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6 Thing BarRaiser Do To Curb The Recruiting Biases

  • By Kamlesh Ranjan
  • June 30, 2024
  • 6 mins read
What does BarRaiser do to curb the recruiting biases through AI
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    Okay, so I’m here, and you’re here; perhaps we can address the AI in the room. Robust AI-powered interview intelligence platforms like BarRaiser enable recruiters to carry out a more brilliant recruiting process and make the entire workflow extraordinarily flexible and efficient; we all know that bias during interviews affects recruitment. Today, we’ll dive deeper into how the BarRaiser AI interview platform is helping its clients hire the best talent.

    What is AI Interview interview platform?

    BarRasier is an AI interview intelligence platform that enables recruiters to automate the hiring process. It permits businesses to search and connect top talents quickly using algorithms and machine learning. It also helps users analyze data like candidate profiles and suggest probable applicants who are better placed for definite positions. The primary aim of the AI hiring platform is to streamline and enhance efficiency across the complete talent acquisition process, including candidate sourcing, resume screening, interview scheduling, and candidate evaluation, among others.

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    How BarRaiser help in unbiased recruitment?

    I’ll go first with data analysis and AI. We all know that AI-powered technology in human resources can help teams work more efficiently by looking at the big picture. At some point, you kind of get time to think strategically about what matters most. These four reasons are why every recruiter needs to know about BarRaiser AI and how it helps with recruiting:

    Elevate Recruiting Efficiency

    Recruiting often takes a long time because it involves administrative duties. On average, a recruitment expert devotes around 30 hours each week to performing activities such as identifying potential hires, screening resumes, arranging interviews, and engaging other team members. Such tasks may hinder your performance rate. Instantly managing thousands of applications at once can be done by artificial intelligence-driven instruments.

    Overcoming Bias in Recruiting

    Human bias can creep into the hiring process and influence decisions that are at odds with a company’s values ​​and priorities. A study by HireVue found that almost half (47%) of recruiters believe unconscious bias impacts their decisions when screening candidates. This means that the recruitment process can be affected by an interview hiring bias, which leads to poor hiring decisions and hinders organizations that want to develop a diverse workforce. Artificial Intelligence (AI) can be used correctly to avoid this bias and eliminate subjectivity when hiring. Instead of relying on factors such as age, gender, or even race, AI can evaluate candidates based on their qualifications and experience.

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    Improving the Candidate Experience

    Job seekers face inefficient and impersonal selection processes that may hamper their search process, leading to a negative candidate experience. SHL, in its research, had some shocking information: nearly 42% of applicants refuse job offers because they are not happy with the interview’s outcome. When this happens, it not only discourages potential applicants but also ruins employers’ names among other people. The whole application procedure could be made more efficient and competitive for candidates through AI-powered recruiting tools that help simplify the entire process. Therefore, Candidate satisfaction can be improved significantly by using artificial intelligence to make recruiting more enjoyable and personal, attracting more qualified applicants.

    Improve the quality of your recruitment process

    You gotta agree that employees are the heart and soul of any company. Failure in this area can significantly impact a company’s performance and financial results. AI is changing the way we hire employees. It has already proven to be a reliable and cost-effective solution that can speed up the recruitment process while improving the quality of hires.

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    How can BarRaiser AI improve various aspects of the talent acquisition process?

    BarRaiser helps to automate certain aspects of the recruiting process, such as:

    Reviewing resumes and interviews.

    This allows managers and recruiters to have more time for other vital issues. Moreover, it helps reveal candidates likely to be successful using AI based on skills, experience, and other pertinent factors. Bias reduction is another benefit of AI in the hiring process. By doing this, their preferences or stereotypes do not affect how accurately algorithms can judge the skills and experience of a candidate. Thus, regardless of one’s background or gender, only those capable are employed. It also reduces manual data entry requirements and processing.

    AI instead uses large data files that are analyzed manually, such as resumes, applications, or interview reviews. Subsequently, it saves more time and resources that are redirectable towards different sections within a company. However, it should be noted that AI cannot fully replace human judgment in recruitment. It is still essential for managers and recruiters to screen and evaluate each candidate thoroughly. While BarRaiser provides valuable information,  informed decisions should still be made based on personal experience and interactions with candidates.

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    Candidate Search 

    AI-driven BarRaiser streamlines finding suitable candidates for recruiters and speed up communication. This tool uses algorithms and machine learning to automate various tasks, such as Searching job advertisements, internal databases, and social media platforms. It is designed to identify and find the best candidates for a particular position. Additionally, it provides data-driven insights and recommendations to help recruiters make informed decisions. BarRaiser offers recruiters many benefits: they can speed up the candidate search process, increase accuracy and efficiency, and improve communication with your team.

    Candidate Selection

    Selection is a crucial stage in the recruitment process since it helps you weed out unsuitable applicants from those that are worth considering. However, this is time-consuming if done manually, mainly when dealing with many applications. This is where AI-based selection tools can be beneficial. BarRaiser uses artificial intelligence to extract valuable information from application forms and help you make informed hiring decisions. It can also highlight the profiles of the best candidates and bring them to the forefront during selection. Methods used in AI selection systems vary from analyzing resumes to evaluating behaviors and skills. 

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    Talent Assessment

    Companies are increasingly using BarRaiser to measure candidates’ capabilities and personalities. It provides more comprehensive and effective ways to assess candidates, including gamification, behavioral assessments, and skill tests. Artificial intelligence algorithms analyze data collected using these tools to generate a detailed report on the candidates’ strengths, weaknesses, and personality traits. This saves companies time and resources and gives candidates a better experience by allowing them to showcase their skills in a fun and interactive way.

    Candidate Interviews

    Candidate interviews are an essential part of the hiring process because they give guidance on the candidate’s competence levels as well as their character traits. For example, while it can be laborious for recruiters’ traditional interview methods, this can be done away with BarRaisers’ exclusive structured interview solution, hence utilizing analytics that rely on data for evaluation, simplifying the process and significantly reducing human efforts. This also includes conducting initial interviews via either video calls or chats, which is possible through the AI interview copilot platform, thus making it easier for interviewers to arrange such meetings. These interviews are recorded and analyzed using machine learning algorithms to identify the best candidates for the following interview.

    Interviewer training

    BarRaiser records voice data with the help of AI and determines the candidate interviewed’s different aspects, like tone, attitude, emotion, etc. It combines this data with the content of their answers to build a rich profile of the candidate that can inform how their character and cultural style would fit into the functioning role. This data is further analyzed and provided to recruiters and hiring managers, giving them the sport of elevating their own interviewing skills while minimizing the gaps. Interviewer training offers useful insights for recruiters and gives proper ratings to the interviewers based on their performance.

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    Proposal and Onboarding

    Regarding suggestion and onboarding, creating a positive and engaging experience for new hires is critical to leaving a lasting impression. BarRaiser has now made it easier for HR teams to create engaging and personalized onboarding experiences for new hires. From introducing new hires to your company and culture to helping them through their first day, these solutions streamline the onboarding process and ensure a smooth, memorable experience for every new hire.


    The problem of bias in interviews is widely recognized and may interfere with your chances of finding the best person for a job. Using BarRaiser’s interview intelligence platform, it will allow you to have a more unbiased and effective system within the recruitment process. It starts from scrutinizing resumes to conducting tests and interviews, constantly removing parts where there could be subjectivity or unconscious bias so that you can measure candidates based on their skills and qualifications and not irrelevant elements. It also leads to better employment decisions but, more importantly, encourages diversity in the workplace. Hence, by overcoming biases and concentrating on what is most significant in an applicant’s profile, BarRaiser facilitates the creation of a successful team that represents all facets of talent pool diversity.

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