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Revolutionizing Recruitment: The Impact of AI-Driven Interview Notes on Candidate Assessment

  • By Kamlesh Ranjan
  • April 18, 2024
  • 3 mins read
Ai interview note taking
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    Recruitment has always been a challenging aspect for the hiring team. However, the advancement in technology has given a wide scope of improvement in terms of hiring quality. A similar phenomenon in today’s digital world that is revolutionizing recruitment is the Interview intelligence tool: it has been a game changer for the hiring industry. Though there are several factors that make the tool a special one for a recruiter, one particular feature makes it stand out from other common tools: the AI-driven interview notes.

    What is an AI-driven interview note?

    The BarRasier interview intelligence platform comes with an interview assistant tool. It can help you in structuring and recording your interviews. However, this is not the only thing the tool can do; in addition to these capabilities, the BarRaiser’s advanced AI tool can also take interview notes in real-time. This state-of-the-art feature works in sync with the live interview recording. Users are prompted to give feedback on each answered question by the candidate. In addition, users can also select pre-defined remarks or write their own remarks about the candidate’s performance.

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    The benefit of AI-Interview notes on Candidate assessment:

    I understand that for a user, it may seem like just another feature. However, from the eyes of a recruiter, interview note is a crucial feature; apart from just helping to take note, they assist a lot in candidate assessment. Here are some of the benefits that you get with AI interview notes.

    1. Real-time analysis

    BarRaiser’s exclusive real-time interview feedback helps in making the candidate score without any delay. The system asks for interviewers’ feedback every time the candidate has answered a question. Interviewers can also choose the option to write their own remarks or choose one option from the pre-defined ones. The entire step is quite easy and is meant to ease the feedback process for interviewers. Once the data is collected, our AI system immediately creates a candidate skill assessment score that is sent to the hiring manager for further review. The score is a crucial factor in finalizing the candidate for the position. 

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    2. Precision in evaluation

    As BarRaiser’s interview co-pilot, ask for various feedback from the interviewer before proceeding ahead. In the end, it is able to collect a huge amount of data that can help the system analyze the candidate’s performance and give an interview assessment score. Our AI system categorizes information and interview data in various pointers, making it easy for users to understand and review interviews manually. With this structured data and the complete information of the interview, the BarRaisers interview intelligence platform is able to evaluate candidate scores with extreme accuracy. 

    3. Objectivity in assessment

    Once we have reduced so much human intervention in the recruitment process, it becomes quite simple and analytical for the final assessment. AI-driven notes and structured interview focuses more on small details and key points, removing interview biases and thus promoting fair assessment. This develops a framework for the rapid recruitment process, where AI helps recruiters come to a conclusion about their candidates.

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    4. Deeper insights

    There is a systematic approach to AI note-taking. Our tool leverages this opportunity and takes feedback on each question, making a large data repository. This huge amount of data helps a lot in creating a deeper insight into the candidate’s interview. It looks at nuanced behavioral patterns that are easily ignored by interviewers and creates a compiled analysis. The large data helps AI to go deeper into the statistics and create a sturdy report for review. Hiring managers can take advantage of this tool and look for cues that they might have missed during the interview. 

    5. Reducing the time to hire

    Reducing the time to hire is not an easy task; some of the hiring goes on for several days. This sort of delay in recruitment impacts the team, and they start having bandwidth challenges. AI note-taking solves the equation of candidate assessment and makes the hiring process more swift. In addition, the note also creates a comprehensive repository of the interview transcript that the hiring team can review. This process makes recruitment organized and fast and hence improves the time to hire.

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    At the end

    AI interview note is perhaps the most prominent component of candidate hiring. BarRasier’s Intelligent interview platform is committed to revolutionizing hiring and making the process much faster. Interview notes help in instantly creating a candidate assessment score and finalizing the candidate, thus reducing the time to hire. What it may look like is a simple feature can turn several heads and reduce the time to hire each candidate. 

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