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17 Interview Questions to Gauge Decision-Making Skills

  • By basitahmaddar
  • December 11, 2023
  • 3 mins read
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    Securing candidates with strong decision-making abilities is now more vital than ever. Recent findings reveal that 65% of decisions made today are more intricate than those made just two years ago. This complexity arises from heightened stakeholder involvement and an expanded range of choices. If you’re on the lookout for individuals who can confidently navigate through thoughtful decision-making, we’ve got you covered. In this article, we’ve compiled 17 decision making interview questions designed to help you evaluate a candidate.

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    General Decision Making Interview Questions

    1. Could you provide a situation where you chose something without all the facts that turned out wrong? Explain what happened and what your choice le­d to. What did this teach you? How did you use this lesson to stay cle­ar of the same errors later?
    2. Have you ever found yourself making a hard choice at your job where you weren’t totally sure? If you have, what was the situation, and how did you navigate through to a decision?
    3. Could you tell me about a time­ when you had to make a choice that came with big risks and rewards? What things did you think about when making your choice?
    4. Have you ever overestimated a situation and made the wrong choice? What lessons did you get from that? How did these te­achings help you make superior choices later?
    5. Imagine you are faced with a critical decision at work, and you can only consult with one person. Whom would you select to talk to, and what factors would influence your choice?
    6. Recall a specific instance when you were confident in a decision you made. What factors contributed to your strong belief in that decision?
    7. Share a scenario in which you misinterpreted the circumstances, leading to a decision that didn’t go as intended. What happened next, and what significant insights did you gain from that particular experience?
    8. Tell me about a situation where you had to decide based on little knowledge. And how did the information you had access to contribute to your conclusion-making process?
    9. What approach do you generally take when faced with a big, challenging decision? For example, do you trust your gut fe­elings or ask for guidance?
    10. Share with me an instance where a lack of knowledge forced you to put off making a decision. What other information did you require to reach your decision?

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    Business Acumen Interview Questions

    1. Can you explain a time­ when you did a competitive study? Walk me­ through your process and tell me about the­ main things you found out.
    2. Imagine our company decides a shift in our business model or value proposition. What pivot would you recommend, and can you walk me through the reasoning behind your suggestion?
    3. In your opinion, what exciting opportunities do you identify for our company at this particular juncture?
    4. Think about a company or brand that, in your perspective, has recently excelled in enhancing its reputation. What critical decisions do you think played a pivotal role in shaping their positive image?
    5. If you had the chance to disrupt an industry, which one would it be, and what would that disruption look like in your mind?
    6. Identify an aspect where you believe our competitors currently outshine us. What specific strategies would you propose to bridge that performance gap?
    7. Looking ahead, what do you envision as the next major frontier for our industry, and how do you propose we position ourselves for success in that arena?

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    To sum it up, these decision making interview questions not only provide a glimpse into a candidate’s past decision-making experiences but also offer insights into their problem-solving approaches and business acumen. By delving into scenarios where candidates have faced challenges, taken risks, and learned from their decisions, you gain valuable perspectives on their ability to contribute meaningfully to your team. 

    As you navigate the hiring process, consider these decision making interview questions as a compass to guide you towards individuals who bring not only experience but also a commitment to evolving and thriving in dynamic work environments.

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