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Explained: What Are Game Based Assessments?

  • By basitahmaddar
  • October 22, 2023
  • 4 mins read
Game based assessments
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    While asse­ssments are commonly used, many organizations ofte­n find themselves unimpre­ssed with existing solutions. Freque­ntly, these solutions are conside­red outdated and unintere­sting. However, game base­d assessments offer a re­freshing and candidate-friendly alte­rnative to traditional testing methods.

    In this article, we’ll delve into what a game based assessment is, highlight its importance, and provide you with the steps to create one.

    What is a game based assessment?

    A game based assessment is an evaluation method that incorporates game-like elements to measure an individual’s skills, knowledge, and abilities, fostering engagement and optimal performance in hiring processes. These assessments often feature scoring systems, feedback mechanisms, time constraints, and increasingly challenging tasks as the evaluation progresses. The incorporation of such elements aims to provide a comprehensive and engaging means of assessing a person’s capabilities while motivating them to perform at their best.

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    Why should companies use game based assessment?

    Incorporating game based assessment into the hiring process can significantly transform the way companies evaluate candidates. Here is why companies should embrace game based assessments for quality hiring.

    • Accurate measurement of skills

    Resumes may provide a superficial view of a candidate’s past experiences, but game based assessment offers a dynamic and precise means to measure the essential skills required for a specific role. These assessments go beyond mere credentials and provide a tangible demonstration of a candidate’s abilities.

    • Enhanced problem-solving assessment

    The ability to solve complex and novel problems is at the heart of modern businesses. Game based assessment provides a platform for candidates to demonstrate their problem-solving prowess, making it easier for companies to identify individuals who can adapt to shifting scenarios and find effective solutions.

    • Recognizing learning agility

    In today’s fast-paced, technology-driven environments, adaptability and a willingness to learn are paramount. Game based assessment is particularly relevant for identifying candidates who may lack direct work experience but possess the enthusiasm and learning agility to quickly acquire the necessary skills.

    • Measurement of key cognitive skills

    Game-base­d assessments exce­l in evaluating essential cognitive­ skills. They measure fluid inte­lligence, which is the ability to adapt to unfamiliar situations and solve­ new problems. This particular trait is often the­ best predictor of job performance­. Moreover, these­ assessments gauge working me­mory, and creativity.

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    What advantages does a game based assessment provide?

    There’s no denying that game-based assessment is transformative. Let’s explore the  advantages associated with this unique approach:

    • Game based  assessment

    Game-based assessments invite candidates to complete a set of customized, fast-paced games on their mobile phones. This allows candidates to use their own devices and participate conveniently.

    • Engaging experience

    The use of video game format creates an assessment process that is more enjoyable and less intimidating for candidates. It helps reduce the stress often associated with traditional assessments and encourages candidates to do their best.

    • Candidate feedback

    After completing a game-based assessment, candidates receive automated feedback that is designed to be helpful and positive. This feedback not only helps candidates understand their strengths and areas for improvement but also contributes to a hiring process that focuses on the needs and development of the candidates.

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    Which game based assessment is commonly used?

    Following are the game based assessments commonly used to evaluate cognitive ability, emotional intelligence, and personality traits:

    • Personality and work style

    One prevalent type focuses on personality and work style. It presents scenarios related to desk organization and work environment preferences, allowing candidates to make choices that inform the assessment of their personality and work style.

    • Simulated work scenarios

    Another widely used application involves simulating real-life work situations. For example, in the context of hiring for customer service roles, these assessments can simulate scenarios like handling customer complaints, offering candidates varying response options to gauge their ability to achieve effective resolutions. These interactive assessments offer valuable insights into a candidate’s abilities and suitability for specific roles.

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    How should candidates prepare for game based assessment?

    There­ is no set formula for achieving success in pre­paring for a game based assessme­nt. However, impleme­nting effective strate­gies will ensure that you are­ thoroughly prepared.

    • Get acquainted with the technology

    Even though you won’t have the chance to practice the game in advance, it’s crucial to thoroughly review the­ provided instructions and become familiar with the­ game’s interface. This preliminary effort will enable you to concentrate on demonstrating your core competencies without becoming entangled in understanding the game’s mechanics.

    • Establish a distraction-free environment

    Much like any other job assessment, it’s imperative to secure a serene and distraction-free environment. Ensure you have a robust and uninterrupted internet connection, and allocate a minimum of 20 minutes for the assessment to avoid the feeling of being rushed, allowing you to focus with clarity and composure.

    • Embrace honesty and perseverance

    Resist the urge to overanalyze the assessment’s purpose. Different roles may require a diverse range of skills and qualities, and what proves valuable in one role might not be in another. If you encounter challenges during the game, keep going with unwavering determination. You may encounter simpler questions or earn recognition for your persistent efforts, highlighting your resilience and adaptability in the face of challenges.

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    Game based assessments are not only a means to assess candidates but also a reflection of a company’s commitment to innovation in the hiring process. By leveraging these assessments effectively, businesses can build competitive workforces that thrive in today’s ever-changing job landscape. So, in the evolving world of hiring, game based assessments are a valuable ally for organizations looking to make the best choices for their future workforce.

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