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How Interview Data Analysis Is Reducing Interview Bias?

  • By Kamlesh Ranjan
  • October 10, 2023
  • 3 mins read
interview data analysis to reduce interview bias
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    Perhaps the first question that comes into our mind is, “What is interview data analysis?” Can we even do that, and if we can, what kind of data is used for interview analysis in the first place? Well, you don’t have to worry about that; today, we’ll discuss everything about interview data analysis and how it can help hiring managers improve diversity, equality, and inclusion within their organization.  Let’s dive into it.

    What is interview data?

    So far, interview data is nothing but the nuanced information about the interview and the candidate that can help make a jiffy hiring decision. These data can be anything remotely related to the interview, such as the candidate profile, job description, questions and answers by the candidate, personality test reports, communication test, aptitude test, feedback given by the interviewers, and so much more. The most important data of all of this is the interview recording and interview transcript; it is the core product on which the entire interview data analysis depends. With that said, let’s jump right into interview data analysis.

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    Interview data analysis – What & How?

    The core concept of interview data analysis lies with the information gathered at the time of conducting the interview; the interview recording, interview transcript, and interviewer’s feedback help a lot in ensuring the reliability of the analysis. Going through all of this information at a single time for each candidate is a tough call for a manual workforce, and hence comes our powerful AI algorithm. Our interview intelligence AI tool is designed in such a way as to ensure the maximum use of the data collected at the time of the interview. The tool is designed to have several checksums at the core level, making it a robust medium to provide a complete analysis of the interview. 

    Now, let’s look at how our Interview data analysis works at BarRaiser. Once the information from the conducted interview is gathered, our AI algorithm converts the entire conversation into transcribed text. This helps the system categorize prominent areas and identify positive and negative points in the interview. In addition, the real-time feedback given by the interviewer on each question is also analyzed to create a robust data mapping of the interview. Once this entire process is done, our powerful AI creates a candidate assessment score; based on this score hiring manager can take a final call on candidate onboarding. 

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    How AI data analysis is helping reduce interview bias?

    This is perhaps the most burning question for all kinds of hiring? And the short answer is – with the help of AI. Yes, you heard it right. BarRaiser’s intelligent interviewer training tools are capable of not just providing a quick analysis of interviews or organizing structured interviews it is also capable of reducing interview bias during the hiring process. These are some of the ways BarRaiser is helping reduce interview bias:

    Realtime interviewer feedback

    During each interview BarRaiser AI prompts the interviewer to provide feedback on each question answered by the candidate, this ensures that each candidate is fairly judged by the same parameters. In addition, our Realtime interview feedback is also capable of identifying gaps and silences during the interview. At times, it also notifies the interviewer to keep the candidate engaged. 

    Interviewer training

    BarRaiser’s AI tool is not just helping fast-forward the hiring process but also helping in training the interviewers. After each interview is conducted, our powerful AI system analyzes the interviewer’s performance and comes up with an interviewer rating. A deep dive into this data is sent to the hiring manager, where they can see and analyze this information on different parameters. With the help of this data & score, hiring managers provide feedback to the interviewer based on their performance. 

    In addition, managers can also pull out interview snippets and point out mistakes and positive points asked by the interviewers; this is a significant uplift in elevating the interviewer’s skills. 

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    Structured interview

    The most common problem with an interview is that the majority of the time, it is unstructured, leading the interviewers to ask random questions. This impacts the key analysis area of the candidate, as every single candidate is being analyzed on different parameters, resulting in inconclusive performances. A better solution to this would be planning a structured interview; this simple process will keep the interviewers in check and will help organize a systematic approach to hiring. 

    BarRaiser’s structured interviewing tool is the perfect solution for this problem, as within a few clicks, our intelligent AI system can create a structured interview schedule. It even categorizes candidate questions into types such as introduction, technical skills, personal questions, and so on. With this step, our AI tool ensures that each candidate is given a fair and unbiased opportunity to answer questions from the interviewer.

    At the end

    What may seem like a simple AI tool that structures interviews and provides a deep statistical interview data analysis can soon revolutionize the entire hiring industry by eliminating hiring bias. It is perhaps a one-stop solution for all your hiring. BarRaiser’s AI interview assistant is capable of handling the end-to-end hiring process, in addition, it also keeps the interviewers engaged & upskilled with interviewer training.

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