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Top 10 Video Interviewing Tools to Ease Your Hiring Procedure

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    The pandemic caused several adjustments in the employment hiring market. Working from home was one of the implications, which is both cost-effective and efficient. Video interviews have greatly simplified the recruitment process. Most hiring managers now understand that video interviews are a breakthrough in modern recruitment. As a result, if you are considering adopting the new standard and looking for the best video interview tool for hiring, take notice of this blog. We’ve compiled a list of the ten best video interview tool for hiring. Let us have a look!

    Here Are The Best Video Interviewing Tools

    1. BarRaiser

    BarRaiser is the best video interview tool for hiring, with a structured evaluation that allows you to make data-driven and unbiased recruiting decisions. It has intelligent technology to direct the interview and keep a quality check throughout the process. It stands out as a powerful video recruitment tool, generating comprehensive feedback and evaluation reports by analyzing over 200 data points during the interview. With the video tagging tool, any team member may immediately answer the appropriate question and communicate with applicants via chat.

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    Their interview experts include data scientists, product managers, and technology experts from well-known companies like Amazon, Walmart, Facebook, Uber, and Microsoft. They have established themselves as well-known faces and subject matter experts in their respective fields.

    With thousands of interview templates, auto-scheduling capabilities, video interviews, debriefs, and AI-backed analytics, this best video interview tool for hiring is gradually becoming the new norm for quick, fair, transparent, and efficient interviews, particularly among tech firms. 

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    2. is another best video interview tool for hiring that allows you to record and analyze virtual interviews with applicants. The video interviewing platform makes it simple to collect video clips from candidates and organize and manage hiring managers’ comments. It allows you to record interview replies to screen prospects, invite an unlimited number of candidates, choose from stock questions or create your own, and use pre-selected recruiting phases or personalize them, making it an effective one-way video interview platform for recruiters.

     3. Modern Hire

    Modern Hire is an online interview software that provides on-demand and live interviews, assessment, text interviewing, and phone screening technologies. The system supports Team interviews, and the appointment function allows job applicants to arrange their sessions. Furthermore, to support group interviews, the Modern Hire recruitment and interviewing technology employs text or email to organize interviewing schedules among coworkers, making it a comprehensive video interview tool.

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    4. Spark Hire

    Spark Hire is a video interview software that provides on-demand video interviews, scheduling capabilities, and the option to share recordings with others inside an organization. Live interviews can be recorded as well. Evaluation tools make it easier to provide comments and document why a job application was rejected. Interview files may be tagged to make finding them more accessible, and rejection emails can be sent straight from the platform. Analytics gives total effort data based on status and interview style.

    5. Interviewstream

    InterviewStream’s interviewing and recruitment capabilities include on-demand live interviews, a calendar, and an interview organizer. The interview builder assists companies in creating a dialogue template, which aids uniformity in the questions and job seekers’ assessment. Candidates may arrange on-demand interviews and access them via a mobile app or web browser. The “interview connect” function captures live interviews so recruiters, managers, and team members can replay them to evaluate applicants and compare notes.

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    6. Jobvite

    Jobvite video interview software aims to solve one main problem. The requirement to interface your video interview software with a third-party applicant tracking system (ATS). This application is a hybrid of an ATS and a video interview platform. Interviewers will ensure timely responses due to incompatible ATS.

    7. HireVue

    HireVue is a video interview software that offers live and on-demand interviewing, and HR companies may share recordings internally to get feedback on prospects. It contains scheduling features that allow applicants to choose their talk time. HR staff may integrate interview tools with the company’s assessment capabilities, which assist recruiters in screening prospects based on job-related competencies. AI face-scanning technology is available on the HireVue video interviewing and hiring platform.

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    8. Zoom

    Zoom is a video interview tool that does everything. This makes it ideal for video interviews. The screen-sharing option is a crucial feature that distinguishes this program from the competition. This implies that applicants can share the information on their screen in real time with the interviewer. It also supports up to 25 people simultaneously, allowing you to exchange interview footage, and is mobile-friendly.

    9. Skype

    It’s easy to see why Skype is among the most popular video interview software available today. It is entirely free and offers a simple, easy-to-use interface. Other distinguishing qualities of Skype include its mobile-friendly design, screen-sharing capabilities, and HD video and audio functions. It also allows for group video calls.

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    10. Google Meet

    Google Meet is another best video interview tool for hiring. It is available on the web, Android and iOS phones, and tablets. Google Meet is primarily intended for hosting video meetings. However, you can enable the camera and microphone separately to use them just for voice calls. You may make spontaneous calls and invite your friends and family. They can join by putting in your meeting code or clicking a link you send.

    One of the features of Google Meet is that no software is required to be installed on your desktop. It would be best if you simply used a contemporary web browser.

    These are some of the best video interview tools for hiring, improving your recruiting process, and providing the best experience for your prospects. As a result, video interviewing is vital for recruiting and engaging top applicants.

    With slight variations in functionalities, live video interview platforms and one-way video interview software cater to different industry needs. Choose the software based on your industry requirements and candidate comfort.

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    People also asked

    What makes BarRaiser the best video interview tool for hiring?

    BarRaiser stands out because it offers a structured and fair approach to video interviews. It ensures unbiased decisions with its intelligent technology and provides comprehensive feedback by analyzing over 200 data points during the interview. It’s particularly beneficial for tech firms, offering thousands of templates, auto-scheduling, and AI-backed analytics for a quick, transparent, and efficient hiring process.

    How does BarRaiser’s video tagging tool improve the interview process?

    BarRaiser’s video tagging tool is like a highlighter for interviews. This best video interview tool for hiring allows team members to quickly find and review specific questions and engage with applicants through chat. This feature makes collaboration easy and ensures a thorough evaluation by examining various aspects during the interview.

    What expertise do BarRaiser’s interview experts bring to the platform?

    BarRaiser’s interview experts are seasoned professionals from companies like Amazon, Walmart, Facebook, Uber, and Microsoft. Their collective expertise ensures that the platform offers a high-quality interview experience, making it a preferred choice and the best video interview tool for hiring.

    How does BarRaiser contribute to fair and efficient interviews?

    BarRaiser simplifies interviews with intelligent technology, video tagging, and a vast template library. This best video interview tool for hiring ensures fairness through structured evaluations and quick decisions with AI-backed analytics. The platform is designed to streamline the hiring process, making it transparent, fast, and efficient, especially suitable for the tech industry.

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