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6 Common Myths About AI Hiring Software You Must Know About

  • By barraiser
  • April 18, 2024
  • 6 mins read
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    You know, AI hiring has always been a subject of question for recruiters, and because of that, there have been several myths surrounding AI hiring software. So, why don’t we debunk all of them today? Let’s look at this AI hiring picture from a clean slate: what are the myths, and are they even true?

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    Some here and there figures:

    Ai hiring software myth stats

    Recently, companies have been increasingly using AI recruitment software in their hiring processes. Employers are recognizing the benefits of incorporating AI hiring software into their HR teams. But why is that? You see, according to a report published by Grand View Research, it has been projected that the AI recruitment market is expected to reach a whopping $7.78 billion by 2026, and it’s growing at a rate of 22.7% per year.

    There is a significant shift among employees and recruiters towards smart solutions and interview intelligence platforms. The solution doesn’t challenge the hiring capabilities of recruiters but rather opens up new dimensions in the hiring environment. According to research published by Hireview, close to 58% of recruiters believe that AI will have a significant impact on the future of recruitment. 

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    What is the benefit of having an AI for recruitment?

    I mean, isn’t this a common question that is raised by everyone out there?  You see, this technology is designed to simplify and automate aspects of the recruitment workflow. The main objective here is to reduce time-to-hire; substantial reports published by Gartner suggest that with AI, recruiters can reduce the time to hire by up to 50%. Which basically saves a lot of recruitment time and bandwidth that can be utilized somewhere productive. 

    It’s also essential to understand that the AI interview intelligence platform is not intended to replace recruiters. However, it is going to improve the effectiveness of the recruitment workflow. With features like Structured interviews, interviewer training, and Live interview feedback, recruiters can work on their hiring quality and improve the candidate hiring experience. 

    Myths of AI Recruitment Software

    myth of ai hiring platform

    1. I believe AI platforms are expensive

    There is a common myth about AI interview intelligence systems that they are quite expensive. However, it is quite the opposite; if you look at the time and bandwidth, it can save on recruiter and put a simple cost analysis. You’ll be able to find that the benefit of AI hiring platforms is far superior to its cost. Though it is true that no hiring tool comes free of cost for anyone, the subscription cost to such a platform is similar to having any SaaS-based tool. The AI platform can help you screen resumes that may take a seasoned recruiter ample time, but with AI on board, it takes mere moments. You see, the overall purpose of AI hiring software is to increase the hiring quality while saving the time and bandwidth of the recruiter. 

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    2. It will take recruiter jobs

    Okay, I’m gonna say this out loud: there are no stats that show that AI has taken over recruiters’ jobs. In fact, this smart intelligence recruitment software has the capability to simplify the recruiter’s job and make sure they can perform better. You see, an AI interview comes with loads of features that help the recruiter with structured interviews, live interview feedback, candidate assessment scores and interviewer training. With the help of these features, the matching process is easier, faster, and hassle-free. Every feature that comes with the AI hiring tool has the collective goal of reducing the time to hire. Thus saving money and bandwidth for the organization. 

    3. The AI hiring tool is just another chatbot

    It’s a common myth among people that an AI hiring tool is just another chatbot that can do some of their tasks of search. However, it’s not a complete picture, AI hiring tool is much more complex and helpful than a chatbot. AI tools are a complex set of algorithms and learning processes that can be utilized to minimize several different tasks. For example, Screening software can automate the screening of resumes. Candidate assessment can live interview feedback can be leveraged to get a score card of the candidate’s performance. With the help of AI, recruiters can quickly generate a structured interview so that hiring is fair to all the candidates. 

    In addition, the BarRaiser AI interview solution can also assess the performance of the interviewer and train the interviewer so that hiring biases can be minimized. These are some of the features you get in an AI hiring tool that you won’t get in traditional chatbots. Thus making a significant difference in their features and usages. 

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    4. Using AI tools is complicated for us

    Okay, I’m gonna be brutally honest here. Although it is a common myth of AI hiring software, they are quite complicated to use. There is some level of truth here; according to a report published by Gartner, only 40% of recruiters fully understand how their AI hiring tool works. Surely, there is some sort of mishap here. You see, any new software is going to be complicated for users, and a video editor might find it troublesome to shift from a PC to a Mac. However, it is the capability of the developer to make the software user-friendly and smooth as a cake. 

    We at BarRaiser realize well that Artificial intelligence, machine learning, and deep learning are all complicated computer science words that just sound like they’d be challenging to work with. However, we have been working closely to ensure our product has the human touch and simplicity in its functioning. Hence, our entire platform ensures this with a friendly User Interface (UI). Users can carry out tasks in just a few clicks. AI lowers your need to hire additional recruiters, interviewers, or employees, but it also assures you’re putting the correct individual in your available position the first time around.

    5. It is only beneficial for big organizations

    Have you heard the myth that AI hiring software is only useful for big companies? Well, that’s not entirely true! The latest advancements in AI technology have a wide range of applications that can benefit small and medium-sized businesses as well. Sure, bigger organizations can take advantage of AI software more, but it’s not just about speeding up recruitment. AI hiring software can do so much more for companies of all sizes. A small-scale organization will have bandwidth issues to fulfil their hiring need, and here, AI tools can help recruiters a lot of quality time and workload. 

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    6. I believe AI hiring software is biased

    Well, the majority of people in the myth of AI hiring software are biased. However, Did you know that using artificial intelligence in the hiring process can actually help reduce bias? It’s true! When AI is programmed to focus on specific skills and requirements, it can prioritize those abilities while ignoring personal characteristics such as age, race, gender, and height. This means that you can trust AI recruitment tools to constantly analyze what makes a great employee and apply that to future screening processes. In addition, with the BarRaiser Interviewer training platform, recruiters and hiring managers can identify biases in the hiring process and train their interviewers for improvements. Our system doesn’t just fast-forward hire but also provides live interview tips to interviewers whenever they find unfair or biased responses. This helps the organization to promote quality hiring and improve the candidate hiring experience. 

    At the end

    AI recruitment can be a great time-saver for organizations! By automating tasks like structuring interviews, screening candidates, and guide for interviewers, recruiters can work on improving the candidate hiring experience and promote quality hiring. In addition, it can also help in identifying cost-effective activities and get rid of poor performers. This means you can achieve more with the same bandwidth as before. What looks like a simple tool that brings good assistance towards hiring can perhaps turn several heads and practically revolutionize the entire hiring industry. This also reduce time-to-hire candidate with an effective margin and help recruiters perform better.

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