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5 Hiring Tasks You Can Automate With AI Right Now

  • By Kamlesh Ranjan
  • October 23, 2023
  • 4 mins read
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    Are you in the same league of people who are fed with manual hiring tasks? Well, some recruiters are, and for those people, we might have got the perfect solution you must try. Welcome to the world of automated hiring tasks. The current era is the digital of artificial intelligence (AI), and in this era, every simple task can be automated. AI can not just minimize the workforce, but it can also help in simple, complex tasks and save the quality bandwidth of HR recruiters. So, if you want to optimize your workforce and want your team to work proficiently, follow these simple instructions right now.

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    Create interview questions with AI.

    The majority of time, a recruiter’s bandwidth is occupied with researching and preparing questionnaires for interviews. Yes, it might seem like a simple task, but truthfully, it is not. To create questionnaires, a recruiter first needs to understand the job profile; after that, they research the job profile and look for necessary questions. Once that is done, the recruiters then finalize the questions that can be asked from the candidate based on their portfolio, such as introduction and questions related to previous employment. On the other hand, in order to maintain the hiring quality and unbiasedness, questions for the candidates need to be changed based on the applicant’s profile. Ultimately, it becomes an endless loop where most recruiters are occupied with just finalizing questions. 

    However, what may seem tedious can be converted into a one-click process with the BarRaiser interview intelligence platform. Our AI interview system has several different questionnaire templates that the recruiter can use based on the job profile. In addition, it also comes with the feature to add and customize questions based on the change of requirement. For recruiters, it is a golden tool to minimize several hours of bandwidth, automate hiring tasks, and reduce time to hire to a minimum.

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    Schedule an interview with an intelligent interview platform.

    Gone are the days when interviews were scheduled via call and searching for calendar availability. Earlier, the major problem candidates were facing was the challenge of taking out the schedule for an interview, as both the candidate and recruiter were having back-and-forth communication just to set up the interview. Now, with the power of the BarRaiser interview intelligence assistant, candidates can directly schedule calendar interviews from a simple link. With the link, candidates will be able to see the schedule of the interviewers and set the interview according to their feasibility. 

    Automate interview recording 

    The best part of an online interview is that it can be recorded easily. However, there is a challenge: free recording tools only give temporary features, and the premium ones are costly; even if you have recording software, you’ll need to start every time you’re conducting an interview. 

    BarRaiser is here to help you out with this issue. our intelligent interview recording tool is not just capable of recording interviews automatically, but it also transcribes and transliterates the complete interview for further assessment. Our platform provides a powerful interview recording system that lets recruiters utilize the power of AI with interview recording and share data with other interviewers for future analysis. 

    Automate decision-making for hiring

    Can we automate decision-making in the hiring process? The answer to this question is maybe! It is true that you can’t completely automate hiring task and decision-making processes altogether, but there is a way to simplify and fast-forward the hiring process. With the help of the BarRaiser interview assistant platform, you can fast-forward the hiring process. Our features enabled users to give feedback on the performance of the candidate; in this, all the interviewers can equally participate in pointing out the positive and negative points about the candidate. This collective decision-making has been made possible because of the interviewer chat room that enables hiring managers and interviewers to share their feedback on the basis of the interview recording snippets. This simple feature helps a lot in automating the hiring process, fast-forwarding decision-making for the candidate, and minimizing the time to hire.

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    Simply Interviewer training at each step

    Interviewer training is the most important aspect of quality hiring; if the interviewer is not skilled enough to assess a candidate’s potential, then it will directly impact the organization adversely. But sadly, in today’s hiring landscape, it is tough to navigate the world of human resources without any proper trainer, and majority of time organization relies on the experience of their senior employees for hiring. However, there is a much better and quicker way to channel the inner quality of the interviewers and train them to achieve a better goal. With AI-based interviewer training, you can change the way to train interviewers. 

    Here’s the answer: Our unique interviewer training platform assess the quality of interviewer based on their performance during candidate interview; this data is generated via the interview recording. Once our AI system is trained with enough data, it automatically assigns a quality score to the interviewers; based on this score, hiring managers can provide feedback to their interviewers and improve their performance. This simple step creates a learning path for the interviewers and also empowers diversity and inclusion in the organization’s hiring process. Hence, it is perhaps the most necessary thing to automate hiring tasks.

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    At the end

    Though it may seem like a not-so-simple process, automating these few steps in hiring task can not just reduce the time to hire but also improve the overall quality of the interview. Thus promoting the company’s goal of creating a diverse and inclusive work culture. AI interview tools are not just a coming change in the human resources industry, but it is a necessary step one must take in order to keep up with the changing hiring paradigm. 

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