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5 Best Video Interviewing Tools You Must Use In 2024

  • By barraiser
  • May 20, 2022
  • 8 mins read
Best Video Interviewing Tools You Must Use
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    You know, interviewing is not a simple job; I thought it was, but when you’re a hiring manager yourself, it becomes troublesome. For that reason, I was always on the lookout for a tool that could help me with the nitty-gritty of taking an online interview, in one word, the best video interviewing tool. So far, my search for the most epic video interview platform has landed me on the roof of some of the top-notch tools present in the market. So, let me take you on this smooth journey.

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    First this first, What is a video interviewing tool?

    Well, I’m sure if you’re here, you’re already well aware of the nuances of an interviewing tool. However, What if I tell you it is not just a simple Google Meet or a Zoom meeting platform? It is more than that; If I could be precise, a video interviewing tool is an amalgamation of features that enables a recruiter to conduct an interview effectively. Quite simply, it acts as an assistant for the person taking the interview. They are very efficient, with loads of features to simplify the interview process, create structured interviews, record sessions, give interview feedback, and generate interview assistant reports. These are just some of the features that a video interviewing tool is capable of. In this article, I have tried to rank some of the best video interviewing tools that are available in the market in terms of functionality.

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    1. BarRaiser

    YouTube video

    Without a doubt, taking the No. 1 spot is the BarRaiser interview intelligence tool. The interviewing tool is meticulously developed, catering to the needs of a recruiter and the hiring requirements of an organization. It has 500+ clients and has the capability to reduce the time to hire by 33%. With so many features packed into its core, it is the best video interviewing tool that one can use. The USP of having a BarRaiser interview platform is the interview as a service. That enables organizations to onboard a full hiring solution by BarRaiser, which helps them save time and cost of hiring significantly.

    Features We love:

    1. Interview co-pilot is perhaps the most liked feature of the BarRaiser interview intelligence platform. It allows users to have a live interview assistant tab while taking any interview. 
    2. A structured interview is something that is widely used by our users. It allows them to create a structure for each interview. The structured interview allows the hiring manager to organize the schedule for the entire and plan the questionnaires.
    3. Perhaps the third feature that we love about BarRaiser is the interviewer feedback tool. This unique feature helps in deciding the hiring factor of the candidate. It prompts interviewers to give a score to each question answered by the candidate. This feature alone helps a lot in reducing the time in finalizing the candidate, as each score becomes a crucial hiring metric.
    4. I have to say this: not many platforms offer an Interviewer training feature. These state-of-the-art features ensure the training of each interviewer by making an interviewer score and sharing data with the hiring manager. This simple feature helps the hiring manager in ensuring diversity and inclusion in their hiring landscape. 
    5. One of the most unique features that you get with BarRaiser is its interview as a service. Within this service, you get full-fledged hiring bandwidth of BraRaiser for your team. Just give your requirements and needs to BarRaiser, and will do the hiring for you.

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    Services offered:

    1. Interview as a service
    2. Structured interview
    3. Interview Guidance
    4. Interview Recording
    5. AI interview notes
    6. Interviewer and Recruitment Training 
    7. Real-time guide for interviewers using AI interview co-pilot
    8. SOC2 and GDPR-compliant
    9. 40+ seamless ATS integration
    10. Free use of Interivew Lite tier

    2. Hirevue

    hirevue best video interviewing tools

    Founded in 2004, Hirevue is another market leader in the field of interview intelligence platforms. They have got everything figured out in terms of online recruitment. The brand caters to some of the top-notch clients such as Unilever, Mercedez-Benz, Nike, Walmart, etc. However, despite having all of these features, who doesn’t have room to grow? Hirevue offers a variety of services that other platforms offer, such as interview recording, interview scheduling, real-time evaluation tools, automated guides, and shareable recordings. However, it is their optimization skills that make a solid interview assistant platform. With seamless ATS integration and a good interview recording platform, Hirevue is perhaps the best video interviewing tool

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    Features we love:

    1. Their text recruiting product is perhaps the most unique thing that you can find in the hiring industry. This feature enables recruiters to minimize emails and take things directly on SMSs, a sweet feature indeed.
    2. Game-based assessments are a star of the Hirevue assessment test product. This incredible feature allows recruiters to conduct psychometric tests via online games. They kind of have 20 games on their platform just for candidate assessments. Isn’t it cool!
    3. The questionnaire template is the third feature we find most unique about Hirevue. With a wide repository of questions based on the job profile, it can save a lot of research time for the recruiters.

    Services offered:

    1. Interview Scheduling 
    2. Video interviewing
    3. Candidate Assessments
    4. Conversational AI
    5. Interview builder
    6. Text Recruiting
    7. GDPR, UGESP, EEOC, ADEA, and ADA compliant

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    3. Willo

    willo interviewing tool

    Coming to the third position of best video interviewing tool is Willo. Its simple/modern user interface is its attraction that can immediately grab the attention of users. With clients such as Samsung, Coinbase, and 7-Eleven, they are perhaps the most scalable video interview solution that you can grab in the market. It cut to our list simply because they are offering free tier subscriptions to users. In addition, it is easy to implement and have transparent pricing. With the aim of affordability, Willo has bagged several awards for its services as well. This sweet video interview tool is for organizations that are running on a tight budget.

    Features we love:

    1. If I have to pick one, I would say that the most excellent benefit of the Willo video interview tool is the digital identity check. This simple feature will take care of the candidate’s background verification task. You can rest assured as Willo has a certification in UK Digital identity & attribution trust. 
    2. They also provide an intelligent question generator that can help you in finalizing questionaries for the interview. 
    3. Willo has a free tier plan that you can use for a lifetime. However, they do offer the economical option if you’re a nonprofit organization.

    Services offered:

    1. Interview scheduling
    2. Seamless video interview and recording
    3. 14 language translation
    4. Zapier and ATS integration
    5. GDPR and CCDP-compliant
    6. 150+ template and quesiton library
    7. The plan starts from 68USD per month

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    4. MyInterview

    Myinterview best video interviewing tool

    Though it may look like MyInterview is a new player in the best video interviewing tools, however, trust me, it is not. The brand caters to clients such as UNICEF, McDonald’s, Agoda, and Vodafone alike. I don’t know how true it is; however, the brand promises to reduce hiring time by 70%, which is quite an achievement. They surely have a smooth user interface, and perhaps that’s the best thing about the platform. However, they don’t have conversation intelligence and interviewer training features. Well, the plus point is they offer a three-month trial period.

    Features we love:

    1. After going through their website, I feel like the only feature that I like is their candidate experience platform. It’s smooth, has a modern User interface, and is mobile-friendly, which will immediately increase the easiness of using the platform. 
    2. The searchable word cloud feature enables the users to filter candidates via certain keywords and skills. You can also jump to a certain point in the video if you search for the word that was said in the video. 

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    Services offered:

    1. Interview Recording
    2. Automated shortlisting
    3. Diverse Talent and inclusive hiring
    4. Searchable wordcloud
    5. Seamless candidate experience

    5. Sparkhire

    sparkhire interviewing tool

    Founded in 2012, Sparkhire is a US-based SaaS company that offers video interview solutions to organizations. In terms of features, they have pretty much got most things covered. You have the video interview platform with several customizations that enables you to add time-limit and retake limit to each answer. A quick candidate assessment tool that can help in the hiring decision. Share the interview with anyone you want from the team and get immediate feedback. Schedule the interview smoothly or drop a video message. With all of these features, Sparkhire has obviously made a cut to be on our list of best video interviewing tools for 2024.

    Features we love:

    1. You know, after going through their entire website, I feel like the feature that I’m very fond of is the time limit to each answer and each retake. Sounds sweet; however, it may put the candidate under pressure. 
    2. The second feature that I like about Sparkhire is allowing candidates to give interviews in their own time. Basically, in this, you can set up a schedule and questions and assign a time limit. Candidates can give the interview whenever they want without any time bound. Obviously, the team has gone the extra step to ensure video recording and fairness in the interview remains intact.
    3. Share the interviews with anyone you want without any login or access to the Hireview platform. This simple solution is going to ease the sharing issue that the majority of us face after an interview is conducted.
    4. We all don’t realize it, but it gets tiring for a recruiter to keep doing induction sessions over and over. With the Sparkhire video message feature, you can just record a video message for the candidate and save a lot of time.
    5. Worried if the candidate is authentic or not, Sparkhire has got your back. Their reference-checking product comes with a video interviewing tool.

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    Services offered:

    1. Interview scheduling
    2. Interview Recording
    3. Video messages
    4. One-way video interview
    5. Interview collaboration

    At the end

    Creating this list of the best video interviewing tools has been a wholesome task for us; each tool is unique in its own way. Some have conversational AI to fast-forward the hiring process; some have the unique functionality of sorting out interviews on SMSs. However, if you’re looking for a tool that packs a punch, a tool that you can consider the best interview intelligence platform, indeed, it is BarRaiser. Its interview co-pilot feature stands sundry in front of all the tools mentioned in this list. One of the most unique features of BarRaiser is its interview as a service product. The product is meant for organizations that have zero to no bandwidth for hiring and require and complete hiring team at their disposal. I can also go ahead and recommend the Willo video interview tool if you’re running out of budget and require a set of tools that can automate some of the recruitment tasks. Hirevue has similar features as BarRaiser and MyInterview will come with a modern user interface. So, if you’re looking for a product that solves all your issues in one place, you know which one to pick.

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    Feel free to drop your comments and suggestions about our list of best video interviewing tools. Let me know which one you are using. Please note that the majority of these tools come with a premium subscription, and those prices are subject to change. 

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