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7 SEO Tips To Get Job Post Ranked In Google For Jobs

  • By Kamlesh Ranjan
  • October 28, 2023
  • 4 mins read
SEO Tips To Get Job Post Ranked In Google For Jobs
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    Some roads are not easy to walk; I would call this step something like that. Getting your job post ranked in Google for jobs is no piece of cake; there is a smart strategy that goes behind this achievement. You see, today’s human resource environment is slightly different than the ages ago when there were traditional advertisements for Job vacancies. The current generation relies on the digital medium, and more specifically on Google, to search for their job preference. Hence, it becomes vital for companies to get their job posting ranked on Google for job ranking. 

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    First this first, What is Google for jobs?

    In a nutshell, Google for Jobs is the new feature within Google Search that lets people search for various job vacancies. It is a platform designed for job seekers around the world. According to a report published by, 30 percent of all Google Searches are mainly job-related; this goes to around 300 million job searches every month. Frankly, it is a huge number, and with the number of searches, it becomes necessary to ensure that your job posts are ranking on Google searches; otherwise, candidates will have a tough time finding your job posting. 

    Google for job has a benefit for both the parties, the recruiters and the candidates. Job seekers can find a job easily, and recruiters get an easy platform to share all their job listings. This is a win-win situation for both sides. However, to ensure that your job posting is listed in Google Search, you need to have structured data in your schema. The web crawler will then index your job posting to Google. 

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    Now, How to Get Ranked in Google For Job?

    Ranking on Google is no piece of cake; it doesn’t just require quality content or keyword optimization, it is a wholesome effort of quality content SEO and patience. Implementing one strategy and waiting for the results is all I can suggest you do. However, there are a few key metrics that you need to consider before doing any job posting. 

    Using Structured Data:

    Structured data is something that is necessary for things like Job listing. You see, the only way Google gets to know about your job post is via the Google web crawler, and for that to work, your job posting schema needs to have vital data points. This helps Google understand the information about the job profile and structure the data so it can easily get listed to Google for jobs panel.

    Optimize your keyword:

    Suppose you’re hiring for a post of Software engineer who has expertise in Python language. Now, in order for your job post to get ranked, you need to ensure that the content of the Job description has keywords like “Python software engineer jobs,” as this is how people will search for the Job on Google. All the necessary SEO guidelines, such as keyword density, should be incorporated properly. Try not to over-optimize your content with keyword and ensure that content sanity and quality remains optimum. 

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    Keep the content quality in check:

    Content quality is something that should be a no-compromise metric for any kind of content SEO. You should focus on crafting informative copies that have the necessary details about the job. Important details such as required experience, job location, required skills, and educational preference should be highlighted in bold. Dropping a pro tip, try to avoid fancy or flowery language, keeping it crisp and direct should be the approach for job posting. Google gives preference to content that has quality information for listing in Google for job.

    Improve Page load speed:

    Page load speed is going to help search engine crawlers read your site in a jiffy. However, this is a development challenge; it is something you have to sit with your website developer and figure out what measures can be taken to improve the page load speed of the website. Some of the most common steps that you can immediately take are to compress images and check code to see if it can be minimized.

    Better user experience:

    User experience (UX) is the part which is an important factor for ranking in Google for Job once the other four points mentioned in this article are optimum. Your primary focus should be to have a simple yet presentable User experience, for a job post page, the should have necessary details and highlight the key employment benefits offered by the company. It is always good to have an impeccable User interface; however, one should keep in mind that it doesn’t necessarily impact the ranking factor on Google. Having an elegant and readable user experience is the key to getting a job post ranked on Google search.

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    Do some Social media promotion:

    The majority of brands tend to ignore it; however, having a social media presence is important for today’s corporate world. You should always remember that with a social media presence, you’re not just attracting candidates; it is also helping potential clients to discover your platform. You should take leverage of this digital era and share job postings on various social media channels (LinkedIn, Monster, Facebook, Twitter) with the link of the Job vacancy. This will have an indirect impact on your Google ranking.

    Monitor and analyze:

    The best thing about an online platform is that you can always check data and metrics. Using tools like Google Analytics, you can monitor the performance of your job posting and work around the strategy to improve its ranking. 

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    At the end

    What may look like a 7-step process to get your job posting ranked on Google for job results may turn out a little bit tricky at the end. See, content SEO is a long game that we are trying to play; it is an ongoing process; hence, patience is the key to getting your post ranked on Google. However, if you’re keeping regular check-ins and making sure that your content for the job post is optimum, it will ranked sooner or later. One highly important factor to keep in mind is to not over-optimize with SEO, as it may hamper the search results in the long run. 

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