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8 Tips for Preparing for Video Interviews Easily

  • By barraiser
  • May 13, 2022
  • 4 mins read
8 tips for video interviewing, video interview tips
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    Do you have a video interview schedule? Video interviews are becoming more popular as hiring becomes more global and more employees work remotely. They allow hiring managers and recruiters to conduct first-round interviews quickly and get the interview process started much faster than scheduling in-person interviews.

    Some positions may require only video interviews, while others may require both video and in-person interviews. However, video interviews are understandably difficult for job seekers. You may be self-conscious about how you appear or sound on camera, or you may be concerned about your connection failing.

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    Check out these eight video interview tips to give yourself the best chance of success!

    Checking connection:

    Check your connections before a video interview; you’ll want to get the mechanics down checked. This entails the following steps:

    • Check your Internet connection speed—a clear HD video connection requires at least 1 Mbps. Switching from Wi-Fi to a wired Ethernet connection may speed up your Internet connection. If your internet connection at home is unstable, consider going somewhere else with good WiFi internet where you can interview in a private room.
    • Check that your device (computer, tablet, or phone—whichever you prefer to use) is fully charged. To avoid a battery outage, plug it into an outlet.
    • Check the audio: If your computer has a poor speaker system, you may need to wear headphones or purchase an external microphone.
    • Examine the camera: If you need to buy a webcam, do some research to find one that is simple to use and appropriate for your setup.
    • Make sure your video interview software is working well. Most software allows you to test audio and video functionality before joining the call.

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    Be on time

    Arriving early for your online interview allows you to log in for a few extra minutes in case of problems.
    For example, if the company uses a different video calling software, downloading the program or opening it in your browser will take some time. But if you do all of this ahead of time you can fix the issues, and you’ll be prepared for your interview.

    Choose the right background

    The importance of a proper environment is one of the most important video interview tips. Find a quiet, private, and well-lit location for the interview.
    Avoid communal areas where you can’t control the background noise. Also, select a room with a clean backdrop. Lighting is also crucial. If you sit against the light, the interviewer will be able to see you better.

    Dress up right

    Even if you aren’t going into an office to meet with the interviewer in person, you should still dress appropriately for a video interview. In general, you should dress as if you were going to an in-person interview at the company.

    Mind your body language

    Maintaining good eye contact is essential during any job interview, but it is especially crucial during video interviews. Your camera should be positioned at eye level. When you’re speaking, try not to look down or up at all. Also, remember to be confident and smile when suitable.

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    Always be alert and listen carefully

    It’s easy to accidentally cut someone off during a video job interview due to audio delays or not paying attention to nonverbal cues. Keep your mind from wandering and concentrate on active listening. Also, wait a few seconds after your interviewer asks a question before responding to avoid cutting in.

    Maintain a good posture

    Maintain proper posture by sitting with your back straight, feet on the ground, and arms in your lap or on the desk. Maintaining proper posture gives you confidence when answering.

    Be well prepared

    Before attending the interview, simply prepare your answers well. Do not hesitate before responding. Bring your resume, job description, and any talking points or notes you’ve made about the company or position.
    Although you should not read directly from them, having everything in one place can help relieve stress.

    Whether this is your first remote interview or one of many, using video interview tips can help you adjust to the complexities of the remote hiring process. Knowing what to expect ahead of time will help you be fully prepared and capable of making the best possible impression. Just use these tips to ace your interview!

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    People Also Ask

    What are the 4 tips for interviewing?

    Here are four short tips for interviewing:

    1. Prepare: Research the company and practice common interview questions.
    2. Dress professionally: Choose appropriate attire that reflects the company culture.
    3. Showcase skills: Highlight relevant experiences and achievements.
    4. Ask questions: Show interest by asking thoughtful questions about the company and role.

    How do you stay calm in a video interview?

    1. To stay calm in a video interview:
    2. Prepare ahead of time.
    3. Find a quiet, well-lit space.
    4. Take deep breaths to relax.
    5. Maintain good posture.
    6. Practice active listening.
    7. Smile and maintain eye contact.
    8. Speak slowly and clearly.

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    What is the rule of 3 in interviewing?

    The rule of 3 in interviewing is a technique where you provide three concise and relevant examples or points to support your answers. It helps you structure your responses and provides enough information to showcase your skills and qualifications without overwhelming the interviewer. You can demonstrate your expertise by presenting three key points, highlighting your abilities, and leaving a lasting impression on the interviewer.

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