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What Is Pre-employment Assessment? Importance And Benefit

  • By Kamlesh Ranjan
  • October 7, 2023
  • 4 mins read
pre-employment assessment
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    What if someone says pre-employment assessment is no longer needed for hiring? You can chat casually with the candidate, and viola! They are hired. Looks confusing, isn’t it? Because frankly, it is, the vital part of any hiring is the assessment and test phase; these two pointers define what potential a candidate holds. It also doesn’t just analyze their knowledge or experience; on the other hand, it is quite holistic. Their nature, situation handling, team leading, communication, adaptivity, aspiration, and experiences all blend together to make a candidate assessment worthwhile!

    Why is pre-employment assessment important?

    Consider an organization that is totally functioning on unstructured interviewers and a talent pool just because of influence. It’s not going to be easy for them because an organization that does not follow any kind of pre-employment test and a proper hiring process will have an adverse talent pool.  Assessment and tests are a tool to ensure that people working within the organization are the best people for the job. And if you have the best talent in the house, eventually, you’ll attract the best talent from around the world, resulting in overall company growth to a greater extent.

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    The various ways for pre-employment assessment:

    Skill Test:

    The most essential part of any candidate interview is the skill assessment test; it ensures that each candidate getting onboarded has the right talent and skill for the required job profile. Skill is not necessarily related to the technical knowledge of a candidate. However, it is wholesome and the most important thing that gives weightage to the candidate’s profile for the right job.

    Aptitude test: 

    The aptitude test is perhaps the second most crucial aspect of pre-employment assessment; it helps hiring managers analyze a candidate’s general cognitive abilities, such as critical thinking, problem-solving, etc. Although these tests are unrelated to the job profile, they help determine the candidates’ ability to perform under pressure and resolve issues.

    Assessment of personality

    A good candidate is one that fits with your company’s work culture, and the only way to assess this is by conducting a personality test. In general, a personality test is a continuous process; managers tend to rely on their intuition while evaluating a candidate’s responses. The personality test is vital; it makes sure that the candidate getting on board is perfectly capable of fitting the organizational structure and work culture. Hence, it is a vital aspect of any pre-employment assessment for an organization.

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    Emotional intelligence test:

    Emotional intelligence (EI) is something that managers tend to ignore while assessing a candidate’s profile. In theory, emotional intelligence talks about a candidate’s ability to understand and manage emotion in a challenging scenario; it is something that is essential in a candidate for a managerial position. EI is an essential part of the candidate persona; it accentuates their profile and helps them have excellent interpersonal relationships with their teammates and subordinates. Hence, a candidate’s overall persona is crucial to ensure their fit with the team and organization.

    Language proficiency test:

    Language proficiency is of utmost value for the company, especially if the candidate is bi or trilingual. In some scenarios, a candidate is preferred over the other based on their proficiency in secondary language because this helps organizations develop a diverse and healthy work culture. In addition, having resources in specific languages that may be useful in any scenario for the company’s benefit is always good. 

    Physical ability test

    In the digital world, it might not require a candidate to possess such skills. However, in the physical world, where a candidate is required to do a variety of physical work or labor, it is necessary to have a specific biological fitness. These areas include airlines, military, firefighters, police, and marine. There is a rigorous training session in this type of hiring, and physical fitness is of utmost importance for the candidate to qualify. 

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    How is BarRaiser helping in Pre-employment assessment?

    BarRaiser is committed to having an interview structure that analyzes a candidate’s potential on not just one but several necessary parameters. Our AI algorithms are designed to help recruiters assess candidates per their job requirements. Our primary products, Structured interviewing tool and video interview platform, help hiring managers find the best candidate for the job. Let’s check out some of the benefits of having a BarRaiser Intelligent Interview tool for hiring.

    Interview recording and transcribing:

    BarRaiser interview recording tool comes with an advanced AI tool that not only helps record an online interview but also translates the complete interview into a natural language. This helps a lot when there are several different panels for assessment; hence, each interviewer can clearly understand the question and answer given by the candidate.

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    Structured interview:

    BarRaiser helps hiring managers create an interview structure for each different job profile and the candidate’s profile. This ensures that each interview is structured and, hence, complies with the guideline that states have unbiased interviews at all costs. In addition, it also gives ample time to the candidate to answer questions and saves a lot of time for the interviewers in creating a structure for the interview. Our advanced AI tool helps in organizing the interview process and categorizing interview questions, which is extremely helpful in fast-forwarding pre-employment assessments.

    Interviewer feedback:

    Our AI interview tool comes with exclusive interview feedback features that let hiring managers provide feedback in real time on the performance of the candidate on each question. Our system asks for a rating from the interviewer once each question is answered; this helps in finalizing the candidate’s interview score. The interviewers can assess these scores based on the job profile and swiftly take a decision call. 

    Training interviewers:

    The essential part of any interview is the interviewer themselves; if they are not in the right mindset and right track, the interview might stand afloat, hence providing an adverse candidate experience. BarRaiser’s interviewer training tool makes sure that each interviewer is given proper feedback before and after each interview is conducted. Our powerful AI not only assesses candidates but also creates a report for the interviewer’s performance, which is shared with the hiring managers. They can now review and provide their valuable feedback to the interviewer so they can improve their skills.

    At the end:

    What may look like just an ordinary hiring is a more challenging process for a hiring team. In one way or another, manually organizing hiring is the cause of a prolonged hiring process and delays in assessments. This impacts the company’s goal and minimizes the talent pool. BarRaiser is committed to revolutionizing online hiring with the help of AI. our AI-generated pre-employment assessment is the best in town. It helps in not just structuring the interviews but also making sure that the candidate hired is the best talent possible. 

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