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23 Managerial Skill Interview Questions That You Must Ask Candidates

  • By Kamlesh Ranjan
  • December 10, 2023
  • 3 mins read
Managerial skill interview question
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    There is a fine line between an employee and a manager, and it is highly important for the person to possess managerial skills at some sort of level. You see, in the professional world, employers seek managerial skills even in their fresher employees. The skill to manage a team, develop strategy, allocate work, and establish interpersonal communication between teams. this is the sort of skill each employer is searching for. Hence, it becomes crucial for the recruiter to assess the candidate on these skills and see if they can fit in the role now or later. Here at BarRaiser, we understand the importance of skill assessment tests. Hence, we have formulated some managerial skill interview questions that can help you assess candidates much more efficiently. 

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    Managerial skill interview question

    1. Our work requires you to be time-sensitive and may put you and your subordinate under pressure. How will you ensure timely delivery while maintaining quality?
    2. Suppose you’re managing a team of 10 people with different job profiles; how will you ensure that each person’s performance is up to the mark?
    3. How did you motivate your team in your previous organization? Please explain with some real-world examples.
    4. Tell us about a project that you led, and it was a success. What were the strategies, planning, and organizing methods that you took?
    5. What do you think? What kind of quality should a successful leader possess? How do you embody these principles in your work life?
    6. Maintaining an influential work culture among team members is highly important. How do you ensure that each team member is holding a work-life balance?
    7. Is there any benefit of having a diverse team? Does it impact the workforce or invite a broader approach to effective workflow?
    8. Managing a large team will undoubtedly lead to some sort of conflict. Tell us about a situation where you had to intervene and resolve such an issue. What were the measures you took?
    9. In your previous role, what steps did you take to upskill your teammates for a different project? Please explain with some examples.
    10. Does having a large team come with some perks and drawbacks? What are the challenges you faced, and how did you overcome them?
    11. What are the challenges you have faced while adapting your leadership style to different team members working preferences?
    12. Tell us about a scenario when you had to make a tough decision; what was the decision, and what was the outcome? 
    13. What are the strategies you prefer to maintain the team’s morale? share some instances where it helped in improving team efficiency. 
    14. Team members underperforming is a common phenomenon among a large grope of people; how do you ensure each member is meeting their target? Share some examples.
    15. What are steps you’re taking to ensure there is transparency among your team members regarding work?
    16. Suggest some steps that a manager with a large team structure needs to follow in order to delegate tasks in a remote work-at-home environment effectively. 
    17. What are the steps you take to measure the performance of your team? Tell us about a performance improvement plan that you implemented for a team member.
    18. Giving feedback is a crucial aspect of a manager’s job; how do we ensure that each feedback is constructive and leads to positive results?
    19. In this rapidly changing industry, innovation is the key to progress. How do you ensure that your team is on the right track to innovation and adaptability? 
    20. Tell us about some of the initiatives that you take to ensure your team member’s personal growth.
    21. In the corporate world, the majority of things don’t get done without team collaboration; how do you ensure effective collab within the team to achieve cross-functional goals?
    22. What are the steps you take to ensure your team follows the ethical and moral values of the company?
    23. Tell us about a scenario when you had to make a strong decision that questioned your ethical principles as a manager.

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    So that’s pretty much it; these are some of the managerial skill interview questions that you ask a candidate. Each of these questions covers a wide area of managerial skills and hence allows the recruiter to delve into the personality of the candidate. We will keep updating this list with more questions here and there; also, let us know which questions worked for you. 

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