score for the interviewee is also generated. It helps hiring managers understand the gap during the interviews and hence can give feedback for training interviewers.

    Coaching snippets:

    The most unique feature of coaching snippets is that they allow hiring managers to clip a recording of the interview and ask for feedback from the rest of the interviewers. The tool significantly reduces the time to finalize a candidate. It is also integrated with an internal chat room that lets all the interviewers share their thoughts about their candidates. Most importantly, these tools help significantly reduce any biases or incorrect questions the interviewers ask. On the other hand, it also helps the hiring manager to 

    The Impact on Candidate Hiring:

    All of these components work holistically in the growth and learning of an interviewer, from the start of structuring the interview process to hiring and finalizing the candidate. With the help of Interview intelligence AI tool, training interviewers have become an easy fruit. At the center of it is the interview quality reports, where hiring managers can see each interviewer’s rating and suggest improvement tips for future interviews. 

    As the tool helps the interviewer improve their game, the hiring process for both parties becomes as convenient and exciting as possible. This improves the candidate’s overall experience; they tend to be more relaxed, attentive, and outshine in their performance. With this, each interview taken with our exclusive tool becomes a tool that helps managers and is crucial in training interviewers. 

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    At the end:

    Improving a candidate’s hiring experience is essential to hiring an excellent candidate. The more interviewers are engaged with the candidate, the better their performance during the interview. BarRaiser’s training interviewers module can become an essential companion in this journey. With it, you can rest assured that each candidate getting onboarded to the company is the best talent. The tool ensures that everyone is judged unbiasedly; technical questions and candidate introductions are accurate. There is no doubt that BarRaiser’s interview intelligence AI tool can change how candidates get hired, ensuring that the company finds the right candidate for the job.

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