Implementing Amazon’s bar raiser process in Hiring?

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    The bar raiser Process is a unique and effective way of hiring that has been used by Amazon to maintain a high standard of quality in its workforce. The process involves a select group of employees, known as bar raisers, who are responsible for evaluating candidates during the hiring process. In this article, we will discuss the Amazon Bar Raiser Process, the best way to implement the process, problems with traditional bar-raising and alternatives that leverage technology to make everyone in the organization a bar raiser.

    Introduction to the bar raiser process

    The Bar Raiser process is a tool used by organizations to identify and assess potential new hires. The process is named after the people who originally developed it, which was designed to help organizations select the best candidates for positions within the company. 

    The Bar Raiser process begins with a job description being created by the organization. This job description is then sent out to several potential candidates. The candidates are asked to submit a resume and cover letter detailing their qualifications for the position. 

    Once the resumes have been received, the organization will select a group of finalists to move on to the next stage of the process. These finalists will be interviewed by members of the organization, who will ask them questions about their qualifications and experience. 

    After the interviews have been conducted, the organization will decide on who to hire for the position. The Bar Raiser process is an effective way for organizations to ensure that they are hiring the best possible candidates for their open positions.

    Best ways to implement bar raiser process

    Implementing the Bar Raiser Process can be challenging, but it is necessary for companies that want to maintain a high standard of quality in their workforce. The best way to implement Bar Raiser Process is to follow these steps:

    • Define the role of the Bar Raiser: Before implementing the Bar Raiser Process, it’s important to define the role of the Bar Raiser in the hiring process. The Bar Raiser should have a clear understanding of their role and responsibilities.
    • Train the Bar Raisers: The Bar Raisers should be well-trained in the guidelines used to evaluate candidates. Amazon provides extensive training to its Bar Raisers to ensure that they are equipped to assess candidates effectively. Companies should also train their Bar Raisers to ensure they are prepared to evaluate candidates objectively.
    • Establish clear evaluation guidelines: The Bar Raisers should use clear evaluation guidelines to evaluate candidates. The guidelines should be up-to-date and relevant to the position being filled. Companies should also ensure that the guidelines are transparent, and candidates should be given feedback on their performance during the interview.
    • Integrate the Bar Raiser Process into the hiring process: The Bar Raiser Process should be integrated into the company’s hiring process. Companies should ensure that the Bar Raiser Process is transparent and that candidates are aware of the process.
    • Use the Bar Raiser Process for all hires: The Bar Raiser Process should be used for all hires, regardless of the position being filled. This ensures that all candidates are evaluated using the same guidelines and standards.
    • Continuously improve the Bar Raiser Process: Companies should continuously improve the Bar Raiser Process to ensure that it remains effective. This includes gathering feedback from Bar Raisers and candidates to identify areas for improvement.

    Who is a bar raiser? Scaling Bar Raiser Process

    Bar raisers are typically employees who have a deep understanding of Amazon’s Leadership Principles and have demonstrated excellent judgment and decision-making abilities. These employees are selected based on their track record of success within the company and their ability to evaluate candidates objectively.

    Scaling the Bar Raiser Process can be challenging, especially for companies that are rapidly growing. To scale the Bar Raiser Process, companies can consider the following:

    • Expand the pool of Bar Raisers: Companies can expand the pool of Bar Raisers to ensure that there are enough evaluators to meet the demand. This can be achieved by identifying employees with exceptional judgment and decision-making abilities and providing them with the necessary training to become Bar Raisers.
    • Use technology to streamline the process: Companies can use technology to streamline the Bar Raiser Process. This can include using software to track candidates and their evaluations and automating some of the administrative tasks associated with the process.
    • Establish clear guidelines and criteria: To ensure that the Bar Raiser Process remains consistent, it’s important to establish clear guidelines and criteria for evaluating candidates. This includes creating standards that Bar Raisers can use to evaluate candidates objectively.
    • Monitor and evaluate the process: Companies should monitor and evaluate the Bar Raiser Process to ensure that it remains effective. This includes tracking key performance indicators and gathering feedback from Bar Raisers and candidates to identify areas for improvement.

    Amazon’s Bar Raiser Process

    The Bar Raiser Process is a critical component of Amazon’s hiring strategy. Bar Raisers are employees who are selected based on their exceptional judgment and decision-making abilities. These individuals are responsible for evaluating candidates during the hiring process and their decision to approve or reject a candidate can override the hiring manager’s decision.

    The role of the Bar Raiser is to ensure that candidates meet the high standards of Amazon’s hiring process. They evaluate candidates based on Amazon’s Leadership Principles, which include customer obsession, ownership, and bias for action, among others. Bar Raisers are trained to evaluate candidates objectively and ensure that the hiring process is fair and consistent.

    Problems with the bar raiser process?

    While the Bar Raiser Process is effective, it is very difficult to scale. There are inconsistencies amongst the bar raisers themselves. Also, interviewer training costs a lot to the organization. The interview outputs are vastly different amongst the interviewers as they tend to slip back to their natural ways of interviewing a few days after training. There are alternatives to the process that companies can use. 


    Alternatives to Amazon’s bar raiser process?

    BarRaiser is a much better solution where the software executes the bar-raising process through data. Using an online interview platform like BarRaiser Interview Intelligence. BarRaiser interviewing platform brings in a lot of data on each interviewer and provides interview analytics that can help hiring managers to transparently and objectively see what’s happening in their hiring process. 

    The interviewer co-pilot (assistant) helps the interviewers stay on course and real-time interviewers training, it helps everyone in the organization to become a bar raiser.

    Learn more about Interview Intelligence from our ebook.

    People also asked for

    • Why does Amazon use bar raisers in the hiring process?

    Amazon has a distinct and stringent recruiting procedure that includes “bar raisers,” or workers who have been educated to evaluate candidates based on Amazon’s leadership values and performance requirements. Bar raisers are not hired but they are involved to assure consistency, minimize prejudice, maintain high standards, and encourage cross-team collaboration. This procedure assists Amazon in hiring the best competent individuals.

    • Is bar raiser round difficult?

    The bar raiser round in Amazon’s recruiting process is a difficult phase in which an experienced employee examines the candidate’s compatibility with Amazon’s leadership ideals and culture. This phase includes a behavioral interview to measure problem-solving, decision-making, and handling difficult situations. Applicants are evaluated on Amazon’s leadership values, and the bar raiser round is meant to guarantee that only the most qualified and best-fit people are employed at Amazon.

    • How to crack Amazon bar raiser interview?  

    Cracking the Amazon Bar Raiser interview takes a lot of planning, research, and practice. It requires excellent leadership, problem-solving, and communication abilities and as well as a thorough knowledge of Amazon interview questions. Also, the interview procedure may differ depending on the function and level you are applying to which you are applying. It is advised that candidates properly prepare for the interview by researching Amazon’s leadership values, practicing behavioral interview questions, and getting advice from existing or former Amazon workers.

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