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Transparency in Hiring: The Benefits of Realistic Job Previews

  • By Kamlesh Ranjan
  • October 31, 2023
  • 5 mins read
Transparency in Hiring_ The Benefits of Realistic Job Previews
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    What if I say it is possible for you to get in-depth insights before you apply for a position in a firm; here comes the new phenomenon in the hiring world: realistic job preview. From the sounds of it, it does seem like an out-of-the-blue concept. However, we all have experienced it in some way or another while applying for a job. Remember you got recommended by your friend to work in the company they work for, and you went ahead and had a one-hour call with your friend on what the job profile is like and how’s the work culture. Well, you have had your fair share of realistic job previews; it is nothing more different than that. Let’s dive a little deeper into this.

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    What is a realistic job preview?

    In theory, a realistic job preview (RJP) is a strategy of recruitment in which candidates are given exposure and virtual experience to the job profile they are applying for. You see, think of RJP as a process in which candidates can explore the job profile and get a deeper insight into how & what their working with the company will look like. It is not just a perfect tool to retain candidates, but it also helps fast forward the application and candidate hiring process. The majority of candidates have several misconceptions about their actual day of work, with RJP candidates gets to know about the job profile via various mediums such as teammates’ experience, hiring manager testimonials, and virtual walkthroughs. With these tools and mediums, a candidate gets to know about the job profile and prepare themselves for the coming roles and responsibility. 

    Advantages of Realistic job preview:

    If we talk about the advantages and benefits of RJP, there are several; let’s look at them one by one.

    Increase in number of qualified applicants:

    Yes, it may sound like a haywire thing, but having a realistic job preview of a job profile does increase the number of qualified applicants. You see, applicants are not just applying for a job in an out-of-blue scenario, they have a set goal and career path they want to follow. Hence, when applicants get a transparent picture of the job that they are applying for, they are more keen to work for the organization as the job role is something they aspire to be. In the end, recruiters receive only those application that is highly interested in working with the company and wants to build their career with the job profile offered.

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    Elevate the candidate experience:

    Improving candidate experience should be a must-have goal for each company and one of the key factors that play a significant role in building this experience in a realistic job preview. A transparent description of the job profile and more detailed hands-on testimonials by the teammates makes it more engaging for candidate applying for the position. Hence giving them a sense of belief and empowerment to apply and work for the organization. It makes them excited about the job and improves the candidate’s hiring experience.

    Having Job satisfaction:

    Job satisfaction is something that each candidate and employee craves; it is the necessary element that each employee tends to look for in an organization. With the help of a realistic job preview, once they are well acquainted with the job profile, they are going to opt for it that matches the candidate’s expectations. As a result, they tend to feel more satisfied with their roles and responsibilities and perform better in the working environment. 

    Minimize retention rate:

    See, in an organization, every single change has a cycle. Implementing realistic job previews during the recruitment process allows the candidate to be more well aware of the job they are applying for. Thus, inviting potentially worthy and interested candidates, this in terms results in the organization selecting the best candidate for the position. Now, a candidate who has admired the position and gives value to the roles and responsibilities tends to perform better and stay with the organization for a longer time. There is no doubt that the RJP is the best possible way to reduce the iteration rates of the organization. 

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    The disadvantages:

    Surely, there are some drawbacks to this system, and one of them is receiving a limited number of applicants for the job. You see when you have a realistic job preview for any role, each candidate goes through the entire preview, and after understanding it, the majority of them back out thinking about the complexity of the job profile. 

    In addition, having an RJP tends to lower the expectation of the candidate for the job once they know the entire job profile. After a while, some of them tend to lose interest in the job and start looking for a different opportunity. In this process, the candidate who might have some of the necessary skills for the job and might have gotten selected for the position if applied, starts questioning their own skills and talent. In that dilemma, they skip applying for the position.

    Types of realistic job preview

    RJPs are something that can be done in any way possible as long as it fulfill the criteria of detailing the job profile to the candidates. Here are some of the most popular methods for creating a realistic job preview.

    Audio description: 

    Perhaps the best method to create RJP is via an audio format. Just record what a person would do, what their job would be like, and their daily responsibility, and keep it visible on the job post. Audio narration helps candidates connect with the hiring managers’ expectations and hence enables them to be better prepared for the recruitment process.

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    Using Visual medium:

    This is the most popular medium of RJP; visual medium such as employee testimonials and an explainer about the company’s work culture always turns out to be quite engaging than any other format. Recorded employee testimonials are some of the most popular ways of creating an RJP, and it ensures that the candidate watching the video stays connected with the employee and feels a part of the company. Most of the video testimonials consist of an employee talking about their experience working with the organization. However, it is good to let the candidates explore the company experience by themselves. A more fun way to do it is to create a VLog of an employee’s day-to-day activity, and this makes it more fun and engaging for the candidates.

    Using interactive simulation:

    There are some of the new methods that allow recruiters to create a more fun and engaging scenario for realistic job preview. This sort of medium utilizes the technology of AR and VR to create a more personal immersive environment for the candidates. It allows them to do several things, from a virtual tour of the office space to a recorded video session that talks in-depth about the job profile and working at the company. Some companies also create a game-like simulation that allows the candidate to play and learn about the company in no time. 

    Traditional a typical day note:

    One of the most traditional methods that have always worked and have been widely used is the traditional a-typical-date note. This is an article or a note describing what an employee’s every day looks like; in the company, it consists of their daily task where they don’t just have office meetings, work, or lunch breaks but fun activities and teammate bonding sessions. This highlights all the job descriptions that would require a candidate for the profile. 

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    At the end:

    What looks like a simple extension to the description of the job profile has the potential not just to create recruitment turnarounds but also to help build a better candidate experience. Realistic job preview stands sundry on all pointers that make a recruitment process more engaging and informative. It is the best method to keep the candidate well informed about the job role and responsibility and ensure that applicants are well-invested in the recruitment process. RJP really helps a lot in fast-forwarding the hiring process and saves a lot of quality bandwidth for the recruiters. 

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